Sundry Civil Bill, 1917, Hearings . . . 64th Congress, 1st Session, Pt.1,2

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Сторінка 618 - Structure, mineral resources and products of the national domain and that the Director and members of the Geological Survey shall have no personal or private interests in the lands or mineral wealth of the region under survey, and shall execute no surveys or examinations for private parties or corporations...
Сторінка 186 - An Act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their cars with automatic couplers and continuous brakes, and their locomotives with driving-wheel brakes, and for other purposes...
Сторінка 229 - All of the expenses of the commission, including all necessary expenses for transportation incurred by the commissioners or by their employees under their orders, in making any investigation, or upon official business in any other places than in the city of Washington, shall be allowed and paid on the presentation of itemized vouchers therefor approved by the commission. Until otherwise provided by law, the commission may rent suitable offices for its use. The Auditor for the State and Other...
Сторінка 773 - That said sum shall be expended under conditions to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior for its repayment to the United States on or before June 30, 1930 : Provided further, That not to exceed $20,000 of the amount herein appropriated shall be expended on any one reservation or for the benefit of any one tribe of Indians, and that no part of this appropriation shall be used for the purchase of tribal herds.
Сторінка 398 - An Act to prevent obstructive and injurious deposits within the harbor and adjacent waters of New York City, by dumping or otherwise, and to punish and prevent such offenses," as amended by section three of the river and harbor Act of August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four.
Сторінка 786 - That the Secretary of War, upon the request of the Secretary of the Interior, is hereby authorized and directed to make the necessary details of troops to prevent trespassers or intruders from entering the park for the purpose of destroying the game or objects of curiosity or the timber therein, or for any other purpose prohibited by law, and to remove such persons from the park if found therein.
Сторінка 122 - Interstate quarantine service: For cooperation with State and municipal health authorities in the prevention of the spread of contagious and infectious diseases in interstate traffic, $25,000.
Сторінка 130 - For the system of international exchanges between the United States and foreign countries, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including necessary employees, and purchase of necessary books and periodicals, and traveling expenses 47, 529.
Сторінка 140 - for continuing ethnological researches among the American Indians, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees and the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, fifty thousand dollars, of which sum not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars may be used for rent of building" ( sundry civil act, March 3, 1901 ) $50, 000.
Сторінка 366 - For continuing the work of furnishing headstones of durable stone or other durable material for unmarked graves of Union and Confederate soldiers^ sailors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and village cemeteries, naval cemeteries, at navy yards and stations of the United States, and other burial places, under the Acts of March...

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