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LL.D., Professor of English Literature at University College, London.





Familiar Trees. By G. S. Boulger, F.L.S.,

F.G.S. Embracing a Full and Popular Description of our FAMILIAR Trees. With Exquisite
Illustrations in Colour from Original Drawings by W. H. J. Boot.

CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, Ludgate Hill, London ; and all Booksellers.

Gleanings from

Popular Authors.



"In the pages of GLEANINGS FROM POPULAR AUTHORS there is a delightful variety. | 9 Handy Volumes for Tourists. Tom Hood jostles with Lord Macaulay, and Lord Byron and Mark Twain offer their |

Now PUBLISHING, in Monthly Volumes, price 18. each;

or in cloth, 2s. each. most in teresting

“Great taste has been productions NEW ISSUE.

shown in the selection, together

which includes some MONTHLY, 7d. with Charles

of the finest speci. Lamb, Sir

mens of modern Walter Scott,

literature. The Owen Mere

charm of the addith, Artemus

mirable literary Ward, William

work is enhanced Black, W. M.

by the beautiful Thackeray, Chas.

illustrations to Dickens, Long


be found on fellow, Bret Harte,

nearly every

Volume III, now ready. Robert Southey,

page. Some of and a hundred ILLUSTRATIONS. these are exothers who have

quisite works

By SIR WALTER SCOTT. made their mark in PART 1 ready Aug. 26.

of art."

VOLUME I. consists of “The Old Curiosity literature." ** Prospectuses at all Booksellers', or post

Shop,” by CHARLES DICKENS, Now Bristol Mercury. free from


VOLUME II., “Rienzi; or, The Last of CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, London.

the Tribunes,” by LORD LYTTON.

Now ready.
VOLUME IV., Washington Irving's

“ Sketch Book." Ready Aug. 25.
"A good readable library of reprints, strongly bound
and clearly printed, representing the leading English,
Scotch, Irish, and American authors, and published at
such a price as to be within the reach of everybody, is

a real boon."-Pall Mall Gazette. For AUGUST, price One Shilling, contains— . Just PUBLISHED, price 28. 6d.; post free, Ps. 9d, “Who is it?" Painted by ALMA | “Uavalued Liberty." From the

About Going to Law. By TADEMA, R.A., Grosvenor Gallery, Picture by KAULBACH.


The Book of Rembrandt. By the | The Manchester Examiner says :-"This manual The Dart: Buckfastleigh to New EDITOR.

should be in the hands of landlord and tenant, of Bridge. By J. ARTHUR BLAIKIE. old London Doorways. By PERCY

master and servant, of tradesman and purchaser; in With Three Engravings from Drawings

FITZGERALD. With Six Engravings

short, of every man and woman of mature age." by ALLAN BARRAUD.

from Drawings by E. J. LAMBERT. CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London. Daniel Chodowiecki. By AUSTIN Dobson. With Twelve Hlustrations Drawing in Elementary Schools.

Just PUBLISHED, price 18.; post free, 18. 2d, in Facsimile from Etchings by the By HARRY V. BARNETT.

Our Colonies and India ; Artist,

Current Art. With Five Illustrations. Poems and Pictures: “On Calais

How we got them, and why Sands." By ANDREW LANG and

Female Head-gear: Sixteenth we keep them. By Prof. CYRIL Seymour LUCAS, R.I. and Seventeenth centuries.

RANSOME, M.A., Oxon.
By RICHARD HEATH. With Filteen
The Romance of Art: A Con-


The Times (June 19, 1885), says, "This excellent vent Room at Parma, By JULIA

little handbook contains a plain, unvarnished statement CARTWRIGHT. With Three Engray- The Chronicle of Art: Art in

of the steps by which we gained our colonies, and of imgs.


the reasons, sentimental and commercial, why we keep

them." CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, Ludgate Hill, London,

Cassell & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.


The Magazine of ART

Is Now Ready, PART 1, price 7d., of


By EDWARD WALFORD. With about 400 Original Illustrations. With Part I is issued, free of charge, a Large Coloured Map of Greater London (size 30 in. by 27 in.), showing clearly the Roads, Railways, and various features of interest for many miles round the Metropolis.

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London; and all Booksellers.



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