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84. David.

11.8. GOOD David whose psalms have so often

And who was so noble and grand; Was only a shepherd boy when he was young,

Though afterwards king of the land. 2 He tended his flocks on the pastures by day,

And kept them in safety by night, And though a poor shepherd' he did not delay,

To do what was holy and right. 3 For while he sat watching his sheep in the fold,

To guard them from danger abroad ; It then was his greatest delight we are told,

To think on the works of the Lord. 4 Thus seeking so early for knowledge and truth,

His childhood in wisdom began; And therefore the Lord was the guide of his


And made him so mighty a man. 5 So he soon was made king, for the prophet

foretold That God meant to honour him thus; And if we will serve Him like David of old,

The Lord will be mindful of us. 85. Samuel.

L.M. 1 ONCE in the silence of the night,

The lamp of God was clear and bright;

And there by holy angels kept,

Samuel the child securely slept.
2 An unknown voice the stillness broke,

“ Samuel!” it called, and thrice it spoke.
He rose—he asked, “Whence came the

word ? '
“ From Eli?”-10: it was the Lord !
3 Thus early called to serve his God,

The paths of righteousness he trod;
Prophetic visions filled his breast,

And Israel, taught by him, was blest.
4 Speak, Lord, and from our earliest days

Incline our hearts to love Thy ways;
O let Thy voice now reach our ear,

Speak, Lord, and let Thy servants hear. 86.

Christ Stills the Storm, C.M.

was within the tossing bark,
When stormy winds grew loud,
And waves came rolling high and dark,

And the tall mast was bowed.
2 And men stood breathless in their dread,

And baffled in their skill;
But One was there, who rose and said

To the wild sea-"Be still!"
3 And the wind ceased-it ceased ! that word

Passed through the gloomy sky;
The troubled billows knew their Lord,

And fell beneath His eye.

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4 And slumber settled on the deep,

And silence on the blast;
They sank, as flowers that fall to sleep

When sultry day is past.
50 Thou, that, in its wildest hour,

Didst rule the tempest's mood,
Send Thy meek spirit forth in power,

Soft on our souls to brood!
6 Thou that didst bow the billow's pride,

Thy mandate to fulfil !
0, speak to passion's raging tide-

Speak, and say—“Peace, be still!” 87.

Children's Hosanna.
1 WHEN His salvation bringing,

To Zion Jesus came;
The children all stood singing

Hosanna to His name.
2 Nor did their zeal offend Him,

But as He rode along,
He bade them still attend Him,

And smiled to hear their song.
3 Then since the Lord retaineth,

His love for children still-
Though now as King he reigneth

Zion's heavenly hill-
4 We'll flock around His banner,

Who sits upon the throne,

And sing aloud, Hosanna !

To David's royal Son.
5 For should we fail proclaiming

Our great Redeemer's praise,
The stones, our silence shaming,

Would their Hosannas raise.
6 But shall we only render

The tribute of our words ?
No, while our hearts are tender,

Let them, too, be the Lord's!
The Prodigal Son.


are departing from my soul, And light is bursting on my eyes ; Great waves of sorrow o'er me roll;

Visions of guilt before me rise.
2 The happy creatures round me play,

My Father all their wants supplies ;
And while they serve Him day by day,

His rebel son in hunger dies !
3 My heart is longing for its home,

To see once more my Father's face;
I would, but, oh! I dare not come,

To seek that Father's fond embrace. 4 Perhaps in His house there may be room,

And daily toil for one poor slave;
Within its walls let me but come,
I would the meanest office crave.

5 I am resolved—I cannot stay

To perish in the desert wild;
Father, I come to Thee; I pray,

Receive thy guilty sorrowing child!

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Strength in Weakness. C.M. 1 ALMIGHTY Father! I am weak,

But Thou wilt strengthen me,
If from my heart I humbly seek

For help and strength from Thee. 2 When I am tempted to do wrong,

Then, Father, pity me,
And make my failing virtue strong :

Help me to think of Thee !
3 Let Christian courage guard my youth :

That courage give to me,
Which ever speaks and acts the truth,

And puts its trust in Thee. 90. Repentance.


Jesus Christ was sent
To save us from our sin,
And kindly teach us to repent,

We should at once begin.
2 'Tis not enough to say,

“We're sorry, and repent,"

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