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The Love of Christ. 8.8.6. 0

LOVE Divine, how sweet Thou art !
When shall I find my willing heart
All taken up by Thee ?
I thirst, I faint, I die to prove
The greatness of redeeming love,

The love of Christ to me.

2 Love only, knows the love of God:
O that it now were shed abroad

In this poor stony heart.
For love I sigh, for love I pine;
This only portion, Lord, be mine !

Be mine this better part. 184.

The Example of Christ. L.M. 1 MY

dear Redeemer and my Lord,

I read my duty in Thy word :
But in Thy life the law appears

Drawn out in living characters.
2 Such was Thy truth, and such Thy zeal,

Such deference to Thy Father's will,
Such love, and meekness so divine ;

I would transcribe and make them mine. 3 Cold mountains, and the midnight air,

Witness'd the fervour of Thy prayer;
The desert Thy temptations knew,
Thy conflict and Thy victory too.


4 Be Thou my pattern! make me bear

More of Thy gracious image here!
That God, the Judge, may own my name

Among the followers of the Lamb.
Desiring Christ.

S.M. 1

is Thy mercy, Lord,
Deep is Thy tenderness;
Keep now with us Thy friendly word;

The hearts that seek Thee, bless. 2 We have not chosen Thee,

But us Thou deign'st to choose, -
Not servants but Thy friends to be,

Whom Thou wilt never lose : 3 For never wilt Thou change

Who art all change above ;
Nor life nor death shall us estrange

From Thy most perfect love. 4 0, for Thy loving heart!

0, to be like Thee, Lord ! Come near us, Christ,--Thy grace impart,

Thy Spirit now afford !
5 To Thee we fain would live,

Content if Thou be nigh;
To Thee all powers and passions give,

And then to Thee would die. 186,

The Weeping Saviour. L.M. WHEN Jesus' friend had ceased to be,

Still Jesus' heart its friendship kept.


“Where have ye laid him ?” “Come and see!"

But ere His eyes could see, they wept. 2 Lord! not in sepulchres alone,

Corruption's worm is rank and free; The shroud of death our bosoms own

The shades of sorrow! Come and see! 3 Come, Lord ! God's image cannot shine

Where sin's funereal darkness lowers-Come ! turn those weeping eyes of Thine

Upon these sinning souls of ours ! 4 And let those eyes, with shepherd care,

Their moving watch about us keep, Till love the strength of sorrow wear,

And as Thou weepedst, we may weep! 6 For surely we may weep to know,

So dark and deep our spirit's stain ;
That had Thy blood refused to flow,

Thy very tears had flowed in vain !
The Name of Jesus.

HW sweet the name of Jesus sounds

In a believer's
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,

And drives away his fear.
2 It makes the wounded spirit whole,

And calms the troubled breast;
'Tis manna to the hungry soul,

And to the weary, rest.

3 Dear name! the rock on which I build,

My shield and hiding-place,
My never-failing treasury, fill'd

With boundless stores of grace.
4 Jesus ! my Saviour, brother, friend,

My prophet, priest, and king,
My lord, my life, my way, my end, -
Accept the praise I bring.

5 Weak is the effort of my heart,

And cold my warmest thought;
But when I see Thee as Thou art,

I'll praise Thee as I ought.
6 Till then I would Thy love proclaim

With every fleeting breath ;
And may the music of Thy name

Refresh my soul in death. 188. Christ, our High-Priest. . L.M. 1 WHERE high the heav’nly temple stands,

The house of God, not made with hands, A great High-Priest our nature wears,

The guardian of mankind appears.
2 He who for men their surety stood,

And pourd on earth His precious blood,
Pursues in heaven His mighty plan,

The Saviour and the friend of man. 3 Though now ascended up on high,

He bends on earth a brother's eye ;

Partaker of the human name,

He knows the frailty of our frame.
4 In ev'ry pang that rends the heart,

The man of sorrows had a part;
He sympathises with our grief,

And to the suff'rer sends relief.
5 With boldness, therefore, at the throne

Let us make all our sorrows known,
And ask the aids of heav'nly pow'r
To help us in the evil hour.


Praise to the Holy Spirit. 8.7.D. 1 PRAISE be Thine, most Holy Spirit !

Honour to Thy Holy name!
May we love it, may we fear it,

Set in everlasting fame!
Honour, honour, praise

and glory,
Comforter, Inspirer, Friend,
Till these troubles transitory

End in glory without end !
2 We should sleep, but Thou awakest;

Sometimes like a morning sun,
On the dazzled soul Thou breakest,

Heaven on earth at once begun!
Thou dost set the mute world speaking

To the sinner in his sin;
Thou to spirits humbly seeking,

Answerest by a voice within.

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