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Wk shall avail ourselves of recent applications of Photography to transferring engravings to electrotypes, ready to be used in ordinary type printing, to give our readers exact impressions from the illustrations of some of the earliest school books. We have before us a little book of about the size of tho "New England Primer Improved" with the following title,

"A Guide Fob Tue Child And Youth, In Two Parts. Tlie first far Children: containing plain and pleasant directions to read English; with Prayers, Graces, and Instructions, litted tor the capacity. Ttie second for Yautli: Teaching to write, Cast Accounts, and ltead more perfectly; with several other Varieties, both pleasant and profitable. By T. H., M. A., Teacher of a private school. London: 1162."

In his Address "to the Parents, or others," Mr. T. H., says: " When I consider how Ignorance of late had prevailed amongst the Vulgar, and how those who never learned anything themselves, will yet pretend to teach others; I was almost at a loss whether I should proceed in this small but useful Tract. But since a blessed Sunshine hath appeared in our Horizon, I resolved to publish it for the use and Benefit of Children, and those of riper years." This is followed by " The Capital Roman Letters;" "The Small Roman Letters;" "The Vowels;" "The Consonants;" "Double Letters;" "Tlie Great Italick Letters;" "The Small Italick;" "Syllables, ab, eb, ib, ob, ub, and ba, be, bi, bo, bit, by, dec.;" which is followed by a page of " The Dutiful Child's Promises," viz.:—

"I will fear God and honour my King.

I will honour my Father and Mother.

I will obey my Superiors.

I will submit to my Elders. *

I will love my Friends.

I will hate no Man.

I will forgive my Enomies, and pray to God for them."

Then follows the illustrated Alphabet for "The Child's Guide," which is again introduced as "The Youth's Guide," with extracts mainly from the Bible. We combine the two in the following pages. The illustrations, as well as the rhymes, were either copied from, or suggested by "The New England Primer Improved," or else introduced into the latter from "The Guide," or else both were copied or suggested from an earlier original, which we have not the facilities at hand for determining. The illustrations were copied for this Journal by the American Phototype Company, whose office is in Leroy Place, Blocker Street, New York.

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Flint in the Morning when thou dost

awake, To God for his Grace thy Petition make. Some heavenly Prayer use daily to say, And the God of Heaven will bless thee


Child, after thou hast prayed to (tod for
his Assistance, observe these following
Down from thy Chamber when as thou

shalt go, Thy Parents salute & the household also. Thy Hands see thou wash, thy Head also

comb; Keep clean thy apparel both abroad and

at home. This done,thy Satchel,<ft thy Books take; And to the School hasto thou do make.

At going to School. In going your way, and passing the street, Thy Hat put off, salute those you meet. When to the School thou shalt resort, Salute thy Master, I do thee exhort: Thy fellows also, in token of Love, Lest of unkindness they time reprove: Learn then in thy youth, for it is too true, It will bo toe late when Age doth ensue. If thou doubt any thing, desire to he told; It is no shame to learn, be thou never so

old. When from School you shall take your

way, Make haste to your home, and stay not

to play: The House then entering, in the Parents

presence, Hnmbly Salute them, with due reverence.

At the Table. When down to the Table thy Parents

shall sit, In place be ready for purpose most fit.

Be meek in thy Carriage, stare none in

the Face; First hold up your Hands, and thou say

thy Grace. The Grace being said, if able thou be To serve at the Table, it will become

thee. If thou canst not wait, presume in no case, But in sitting down, to your Betters give

place. Suffer each Man first served to be; For it is a point of great, oourtesio. Let not thy Tongue at the Table walk; And of no matter either jangle or talk; For Goto doth say that in old and in

young, The first stop to Virtue is to bridle the


In the Church.

When unto the Chnroh thou shalt take thy way,

Kneeling or standing to God humbly pray.

A contrite Heart he will not despise,

But doth account it a sweet Sacrifice.

Unto him thy Sins Shew and oonfess,

Asking for them Pardon and Forgiveness.

Then ask thou in Faith, not doubting to have,

And thou shalt roeoivo that which thou dost crave.

Mere merciful ho is than Tongue can express.

The Author and Giver of Grace and Goodness.

In the Church comely thy self well behave;

Sober in carriage, with countenance

frave. jord doth call it the House of Prayer. It must not be used as a Market or lair

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