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learned from a less rhetorical quarter, i. e. from the lips of Mr. Samuel Sarcasm, that the present noise had been occasioned by the conduct of Mr. Edward Elixir, who, on his departure from the mansion-house, ran upon the Green and jumped about, saying such extravagant things about my generosity, my wit, and my fine sense, accompanying all these assertions with such jestures as very fairly gave reason for the workmen to imagine there was something contageous in my disorder, the worst part of which had been, as they presumed, caught by the apothecary.

To crush all these fooleries and false suggestions by one decisive stroke, I took up the whole affair


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on very serious ground, and insisted on being attended to.

I represented this to the gentlemen as very ill behaviour. With regard to their petition, I observed, that I was willing to see it in the most favourable light; but, whatever I had done, or might do, depended on my own pleasure, for which I chose to pay in proportion. That their part of the business was, peaceably to pursue each man his particular avocation till the work was finished. That it was impertinent to enquire for what particular use I raised up to myself a town. It was for them to do so much work; agreeable to my directions, for so much money; and that, if I chose



to build a palace for a parcel of horses, and put my friends in a pigstye, it was wholly my affair, and not theirs.

The apothecary, Mr. Elixir, had been, I observed, fent by Mr. Flourish on a foolish errand; namely, to cure a man who was in perfect health ; and that, as to his jumping about for joy, in talking of me, it might be partly from the vivacity of his conftitution, and partly from the goodness of his heart, at hearing there was a man who had the courage to proceed in erecting a town to serve the Unfortunate, when it was found to be fo very contrary to the fordid maxims of the world, that even the workmen were up



This best

* This being a full explanation ; I added, that I expected matters would go on regularly for the future, and that they would so far enlarge their hearts, as to pursue their duty with a diligent chearfulness; and that, while they were pursuing it, they should not think the worse of their patron's understanding for acting by them more generously than fome of their former employers.

The passions of a mob are never fixed. These filly people now ran into the other extreme, and were, by the foregoing speech, so fully fatisfied, that I was unanimously extolled as a paragon of sense and solid learning; as charitable beyond the reach of instances, and as the

best master that ever was worked for.

Hereupon they released the apothecary, of whom they demanded many pardons; and then after giving me three cheers, they went hastily away, convinced I was in full pofsession of my senses, and that they would now go to work for me like so many devils.

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