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3 She guides the young, with innocence,

In pleasure's path to tread;
A crown of glory she bestows

Upon the hoary head.
4 According as her labours rise,

So her rewards increase;
Her ways are ways pleasantness,

And all her paths are peace. 57.

The Happy Place. 148th. 1 THIS is the happy place,

Where favour'd children meet,
To sing of Jesus' grace,

And sit at Jesus' feet;
To learn of Him a life of love,

And seek a brighter world above. 2 This is the happy day,

- The best of all the seven,"
When children read and pray,

To find the road to heaven:
Kind Jesus! guide us lest we stray,

Thou art the life, the truth, THE WAY.” 3 To Thee we look and call,

While here below we roam ;
Bring children,-teachers,-all

Safe to a better home;
Then shall we shout in louder strain,
“ Worthy the Lamb that once was slain.”

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School Hymn.
SUPPLIANT, 10! Thy children bend,

Father, for Thy blessing now ;
Thou canst teach us, guide, defend;

We are weak, almighty Thou.
2 With the peace Thy word imparts

Be the taught and teacher blest;
In their lives and in their hearts,

Father, be Thy laws impressed. 3 Pour into each longing mind

Light and knowledge from above;
Charity for all mankind,-

Trusting faith, enduring love. 59.

The Gratitude of Children. C.M. 1 FROM

the first dawn of infant life, Thy goodness we have shar'd; And still we live to sing Thy praise,

By sovereign mercy spard.
2 To seek Thy grace, to do Thy will,

O Lord, our hearts incline;
And o'er the paths of future life

Command Thy light to shine.
3 While taught to read the Word of truth,

May we that word receive:
And when we hear of Jesus' name,

In that blest name believe !


4 Let not our feet incline to tread

Sin's broad destructive road;
But trace those holy paths which lead

To glory and to God. 60.

FOR a season called to part,

Let us now ourselves commend
To the gracious eye and heart,

Of our ever-present Friend.
2 Jesus, hear our humble prayer ;

Tender Shepherd of Thy sheep,
Let Thy mercy and Thy care

All our souls in safety keep.
3 What we each have now been taught,

Let our memories retain;
May we, if we live, be brought

Here to meet in peace again.
4 Thus, if Thou instruction bless,

Songs of praises shall be given;
We'll our thankfulness express,

Here on earth, and when in heaven. 61.

God our Preserver.
As the sun's enlivening ray

Shines on every place the same,
So the Lord is always nigh

To the souls that love His name.


2 In Thy strength may we be strong,

Sweeten every cross and pain ;
Give us, if we live, ere long

Here to meet in peace again.
After School.

L.M. 1 AGAIN we've

seen the Sabbath day, And heard of Jesus and of heaven; We thank Thee, Father, and we pray

That this day's faults may be forgiven. 2 May all we've heard and understood

Be well remembered through the week,
And help to make us wise and good,

More humble, diligent, and meek.
3 So, when our lives are finished here,
And days and Sabbaths shall be o'er ;
May we at Thy right hand appear,

To love and serve Thee evermore.
After School.

C.M.D. 0 SHOULD those hours which here we spend,

Pass lightly from the mind, As sunbeams on the dancing wave,

Leave darker shade behind.
We wandered idly on the streets,

No hope of God above;
Till to the Sabbath school we came,

And heard of Jesus' love.

Chorus-For all those hours which here we've

spent, On God's own day of love, We'll raise again our thankful songs, And pray

to meet above.
2 We've played upon the daisied fields,

When spring was in her prime;
But th' happiest thoughts of future years,

Shall be of Sabbath time.
'Tis then our wandering hearts are taught

To form their thoughts in prayer, To turn their gaze on Calvary's cross, And see a Saviour there.

For all those hours, &c.
3 Soon we shall part, and many a foot

Must tread this world's wild scene;
But we'll look back, and bless those hours,

Which 'neath this roof we've seen.
They'll shed their light around our path,

While life's wild storms may lower; The truths they taught will bear us through Death's dark and trying hour.

For all those hours, &c. 64. After School.

L.M. 1 FATHER, we thank Thee for Thy care,

And all the mercies of the day;
For Thou hast heard our morning prayer,
And scattered blessings on our way.

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