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3 Fain I would be as Thou art;

Give me Thy obedient heart;
Thou art pitiful and kind;

Let me have Thy loving mind.
4 Let me above all fulfil,

God, my Heav'nly Father's will;
Never His good Špirit grieve,

Only to His glory live. 34.

Guidance of the Spirit. L.M.
COME; gracious Spirit, heavenly

With light and comfort from above;
Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide,

O’er every thought and step preside.
2 The light of truth to us display,

And make us know and choose Thy way;
Plant holy fear in every heart,

That we from God may not depart.
3 Lead us to holiness, the road

That we must take to dwell with God,
Lead us to Christ, the living way,

Nor let us from His precepts stray.
4 Lead us to God, our final rest,

In His enjoyment to be blest
Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss,

Where pleasure in perfection is.
The Holy Dove.

C.M. THERE is a Holy Dove that sings

To every Christian child,


That whispers to his little heart

A song so sweet and mild
It is the Holy Spirit of God,

That speaks his soul within,
That leads him on to all things good,

And holds him back from sin.
2 And he must love that still small Voice,

Nor tempt It to depart-
The Spirit great and wonderful

That whispers to his heart :
He must be pure, and good, and true,

Must strive, and watch, and pray;
For unresisted sin at last

Will drive that Dove away. 36.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit. C.M. 1 COME, Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

Whom Jesus sends from heaven,
O comfort us Thy children here,

And show our sins forgiven.
2 0 come, and in our hearts reside,

Let them Thy temples prove;
Nor let our sinfulness and pride

Provoke Thee to remove.
3 But with Thy gracious power descend,

And all our sins subdue;
O bid us to Thy sceptre bend,

And form our souls anew.

4 Where God the Spirit is a guest,

All graces there abound;
Love, joy, and peace make calm the breast,

And thanks and praise resound.
Prayer to the Spirit.

7s. 1 HOLY Spirit, from on high

Bend on us a pitying eye;
Animate the drooping heart,

Bid the power of sin depart.
2 Light up every dark recess

Of our hearts' ungodliness;
Shew us every devious way

Where our steps have gone astray.
3 Teach us with repentant grief

Humbly to implore relief:
Make us feel that Christ alone

Can for human guilt atone.
4 May we daily grow in grace

And pursue the heavenly race ;
Train'd by wisdom, led by love,
Till we reach our rest above.



The Value of the Bible.
1 HOLY Bible, book divine,

Precious treasure, thou art mine!
Mine, to tell me whence I came;
Mine, to teach me what I am !


2 Mine, to chide me when I rove;

Mine, to show a Saviour's love;
Mine art thou, to guide my feet;

Mine, to judge, condemn, acquit; 3 Mine, to comfort in distress,

If the Holy Spirit bless;
Mine, to show by living faith,

How to triumph over death! 4 Mine, to tell of joys to come,

Mine, to show the sinner's doom :
Holy Bible, book divine,
Precious treasure, thou art mine !
The Bible.

C.M. 1 LAMP of our feet,

whereby we trace
Our path when wont to stray;
Stream from the fount of heavenly grace,

Brook by the traveller's way.
2 Bread of our souls, whereon we feed,

True manna from on high;
Our guide and chart, wherein we read

Of realms beyond the sky. 3 Word of the everlasting God,

Will of His glorious Son;
Without Thee how could earth be trod,

Or heaven itself be won?
4 Lord, grant us all alike to learn

The wisdom it imparts ;
And to its heavenly teachings turn

With childlike simple hearts.

The Statutes of God.

C.M. 0

THAT the Lord would guide my ways

To keep His statutes still!
O that my God would grant me grace

To know and do His will!
2 O send Thy spirit down to write

Thy law upon my heart !
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.
3 Order my footsteps by Thy word,

And make my heart sincere;
Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear.
4 Make me to walk in Thy commands;

'Tis a delightful road;
Nor let my head, or heart, or hands,

Offend against my God.
The Faithful Word,

8.7.D. 1 ALL the words which God hath spoken

May our hearts by faith receive;
Words like His can ne'er be broken,

In His truth may we believe.
May His light our steps attending

Through our dark and doubtful way,
Still direct our journey-ending

In a bright eternal day.

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