An essay towards a collection of books relating to proverbs, emblems, apophthegms epitaphs and ana, being a catalogue of those at Keir

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Сторінка 7 - PROVERBS, Handbook of. Containing an entire Republication of Ray's Collection of English Proverbs, with his additions from Foreign Languages and a complete Alphabetical Index; in which are introduced large additions as well of Proverbs as of Sayings, Sentences, Maxims, and Phrases, collected by HG Bohn. 5*.
Сторінка 76 - A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs; ALSO THE MOST CELEBRATED PROVERBS OF THE SCOTCH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, and other Languages. The whole Methodically Digested and Illustrated with Annotations, and proper Explications.
Сторінка 15 - PROVERBES ET DICTONS POPULAIRES, avec les Dits du Mercier et des Marchands, et les Crieries de Paris aux xm ° et xiv siècles, publiés d'après les manuscrits de la Bibliothéque du Roi, avec dewi fac-similc.
Сторінка 160 - A COLLECTION OF EMBLEMES. ANCIENT AND MODERNE. Quickened With METRICALL ILLUSTRATIONS both Morall and Divine : And Disposed into LOTTERIES, That Instruction, and Good Counsell may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation.
Сторінка 159 - A Choice of Emblemes, and other Devises, for the moste parte gathered out of sundrie writers, Englished and Moralized, And divers newly devised, by Geffrey Whitney.
Сторінка 61 - A New Dictionary of the Terms Ancient and Modern of the Canting Crew In its several Tribes of Gypsies, Beggars, Thieves, Cheats, etc., With An Addition of some Proverbs, Phrases, Figurative Speeches, etc..
Сторінка 33 - Second Frutes, to be gathered of Twelve Trees, of divers but delightsome tastes to the tongues of Italians and Englishmen...
Сторінка 79 - La Porte ouverte pour parvenir à la connoissance du Paganisme caché. Ou la vraye représentation de la vie, des mœurs, de la religion et du service divin des Bramines qui demeurent sur les costes de Chormandel et aux pays circonvoisins.
Сторінка 7 - A Polyglot of Foreign. Comprising French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish. With English Translations & a General Index by HG Bohn. 5*.
Сторінка 202 - Libro de vidas, y dichos graciosos, agudos y sentenciosos, de muchos notables varones Griegos y Romanos, ansí reyes y capitanes como philosophos, y oradores antiguos: en los quales se contienen graues sentencias e auisos no menos provechosos que deleytables...

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