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In Medium 8vo. Volumes,


An Explanatory and Critical Commentary, and a Revision of the

Edited by F. C. Cook, M.A., Canon of Exeter.


DEUTERONOMY. By E. HAROLD BROWNE, D.D., Lord Bishop of Winchester; F. C. Cook, M.A., Canon of Exeter; SAMUEL CLARK, M. A., Rector of Eaton Bishop; J. F. THRUPP, M.A., late Vicar of Barrington; and T. E.

ESPIN, B.D., Canon of Chester. In Two Parts. (1000 pp.) 305.

HERVEY, D.D., Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells; T. E. ESPIN, B.D., Canon of
Chester; and GEORGE RAWLINSON, M.A., Canon of Canterbury (1130 pp.)


SONG OF SOLOMON. By G. H. S. JOHNSON, 1.A., Dean of Wells;
C. J. Elliott, Vicar of_Winkfield; Canon Cook; E. H. PLUMPTRE, M.A.,
Rector of Bickley; W. T. Bullock, M.A., Secretary to the S. P. G.; and

T. KINGSBURY, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. (708 pp.) 245.

By W. KAY, D.D., Rector of Great Leghs; and R. PAYNE SMITH, D.D., Dean

of Canterbury. (606 pp.) Vol. VI. EZEKIEL, DANIEL, AND THE MINOR

PROPHETS. By G. CURREY, D.D., Master of the Charter House ; H. J.
Rose, B.D., late Archdeacon of Bedford ; Rev. J. FULLER, Secretary to the
S.P.C.K.; E. HUXTABLE, M.A., Prebendary of Wells; R. GANDELL, M.A.,
Professor of Arabic, Oxford; F. MEYRICK, M.A., Rector of Blickling;

SAMUEL CLARK, M.A.; and W. DRAKE, M.A., Canon of Worcester. This great Work, which has been prepared by a combination of leading divines of the Church of England, had its origin in the widely-felt want of a plain explanatory Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, which should be at once more comprehensive and compact than any previously published. The cordial and enthusiastic reception which has been extended to the work-even by those whose connections would lead them to the most severe and indeed hostile criticism demonstrates the great success which the enterprise has already achieved. From the fulness, fairness, thoroughness, and candour with which all difficult questions are discussed, the Bible Commentary is sure to be satisfactory to the scholar; while the plain, direct, and devout manner in which the meaning of the Sacred Text is explained, thoroughly adapts it for the widest popular use, whether in the closet, in the family, or in the Sunday-school.- Advertisement to the American Edition.

The Episcopal Clergy.

Presbyterian Clergymen.
Rt. Rev. HORATIO POTTER, Bishop of New York. Rev. Prof. W. G. T. SHEDD, D.D., Union Theological
There can be no manner of doubt of its great value,

Seminary, New York. or of its eminent success. We have long felt the want The Speaker's Commentary, in the first place, is conof just such a comprehensive and complete Commentary cise and brief, so that the purchaser and reader will have on the Holy Scriptures for our Students of Divinity, an exposition of the entire Old and New Testaments in a our Clergy, and for a large class of general readers. small compass, compared with any existing commentary. The Editor, Canon Cook, is an able man; and most Secondly, the difficult points and passages are not of the distinguished contributors are well known by shunned. Thirdly, the questions that are raised by reputation. I earnestly hope that a copy of it may find natural science are examined with fairness, and answered its way into the library of every Clergyman of our satisfactorily. Lastly, there can be no doubt that the Church in the land. Or course, in saying this, I do not Commentary, as a whole, will be firmly evangelical, and mean to deny that there are subordinate points about that the whole influence of the work will be to strengthen which there will be differences of opinion.

the reader's confidence in Divine Revelation.




Episcopal Clergy.

Presbyterian Clergy.

RI. Rev. A. N. LITTEJOHN, Bishop of Long Island.

Though I have not been able, as yet, to examine the Speaker's Commentary as fully, as I could wish, yet I have seen enough of it to justify me in saying that it will prove a most valuable addition to the department of Sacred Literature to which it belongs. There can be no doubt that it will obtain an extensive circulation, and will be highly prized by all who use it.

Rev. M. W. JACOBUS, D.D., of the Alleghany

Theological Seminary. The first volume of the Bible Commentary is a welcome earnest of another extensive and massive Bible work. Its most attractive feature is in the line of excursus, after the manner of a Bible dictionary, incorporating with the notes elaborate and valuable articles on important topics. This method commends itself especially in the treatment of the Pentateuch, and controverted subjects can thus be dealt with more fully than would be allowable in the notes. We were led to expect much from the editorship of Canon Cook, and we are not disap, pointed. This work will fill a place not wholly occupied by any that has preceded it, and will add to the scholarly facilities placed within reach of Bible students in our day for thorough understanding of the word of God.

We cordially recommend this work, more than seven years ago projected by dignitaries and scholars of the English Church, as well representing the present status 'of Biblical science.

Rt. Rev. F. D. HUNTINGTON, Bishop of Central Nero

York. It may be said of the work that it not only meets a real want in religious literature, but that it meets a want which had become consciously and widely felt, not to speak of the needs of a large portion of the working clergy themselves, with little time and less money for books. Nearly all Parish Ministers have found it diff. cult to answer the frequent inquiry of the laity, "What Commentary shall we buy?" "The best that could be done was to name half-a-dozen different exegetical books, on different parts of Holy Scripture, disconnected with each other, and soine of them necessarily either very costly or very superficial. Till the Speaker's Commentary was proposed, there appeared small promise that the need would be supplied. That announcement awakened a strong and contident hope ; and, in my judgment, the whole American pub'ic ought to acknowledge a great debt to your house for the re-publication.

Rt. Rev. THOMAS M. CLARK, Bishop of Rhode Island.

I have examined the Bible Commentary with sufficient care to satisfy me that it will probably be the inost valuable work of the kind for general use which has ever been produced in the English tongue. I have the honour of a personal acquaintance with several of the bishops and clergy who are engaged in its preparation, and the reputation of all the contributors to this Commentary, for profound scholarship, is a sufficient guarantee that it will be conducted in the most thorough and satisfactory manner. So far as I have had the opportunity to study this Com. mentary, it appears to me that it deals with the difficul. ties of Scripture in an unprejudiced and honest way, while at the same time it is always sound and conservative. The common reader will derive a vast amount of information from its pages, and the most accomplished scholar can read it to advantage.

Rev. Z. M. HUMPHREY, D.D., Pastor of the Calvary

Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. The Speaker's Commentary occupies a place of its own. It has peculiar merits. If I may judge by the first volume, no commentary of its size is so well calculated to give the reader a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. It is specially rich in notes, which are treatises rather than simple explanations, and which embody the results of the latest and best scholarship of the times. It also fairly meets the difficulties supposed to arise from the progress of scientific thought and discovery. Prof. CHARLES A. AIKEN, D.D., LL.D., of Princeton.

The use which I have thus far made of the Speaker's Commentary has satisfied me of its adaptation to fill a place heretofore unoccupied in our exegetical literature. With sufficient unity of plan, and similarity in the execution of its several parts, it enlists larger and more varied resources than could be found in any one scholar. It is compact without meagreness, and usually minute enough for all ordinary purposes in canvassing difficulties and illustrating obscurities. It displays candour and sterling sense (so far as I have examined) in treating perplexities, and is well abreast of modern scholarship, philosophical, archæological, and historical, while maintaining the de. youtness of a rational Christian faith. It is not wearisome in its parade of learning, and yet abundantly indicates to those whom duty or inclination may call to deeper investigation, the sources of a minuter knowledge. As a compendium it will be prized by many who have access to more exhaustive commentaries, and will furnish helps fresh, solid, and sound, to many who have no access to, or leisure for using, the more extensive store-houses of Biblical learning

Rt. Rev. J. Johns, Bishop of Virginia. I have not had time to give the Bible Commentary such examination as would enable me to express an opinion of its merits entitled to consideration by others : yet a partial inspection has impressed me so favorably that I cannot deny myself the privilege of possessing the entire work, and therefore request that as the other voluines are published they may be forwarded to me.

I am sure the clergy and laity will appreciate the ser. vice you are rendering in placing this valuable Commentary within their reach.

Rev. Dr. Geo. L. PRENTISS. As far as I have been able to examine the Bible Commentary, it is evidently the work of thoughtful, devout, and earnest Christian scholars. Its tone and spirit are excellent; and if the whole Commentary is executed in this manner, the result will be a most desirable and important addition to our exegetical literature of the Holy Scriptures. My best wishes for the success of this new attempt to explain and do honour to the Word of Life.

Rt. Rev. J. B. KERPOOT, Bishop of Pittsburgh.

After reading with much care and interest the essays which Bishop Harold Browne gives in his part of the Speaker's Commentary on the Pentateuch, I cannot hesitate to say that that well-known and very able and learned scholar has begun the work in a way worthy of his honoured name : and that from the tone and promise thus given we inay anticipate great excellence and soundness in the entire work. Its general usefulness must be very great, for the intelligent, educated layman will find here scholarly, thoughtful, and clear answers to the popular scepticism of the day, as well as instructive expositions of the text of God's word. I hope that the whole Commentary may equal its beginning, and secure a wide circulation among American readers.

The Methodist Clergy.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Scott, Bishop of Methodist

E piscopal Church. I regret much that I am so pressed with official and other engagements that it is not practicable for me to give the work such an examination as would enable me to write such a notice of it as would be satisfactory even to myself. I can say this, however, that having looked through the volume, glancing at paper, type, and binding, and reading an article here and there on important passages, I am very favourably impressed with the work every way. The mechanical execution is all that could be desired, and the notes are brief, comprehensive, and exhaustive, and, on the results reached, the mind generally rests with uncommon satisfaction. I heartily wish you great success in your noble but expensive enterprise.


With numerous Illustrations, 3 vols., Medium 8vo., st. 5s. A Dictionary of the Bible; its Antiquities, Biography, Geo

graphy, and Natural History. By Various Writers. Edited by WM, SMITH, D.C.L. and LL.D.

The object of this work is to elucidate the Antiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha; and not to explain systems of theology, or discuss points of controversial divinity. It has seemed, however, necessary in a “ Dictionary of the Bible" to give a full account of the Book, both as a whole and in its separate parts. Accordingly, articles are inserted not only upon the general subject, such as Bible,” “ Apocrypha,” and “Canon,' and upon the chief ancient versions, as “Septuagint,” and “Vulgate;” but also upon each of the separate books.

List of Contributors, Archbishop of York.

Drake, Canon,

Ormerod, Archdeacon, Bishop Cotton.

Eddrup, Rev. E. P.

Perowne, Canon. Bishop of Winchester.

Farrar, Rev. F. W.

Perowne, Rev. T. T. Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. Fergusson, James, F.R.S. Phillott, Rev. H. W. Bishop of Killaloe.

Ffoulkes, Rev. E. S.

Plumptre, l'rofessor. Bishop of Lincoln.

Garden, Rev. Francis, Poole, E. Stanley. Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Gotch, Rev. W.

Poole, R. Stuart. Bishop of St. David's.

Grove, George.

Porter, Rev. Dr. Dean Blakesley.

Hackett, Rev. H. B.

Pritchard, Professor. Dean Howson.

Hawkins, Canon.

Rawlinson, Canon. Dean Stanley.

Hayman, Rev. Dr.

Rose, Archdeacon, Bailey, Rev. H.

Hessey, Rev. Dr.

Selwyn, Canon. Barry, Canon.

Hooker, Dr., F.R.S.

Smith, Dr. Wm. Bevan, Rev. W. L.

Hornby, Rev. Dr.

Stowe, Rev. C. Bonar, Rev. H.

Houghton, Rev. W.

Thompson, Rev. J. P. Brown, Rev. T. E.

Huxtable, Rev. E.

Thrupp, Rev. J. F. Browne, Archdeacon.

Layard, A. H.

Tregelles, Dr. Bullock, Rev. W. T.

Leathes, Professor,

Tristram, Canon. Clark, Rev. S.

Lightfoot, Canon.

Twisleton, Hon. Edw. Cook, Canon.

Marks, Professor,

Venables, Canon. Davies, Rev. LI.

Meyrick, Rev. F.

Westcott, Canon. Day, Rev. Dr.

Oppert, Professor.

Wright, W. Aldis. Deutsch, Emanuel.

Orger, Rev. E. R. A concise Dictionary of the Bible, its Antiquities, Biography,

Geography, and Natural History; condensed from the above work. With Maps

and 300 Illustrations. Medium 8vo. A smaller Dictionary of the Bible, its Antiquities, Biography,

Geography, and Natural History; abridged from the larger work. With Maps and Ilustrations. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d.

“We turn again and again to this Dictionary, with interest, with confidence, with respectful admiration of the labour, the learning, the judgment, the conscientiousness, and we again add, the courage it displays. Even where we differ from the writers, we do so with respect. We see throughout a conscientious love of truth, and an intelligent and successful endeavour to collect and present to us correctly the facts on which they report. We congratulate Dr Smith on the success of his work."- Edinburgh Review.

Uniform with the above work A Dictionary of Christian Antiquities. Comprising the History,

Institutions, and Antiquities of the Christian Church. By Various Writers. Edited by WM. SMITH, D.C.L., and Rev. Professor CHEETHAM, M.A. Vol. I (to be completed in 2 vols), Medium 8vo.

This Work commences at the point at which the Dictionary of the Bible' leaves off, and gives an account of the Institutions of the Christian Church from the time of the Apostles to the age of Charlemagne.

2 IS.

With Illustrations, 6 vols., Medium 8vo., 28s, each.
An Encyclopædia of Classical Antiquity. Containing Greek and

Roman Antiquities, Biography, Mythology, and Geography. By various Writers.
Edited by WM. SMITH, D.C.L. and LL.D.

List of Contributors.
Allen, Dr Alexander.

Liddell, Dean. Arnold, Rev. C. Thomas, M.A.

Long, George, M.A. Bode, Rev. J. Ernest, M.A.

Mackenzie, John Morell, M.A. Bowen, Sir George Ferguson, M.A.

Mansfield, John Smith, M.A. Brandis, C. A., Professor.

Mason, Charles Peter, B.A. Bunbury, Edw. Herbert, M.A.

Means, Joseph Calrow. Butler, Rev. George, M.A.

Milman, Dean. Christie, Albany James, M.A.

Morgan, de, Professor. Clough, Arthur Hugh, M.A.

Plate, Dr William. Cotton, Bishop.

Prichard, Constantine Estlin, B. A. Davidson, Samuel, LL.D.

Ramsay, William, Professor. Donkin, William Fishburn, M.A.

Rich, Anthony, B.A. Donne, William Bodham.

Robson, John, M.A. Dyer, Thomas, LL.D.

Schmitz, Leonhard, Dr. Elder, Edward, M.A.

Smith, Charles Roach, F.S.A. Graves, John Thomas, M.A.

Smith, Dr Wm. Grenfell, Rev. Algernon, M.A.

Smith, Philip, B.A. Greenhill, William Alexander, M.D.

Stahr, Dr Adolph. Gunn, William Maxwell.

Urlichs, Ludwig, Professor. Howson, Dean.

Vaux, W. S. W., M.A. Ihne, Dr William.

Walford, Henry, M.A. James, Rev. Edward Boucher, M.A.

Whiston, Rev. Robert, M.A. Jowett, Rev. Benjamin, M.A.

Williams, Rev. George, B.D. Kennedy, Charles Rann, M.A.

Wornum, Ralph N. Key, Thomas Hewitt, M.A.

Yates, James, M.A. Latham, Robert Gordon, M.A.

CONTAINING :1. Greek and Roman Antiquities; comprehending the Laws,

Institutions, and domestic usages of the Greeks and Romans; Painting, Sculpture, Music, the Drama, &c. (1300 pp.). With 500 Illustrations. Medium 8vo. 285.

II. Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology; a History of

the Ancient World, civil, literary, and ecclesiastical, from the earliest times to the Downfall of the Roman Empire. (3700 pp.) With 560 Illustrations. 3 vols. Medium

8vo. 845. III. Greek and Roman Geography; an account of the poli

tical history of both countries and cities, as well as of their geography, incorporating the researches and discoveries of modern scholars. (2500 pp.) With 530 Illustrations. 2 vols. Medium 8vo. 565,

"It is an honour to this College to have presented to the world so distinguished a scholar as Dr William Smith, who has, by his valuable manuals of classical antiquity and classical history and biography, done as much as any man living to promote the accurate knowledge of the Greek and Roman world among the students of this age.”—Mr Grote's Address at the London University.

Dr Wm. Smith's Ancient Atlas. An Atlas of Ancient Geography, Biblical and Classical. In

tended to illustrate the Dictionary of the Bible, and the Classical Dictionaries.' Compiled under the superintendence of Dr WM. SMITH and MR GEORGE Grove. With Descriptive Text. Folio, half-bound, £6 6s.








3 Revision of the Translation,






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