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2 Bright in that happy land,

Beams every eye;
Kept by a Father's hand,

Love cannot die.
Oh, we shall happy be,
When from sin and sorrow free!
Lord, we shall live with Thee !

Blest, blest for aye. 118. Glory.

P.M. 1 A ROUND the throne of God in heav'n,

Thousands of children stand;
Children whose sins are all forgiv'n,
A holy, happy band;

Singing glory, glory, glory.
2 What brought them to that world above,

That heaven so bright and fair, Where all is peace, and joy, and love ? How came those children there?

Singing glory, glory, glory.
3 Because the Saviour shed His blood,

To wash away their sin;
Bath'd in that pure and precious flood,
Bebold them white and clean;

Singing glory, glory, glory.
4 On earth they sought the Saviour's grace,

On earth they lov’d His name ; So now they see His blessed face, And stand before the Lamb;

Singing glory, glory, glory.

119. Joyful.


we suffer grief and pain ;
Here we meet to part again,
In heav'n we part no more.

O that will be joyful !
Joyful, joyful, joyful !
o that will be joyful !

When we meet to part no more.
2 All who love the Lord below,
When they die to heaven will go,
And sing with saints above.

O that will be joyful! &c.
3 Little children will be there,
Who have sought the Lord by pray'r,
From many a Sunday school.

O that will be joyful! &c.
4 Teachers too, shall meet above ;
And our parents whom we love,
Shall meet to part no more.

O that will be joyful! &c.
5 O how happy we shall be !
For our Saviour we shall see
Exalted on His throne.

O that will be joyful! &c.
6 There we all shall sing with joy,
And eternity employ
In praising Christ the Lord.

Ô that will be joyful! &c.


Heaven Anticipated. P.M.
HAPPY heaven! no more tears,

No more sorrow, no more fears ;
No more grudging nor regretting,
No more folly, no more fretting ;
No more falsehood to assail,
No more want to turn us pale.

0, let us try to win it!

0, let us now begin it!
From earth upraise our noblest praise,

And love all things within it!
2 Happy heaven! where will come

The weary ones, as to a home!
God, our Father, still bestowing
Pleasures new and ever growing.
Happy heaven! there shall we
In perfect love united be!

0, let us try and win it!

0, let us now begin it!
From earth upraise our noblest praise,

And love all things within in!

X. SPECIAL OCCASIONS. 121. New Year's Hymn.

C.M, 1 FATHER of Spirits! we entreat

Thy gracious presence here;
While thus in health and peace we meet,

And hail the opening year.

2 We thank Thee that our favour'd band,

In rich abundance share
The constant bounty of Thy hand,

The tokens of Thy care.
3 For mercies undeserved and free,

Which crown our youthful days,
God of our lives, we render Thee

This thankful hymn of praise,
4 But while we own Thy favours past,

We raise our earnest cry,
give us blessings that will last

Through all eternity.
New Year.

ET all assembled here,

On this returning day,
Review the mercies of the year.

And grateful homage pay.
2 Yes, we adore Thee, Lord,

Within this sacred place;
Where oft we meet with sweet accord,

To seek Thy gracious face.
To Thee, our God and King,

We glad hosannas raise ;
O deign to hear our voices sing

The honours of Thy praise.
4 Command Thy blessing, Lord,

On all assembled here;
And may we still Thy grace record

Through every circling year.



Close of Year.

78. D.
As the winged arrow flies,

Speedily the mark to find;
As the lightning from the skies,
Darts, and leaves no trace behind;
Swiftly thus our fleeting days,
Bear us down life's rapid stream :
Upwards, Lord, our spirits raise,

All below is but a dream.
2 Thanks for mercies past receive,

Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us henceforth how to live,
With eternity in view :
Give Thy grace to young and old,
Fill us with a Saviour's love;
And, when life's short tale is told,

May we dwell with Thee above ! 124.

The End of the Year. S.M.

Gone never to return;
But oh, the voice of dying years

Is sad, and wise, and stern.
2 Another year is gone,

And all its life is o'er;
Its changing scenes, its joy and woe,

Will please or pain no more.


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