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4 While we here have life and breath,

This our constant prayer shall be;
This our latest cry in death,

Suffer us to come to Thee.
Praise of Children.

8.7.4. 1 HEAVENLY Father! we draw near Thee,

With the voice of joy and praise;
In our childhood taught to fear Thee,
Taught the knowledge of Thy ways;

May we praise Thee,

Love and serve Thee all our days.
2 When we think how much we owe Thee,

Lord, Thy goodness we adore;
Though we but begin to know Thee,
Thy kind teaching we implore.

Thus instructed,

May we know and love Thee more. 3 Thanks to Thee, for every blessing;

Most of all for saving grace;
O may we, that grace possessing,
Reach at length the blissful place,

Where Thy children

Dwell with Thee, and see Thy face. 9. Cheerful Praise.

PRAISE, praise, God in song,

Let the strain be gay ;
Swell, swell, praise along,

With a cheerful lay.

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Yes, we'll all join cheerfully

In a sacred song;
Gratefully, we'll gratefully,

Pour His praise along. 2 While our voices blend,

Let our hearts unite;
Children's love may lend
Joy to realms of light.

Yes, we'll join delightfully

In a joyous song;
Cheerfully, most cheerfully,

Spread His praise along. 3 Thus, when here we meet,

Sweetest songs we'll try;
But we'll sing more sweet
In the blissful sky.

There we'll join triumphantly,

In a heav'nly song;
Happily, most happily,

Praise divine prolong.
A Humble Cry.

8.7. 1 LORD!

a little band and lowly,
We are come to sing to Thee ;
Thou art great, and high, and holy,

Oh! how solemn we should be.
Fill our hearts with thoughts of Jesus,

And of heav'n where He is gone,
And let nothing ever please us

He would grieve to look upon.


2 For we know the Lord of glory,

Always sees what children do,
And is writing now the story

Of our thoughts and actions too.
Let our sins be all forgiven;

Make us fear whate'er is wrong ;
Lead us on our way to heaven,

There to sing a nobler song. 11.

Universal Praise.
WHAT can we render

Thou heav'nly Friend, to Thee,
For care so tender,

For grace so free,
What can we give ? All we should love,
Richly Thy bounteous hand bestows.
From Thee—the source of good above,

All life and blessing flows. 2 The lofty mountains

To Thee their summits raise;
The murmuring fountains

Whisper Thy praise.
The pleasant fruits, the smiling flowers,
To Thee their fragrant offerings bring,
And cheerful birds with all their powers,

To Thee sweet anthems sing. 3 Earth's thousand voices

Warble Thy lovely name ;
Nature rejoices,
Thy praise to proclaim.

Since we have spirits that will live,
When all things else will fade and die ;
May we eternal honour give,

And sing Thy praise on high.
Majesty of God.

HOW glorious is our heavenly King,

Who reigns above the sky;
How shall a child presume to sing

His dreadful Majesty ?
2 How great His power is, none can tell,

Nor think how large His grace !
Not men below, nor saints that dwell

On high before His face.
3 Not angels, that stand round the Lord,

Can search His secret will;
But they perform His heavenly word,

And sing His praises still.
4 Then let me join this holy train,

And my first offerings bring;
Th' eternal God will not disdain

To hear an infant sing. 13.

God's Work and Word. S.M. 1 COME, sound His praise abroad,

And hymns of glory sing ;
Jehovah is the mighty God

The universal King.


2 Come, worship at His throne;

Come, bow before the Lord;
We are His work, and not our own,

He formed us by His word.
3 To-day attend His voice,

Nor dare provoke His rod;
Come, as the children of His choice,

And own your gracious God. 14.

God's Works and Mercies.
'TWAS God that made the ocean,

And laid its sandy bed;
He gave the stars their motion

And built the mountain's head;
He made the rolling thunder,

The lightning's forked flame,-
His works are full of wonder,

All glorious is His name.
2 And must it not surprise us

That One so high and great,
Should see and not despise us,

Poor sinners at His feet?
Yet day by day he gives us

Our raiment and our food;
In sickness He relieves us,

And is in all things good.
3 But things that are far greater,

His mighty hand hath done,

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