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5 Little seeds of mercy,

Sown by youthful hands,
Grow to bless the nations

Far in heathen lands. 97.


kind to each other,

The night's coming on,
When friend and when brother
Perchance may


2 Let falsehood assail not,

Nor enyy disprove;
Let trifles prevail not

Against those we love.
3 Nor change with to-morrow,

Should fortune take wing;
But the deeper the sorrow,

The closer still cling.
4 Oh! be kind to each other,

The night's coming on,
When friend and when brother

Perchance may be gone. 98.

Conscience and Content.

conscience be thy crown;
Contented thoughts thy rest ;
Thy heart be happy in thyself-

Thy bliss be in thy breast. 2 Thy wishes be but few,


to fulfil ;





ask thou the Lord to bend Thy spirit to His will.


3 Feel thou no care for gold,

Well-doing be thy wealth ;
Thy mind to thee an empire be,

And God afford thee health. 99.

Talents. 1

entrusts to all
Talents few or many;
None so young and small

That they have not any.
Though the great and wise

Have a greater number,
Yet my own I prize,

And it must not slumber.


2 God will surely ask,

Ere I enter heaven,
Have I done the task

Which to me was given.
Little drops of rain

Bring the springing flowers ;
And I may attain

Much by little powers.
3 Every little mite,

Every little measure,
Helps to spread the light,

Helps to swell the treasure.

God intrusts to all

Talents few or many ;
None so young and small

That they have not any.
Charity and Pity.

I MAY not scorn the meanest thing

That on the earth doth crawl,
The slave who dare not burst his chain,

The tyrant in his hall,
2 The vile oppressor who hath made

The widow'd mother mourn,
Though worthless, soulless, he may stand,

I cannot, dare not scorn.
3 The darkest night that shrouds the sky,

Of beauty hath a share ;
The blackest heart hath signs to tell

Some good still lingers there. 4 I pity all that evil are

I pity, and I mourn;
But the great God hath fashioned all,

And, Ö! I dare not scorn.
Praise for Guidance.

8.7. 1 HEAVENLY Father ! Thou hast guided

All the way our feet have trod;
Every good has been provided

By our kind and gracious God.

2 We would praise Thee, deign to hear us ;

Warm our hearts, accept our praise ;
Be Thy Spirit

ever near us,
Keep us in Thy holy ways !
3 Be our guardian, shed Thy blessing

O’er us as we pass along ;
So Thy love and

peace possessing,

raise Thee many a song.
4 Sweet is praise ; it speaks enjoyment,

While on earth, of holy love;
And it forms the blest employment

Of the heavenly hosts above.
Trust in God,

8.8.6. O LORD, how happy should we be,

If we could cast our care on Thee,

If we from self could rest;
And feel at heart that One above,
In perfect wisdom, perfect love,

Is working for the best.
2 Could we but kneel and cast our load,
E’en while we pray, upon our God,

Then rise with lightened cheer,
Sure that the Father, who is nigh
To still the famished raven's cry,

Will hear in that we fear.
3 How far from this our daily life!
Ever disturb'd by anxious strife,

By sudden, wild alarms ;

O could we but relinquish all
Our earthly props, and simply fall

On Thine almighty arms !



8.6.8. 1

sweet to think that all who love The Saviour's precious name, Who look by faith to Him above,

And own His gentle claim, Though severed wide by land or sea,

Are members of one family.
2 Christians who dwell on snow-clad ground,

Or on the burning strand,
And those whose happy home is found,

In our fair peaceful land,
Are link'd by more than earthly tie,

And form one lovely family.
3 Our Father, is the hallowed sound,

They breathe from day to day;
Trained by His love, their steps are found

In the same heavenward way;
Their joys are one-alike their fears,

The same bright hope their pathway cheers. 4 Yes, they are one—though some we know

Are resting in His love;
But those who yet remain below,

Are one with those above :

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