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to us that this open competition produced a spirit of confidence and energy in the students, as great, if not greater, than any we met with elsewhere.

The whole of the above system of education is directed by the Fourth Section of the War Department. In all the schools we found traces of its activity; and the energy and system which prevail in the Military Teaching of Austria appear in great measure to result from its being directed by this single head.

The following works, issued separately, and under the general title of Papers For Teachers And Parents, and devoted to a practical exposition of Methods of Teaching and School Management in different countries, are compiled, from "The American Journal of Education," edited by Hexry Barnard, LL. D. L American Contributions To The Philosophy And Practice Of EduCation. By Professor William Kussell, Eev. Dr. Hill, Rev. Dr. Huntington, Gideon F. Thayer, Rt. Rev. Bishop Burgess, and others. One Volume, 404 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $2.00. n. Object-teaching And Oral Lessons On Social Science And ComMon Things, With Various Illustrations Of The Principles And Practice Of Primary Education, As Adopted In The Model And Training Schools Of Great Britain. One Volume, 434 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $2.00; in goat, $2.60.

III. German Experience In The Organization, Instruction, And Disci

Pline Of Public Or Common Schools; With Treatises On PedaGogy, Didactics, And Methodology, by Professor Raumer, Dr. Diostorweg, Dr. Hentschel, Dr. Abbenrodo, Dr. Dinter, and others, One Volume, 482 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $2.60.

IV. Educational Aphorisms And Suggestions Ancient And Modern With

An Index. One Volume, 200 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $1.50. V. English Pedagogy; or Treatises and Thoughts on Education, the School, and the Teacher. By Roger Ascham, Lord Bacon, Sir Henry Wotton, John Milton, Samuel Hartlib, Sir William Petty, John Locke, Thomas Fuller, William Shenstone, Thomas -Gray, William Cowper, George Crabbe, Herbert Sponcer, and others. One Volume, 480 pages, $2.60. VI. Pestalozzi And Pertalozzianism, with Sketches of the Educational Views of other Swiss Educators." One Volume, 480 pages, Octavo, . bound in cloth, $2.50; (in goat, with Portrait, $3.00.) TIL German Educational Reformers—Sturm, Luther, Melancthon, Rntich, Comenius, Basedow, Francke, Herder, and others. One Volume, 586 pages, Octavo, $3.00. VIII. French Schools And Pedagogy; the Organization and Instruction of Public Schools, both for General and Special Education; and the Pedagogical Views of Abbe do Lasallo, Fenelon, Montaigne, Rousseau, Cousin, Guizot, Wilm, Marcel, and others. One Volume, 576 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $3.00. IX. Schools And Education In Northern Europe, viz., Holland, Belgium, Hanover, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. One Volume, 416 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $2.00. X. Schools And Education In Greece And Italy; both Ancient and

Modern. One Volume, 416 pages, Octavo, bound in cloth, $2.00. XI. Secondary Education; or Subjects and Methods of Instruction in Gymnasia, Lycees, Grammar Schools, Academies, and High Schools for Boys, with Account, Ac., of the Home and School Training of Girls, in different countries. One Volume, 640 pages, Octavo, $3.00. XIL Superior EducationAn Historical Development Of The UniverSity, With An Account Of The Principal Colleges And UniversiTies In Different Countries. One Volume, 520 pages, $3.00. XIII. Normal ScnooLs, And Other Institutions, Agencies And Means For The Professional Training And Improvement Of Teachers In Different Countries, with a List of the best works on the History, Biography, Principles and Methods of Education in the French, German and English Languages. One Volume, 608 pages, $3.00. Terms.—Any one of the Volumes will bo sold separately at the price affixed. Orders will be received for the series, bound in cloth, as far as published, viz., I., II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., at $1.75 per volume, payable on deliveryJune 1, 1863. .

German Educational Reformers; Memoirs or Eminent Teachers and Educators in Germany, from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth Century, with contributions to the History of Education from the Revival of Classical Learning. From the "Geschichie der Padagogik" of Karl von Raumer. Republished from "The American Journal of Education," edited by Henry Barnard, LL. D. 686 pages. Price, $3.00.



Preface, 7

Memoir of Karl von Raumer, 9

I. Introduction. Revival of Classical Literature in Italy, 17-01

1. The Middle Age*—Condition of Studies, Teaching and the Arts, 17

2. Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, 28

3. Greek Scholars from Constantinople, John of Ravenna, Chrysoloros 35

4. Italian Teachers—Guarino, Pbilelphus, Poggiui, Valla, Landinus, Politianus, Picus, 49

5. Transition to Germany, 62


1. Gerard of Daventer—Radewin—Gerard of Zutphen—The'Hieronymians, 05

2. Weasel—Rudolph Agricola—Hegitia—Lange— Butch, 72

3. Erasmus, 89

t. School of Schlettsladt— Dringenberg—Wimpbeling— Reuchlin, 101

Appendix. Condition of Schools and Teachers in the Sixteenth Century 113

Autobiography of John Flutter; A-B-C-shooters and Bacchants 125

III. Thk Period Of Tiie Reformation, 131—266

1. Martin Luther, 131

2. Philip Melancthon' 161

3. Valentine Friedlund Trolzendorf, 185

4. John Sturm 183

5. Michael Neander, 193

0. Ignatius Loyola and the School* of the Jesuits, 229

7. The Early School Codes of Germany 251

1. Dutchyof Wirtcmbcrg; 2. Electorate of Saxony, 257

8. The Universities of the Sixteenth Century, 261

IV. Realism, « 267—334

1. Verbal Realism—Erasmus—Melancthon, 267

2. Real Realism—Influence of Lord Bacon's Philosophy, 273

3. Real Schools. Ilecker, Halm, Sender; Modern Development of Realistic Instruction, 302

4. Michael Montaigne 317

V. The Renovators, Or Progressives 335—520

1. New Ideas and Methods of Education 335

2. Wolfgang Raticb 343

3. John Amos Comenius .-... 371

4. Schools and Education in Periods of Peace and War 413

1. The Thirty Years' War; 2. The Century after the Peace of Westphalia 416

5. John Locke and Influence of his Pedagogy on German Education, 427

6. Augustus Hermann Franke, and the Pietists, 441

7. Jean Jaqnes Rousseau and his Influence on the Philanthropintsts, 459

8. The Philanthropinum at Dessau, 487

John Beruhard Basedow, 487

VI. The Reformatory Philologists 521—574

1. Johann Mathias Gesner 521

2. John August Ernesti, 530

3. Johann Georg Hamann, 533

3. Johann Got fried Herder, 547

4. Friedrich August Wolf, t. 561


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