Radford's estimating and contracting: a practical manual of up-to-date methods for rapid, systematic, and accurate calculation costs of all types and details of building construction, together with quotations of ordinary prices for labor and materials, standard schedules and forms, labor-saving tables and other data useful to building trades

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William A. Radford
The Radford architectural company, 1913 - 883 стор.

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Сторінка 805 - ... the expense incurred by the Owner., in finishing the work, such excess shall be paid by the Owner., to the Contractor..; but if such expense shall exceed such unpaid balance, the Contractor. . shall pay the difference to the Owner. .. The expense incurred by the Owner., as herein provided, either for furnishing materials or for finishing the work, and any damage incurred through such default, shall be audited and certified by the Architect, whose certificate thereof shall be conclusive upon the...
Сторінка 822 - Should the Contractor at any time refuse or neglect to supply a sufficiency of properly skilled workmen, or of materials of the proper quality, or fail in any respect to prosecute the work wIth promptness and diligence, or fail in the performance of any of the agreements herein contained, such refusal, neglect or failure being certified by the Architects, the Owner shall be at liberty, after three days...
Сторінка 815 - Insert the name and address or legal title of the Owner.) hereinafter called the Owner, in the sum of for the payment whereof the' Principal and the Surety or Sureties bind themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, jointly and severally, firmly, by these presents.
Сторінка 802 - Contractor , then the time herein fixed for the completion of the work shall be extended for a period equivalent to the time lost by reason of any or all...
Сторінка 820 - ... indemnify him against such lien or claim. Should there prove to be any such claim after all payments are made, the Contractor shall refund to the Owner all moneys that the latter may be compelled to pay in discharging any lien on said premises made obligatory in consequence of the Contractor's default.
Сторінка 838 - To find the pressure in pounds per square inch of a column of water, multiply the height of the column in feet by .434. Approximately, we say that every foot elevation is equal to % Ib. pressure per square inch ; this allows for ordinary friction. To find the diameter of a pump cylinder...
Сторінка 821 - It is also understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that such additional drawings and explanations as may be necessary to detail and illustrate the work to be done...
Сторінка 821 - It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that the work included in this contract is to be done under the direction of the said Architect, and that his decision as to the true construction and meaning of the drawings and specifications shall be final.
Сторінка 701 - The materials shall be mixed wet enough to produce a concrete of a consistency that will flush readily under light tamping, but which can be handled without causing a separation of the coarse aggregate from the mortar.
Сторінка 813 - Hundred and by and between hereinafter called the Contractor, and hereinafter called the Owner, WITNESSETH, that the Contractor and the Owner for the considerations hereinafter named agree as follows : Article 1.

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