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Far round the immense, unustial thunders driven, -
Proclaim'd the onset of approaching heaven ;
Astonish'd nature ownd the strange alarm,
And the world trembled at the impending storm.
D'er the dark fields aghiast Canaan stream'd;
Thick in their course the scatter'd bucklers gleam'd **
Bebind them, Joshua urg'd the furious cas,
And tenfold horrors hovered round the war.

But when the chief the spreading storm survey?d,
And trac'd Almighty arms in heaven display'd;
With piercing voice he gave the great command,
Stand still, ye chosen sons, admiring stand!
Behold what awful scenes in heaven arise !
Adore the power, that brightens in the skies!
Now God's tremendous arm asserts luis laws'; .
Now bids his thunder in the righteous cause ;
Shows man how virtue saves her chosen bands,
And points the vengeance doom'd for guilty lands;
Behold what flames shoot forth! what gloom ascends !
How nature trembles ! how the concave rends!
How the clouds darken ! see, in yonder sky,
Their opening skirts proclaim the Almighty nigh!
He spoke, and from the north a rushing sound
Roll'd thro' the heavens, and shook the embattled
Thron'd on a dark red cloud, an angel's form [ground,
Sail'd awfully sublime, above the storm ;
Half veil'd in mist, his countenance like a sun,
Inflam'd the clouds and thro' all ether shone ;
Long robes of crimson light behind him flow'd,
His wings were flames; his looks were. dy'd in blood ;-;
· Ten thousand fiery shapes were round him driver,
Aud all the dazzling pomp of opening heaven. :
Now, save Canaan's cries that feebly rung:
Round the dark plain, a.fearful silence hung
Stretch'd in dire terror o'er the quiy'ring band,
The etherial vision war'd his sunbright hand;
At once, from opening skies, red Aames were hurld,
And thunders, rolld on thunders, rock'd the world,
Jnore broad deluge sunk the avenging hail,
And, fill'd with tempest, ruar'd the hoary vale :
Fierce raging whirlwinds boundless nature, blend;
The streams rush back. the tottering mountains bend:
Down the tabl steep their bursting summits roll,

And cliffs on cliffs; hoarse crashing, rend the pple. A
Rar round the earth, a wild drear horror reigns;
The high heavens heave, and roar the gloomy plainsi
One sea of lightning all the region fills;
And waves of fire ride surging o'er the hills :
The nodding forests plunge in flame around,
And with huge caverns gapes the shuddering ground;
Swifter shan rapid winds Canaan driven,
Refuse the conÁict of embattled heaven.
But the dire hail in vain the victims fly,
And death unbounded shook from all the sky.
The thunder's dark career the seraph's arm,
Fierce vengeance blazing down the immense of stormi,
From falling groves to burning flames they flew;
Hailroars around and angry hosts pursue ;
From shaking skies, Almighty armas are hurld
And all the gloomy concave bursts upon the world.

ADDRESS to the Deity.
'ATHER of light! exhaustless source of good!

Supreme, eternal, self-existent God ! Before the beamy sun dispens'd a ray, Flam'd in the azure vault, and gave the day, Before the glimmering moon, with borrow'd light, Shone queen, ainid the silver host of night, High in the heavens, thou reign'st superior lord, By suppliant angels worship'd and ador'd. With the celestial choir then let me join In cheerful praises to the Power Divine. To sing thy praise, do thou, O God ! inspire A mortal breast with more than mortal fire. In dreadful majesty thou sitst enthron'd, With light encircled and with glory crown!d : Through all infinitude extends thy reign, For thee nor heaven, nor heaven of heavens contait, But tho' thy throne is fix'd above the sky, Thy omnipresence fills immensity

Saints rob'd in white, to thee their anthems bring, And radiant martyrs hallelujahs sing: Heaven's universal host their voices raise In one eternal concert to thy praise. And round thy awful throne, with one accord, Sing holy, holy, holy, is the Lord.

At thy creative voice from ancient night,
Sprang smiling beauty, and yon world of light:
Thou spak'st-the planetary chorus roll’d,
Stapendous worlds! unmeasur'd and untold !
Let there be light, said God - light instant shone,
And from the orient burst the golden sun:
Heay'n's gazing hierarchs, with glad surprize,
Saw the first morn invest the recent skies,
And strait th' exulting troops thy throne surround;
With thousand, thousand harps of rapt'rous sound ;
Thrones, powers, dominions, (ever shining trains !)
Shouted thy praises in triumphant strains :
Great are thy works, they sing, and all around,
Great are thy works, the echoing heav'ns resound,
Th' effulgent sun, unsufferably bright,
Is but a ray of thy o'erflowing light;
The tempest is thy breath; the thunder hurl'd
Tremendous roars thy vengeance o'er the world ;
Thou bow'st the heaven's, the smoking mountains nod,
Rocks fall to dust, and nature owns her God!
Pale tyrants shrink, the atheist stands aghast,
And impious kings in horror breathe their last.
To this Great God, alternately, I'd pay,
The evening anthem and the morning lay.

"ROM night, from silence, and from deathy.

Or death's own form, mysterious sleep,
I wake to life, to light and health :
Thus me doth Israel's Watchman keep.
Sacred to him in grateful praise,
Be this devoted tranquil hour.
While Him, supremely good and great,
With rapt'rous homage I adore.
What music breaks from yonder corpse ?
The plumy songster's artless lay;
Melodious songslers, nature taught!
That warbling hail the dawning day,
Shall man be mute, while instinct sings
Nor human breast with transports risen
O! for an universal hymn,
To join the chorus of the skies


See yon refulgent lamp of day.
With unabating glory crown's,
Rejoicing in his giant strength,
To run his daily destin'd round.
So may I still perform thy will:
Great Sun of Nature and of Grace
Nor wander devious from thy law ;
Nor faint in niy appointed race.
What charms display the unfolding flowers,
How beauteous grows the enamelld mead?
More beauteous still the heaven wrought robe,

purest white and fac'd with red,
The sun exhales the pearly dews,
Those brilliant sky shed tears that mourn
His nightly loss : till from earth's cheek,
They're kiss'd away by pitying morn.
For laps'd mankind what friendly tears,
Bent on our weal did Angels shed ?
Bound, bound our hearts, to think those tears
Made frustrate all when Jesus bled!
Arabia wafts from yonder grove
Delicious odours in the gale;
And with her breeze bern fragrance greets,
Each circumjacent hill and dale.
An incense may my morning song,
A sweetly smelling savor rise,
Perfum'd with Gilead's precious balm,
To make it grateful to the skies,
And when from death's long sleep I wake,
To vature's renovating day
Cloathe me with thy own righteousness,
And in thy likeness, Lord array.

H ,

AIL, sacred Peac), who claim'st thy bright abode

Before his arm, around this shapeless earth,
Stretch'd the wide heavens and gave to nature birth ?
Ere morning stars his glowing chambers hung,
Or songs of gladness woke an angel's tongue ;
Veild in the brightness of th'Almighty's mind,
In blest repose thy placid form reclin'd;
Born thro the Heaven, with bis creating voice,

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Thy presence bade the unfolding world rejoice,
Gave to seraphic harps their sounding lays...
Their joy to angels and to men their

From scenes of blood these beauteous shores that staine
From gasping friends that press the sanguin'd plain, ***
From fields, long taught in vain thy flight to mourn,
I rise, delightful power, and greet thy glad return;
Too long the groans of death and battle's bray
Have rung discordant thro' the unpleasing lay : x
Let pity's tear its balmy fragrance shed,
O'er heroes' wounds, and patriot warriors dead ;
Accept, departed shades, these grateful sighs,
Your fond attendants, to th' approving skies.
But now the untuneful trump shall grate no more,
Ye silver streams, no longer swell with gore ;
Bear froin your beauteous banks the crimsoli stail,
With yon retiring uvies to the main :
While other views unfolding on my eyes,
And happier themes bid bolder numbers rise.
Bring, bounteous peace, in thy celestial thions,

Lite to my soul, and rapture to my song;
Give me to trace, with pure unclouded ray,
The arts and virtues that attend thy sway ;
To see thy blissful charms that here descend
Thro' distant realms and endless years extend.

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S when some peasant, who to treat his lord,

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With what his-ill stor'd cupboard will afford,
With aukward bows, and ill plac'd rustic airs,
To make excuses for his feast prepares ;
So we, with tremor, mix'd with vast delight,
View the bright audience which appears to night;
And, eonscious of its meanness, hardly dare
Po bid you welcome to our homely fare.
Should your applause a confidence impart,
To calm the fears that press the timid heart,
Some. hope I cherish, in your smiles I read 'em,
Whate'er our faults, your, candor cax exceedenu

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