Report relating to the registry and return of births, marriages and deaths and of divorce in the state of Rhode Island. 1852/53

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State Registrar of Vital Statistics, 1854

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Сторінка 52 - ... dollars, to be recovered by action of debt before any justice of the peace in the county...
Сторінка 188 - ... be fined not exceeding twenty dollars, for each offence, one-half thereof to the use of the town in which the offence shall occur, the other half to the person who shall complain of the same.
Сторінка 187 - Monday of the next succeeding month to make a return of the facts obtained together with the physician's certificate, to the clerk of the town in which the death occurred. SEC. 9. Any town may enact municipal laws, more effectually to attain the objects herein contemplated : Provided, They do not conflict with the main and specific object of this act, viz.
Сторінка 188 - No letters of administration or letters testamentary shall be granted by any court of probate upon the estate of any person, until the death of such person, or the facts from which the same is presumed, shall be duly certified, as near as may be, to the town clerk, in order that the same may be duly registered according to the provisions of this chapter.
Сторінка 64 - ... or intoxicating liquors into the Indian country that the acts charged were done under authority, in writing from the War Department or any officer duly authorized thereunto by the War Department.
Сторінка 110 - Health, strength, longevity, depend upon immutable laws. There is no chance about them. There is no arbitrary interference of higher powers with them. Primarily, our parents, and secondarily, ourselves, are responsible for them. The providence of God is no more responsible, because the virulence of disease rises above the power of all therapeutics, or because one quarter part of the...
Сторінка 187 - ... color, occupation, residence and birthplace of the parents, and the time of recording, so far as the same can be ascertained. The record of a marriage shall state the date...
Сторінка 188 - SEC. 12. In order that it may be more surely ascertained that no clergyman, physician, coroner, undertaker, or clerk of the society of Friends, neglects to make the returns specified in this chapter, each...
Сторінка 88 - Registrar-General measures the robustness of national vigor, or probes the depth of national suffering. Backed by those ranks of expressive figures, which permit no exaggeration, and are susceptible of no fallacy, he presents to us a true picture of the present condition of our country and nation.
Сторінка 76 - it is a fair deduction from the facts that the marriage returns in England point out periods of prosperity little less distinctly than the funds measure the hopes and fears of the money market.

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