Зображення сторінки
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rant unrestricted control, not only of naural resources, but also of human re

Dirt movers, construction workrs, power house employes—all the laorers who make possible their greatest chievements—all these must be without ights to organize and subject only to monpolistic manipulation.

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Nailing Christ to the Cross Again


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But they shouted, saying, Crucify, crucify him. Luke, 23rd Chapter, 21st Verse. HEY have men behind bars in San Quentin And sweated in jute shop and beaten and starved today

Because they WERE men who dared feel For dreaming of justice and truth;

The woe of their fellows, the pain of their brothers, They have men behind bars, shut from freedom The hunger, the misery, the vice, away,

The robbing of children, the selling of mothers, For talking and telling the truth.

-The value, the profit, the price! They have men behind bars who dared look on the stars

Go blazon it wide for the smuggest to hear, And follow them upward and on;

Go shouting it over the earth, They have men in" black holes” for the saving of

That men are in prison for daring to sing souls

The song of the world's rebirth! And voicing the coming of dawn.

Go thunder it forth from the mountain tops, They have men-do you hear it?-By God, I say

Go spreading it over the plain, men!

That Jesus the worker, the toiler, the slave, Hemmed in by their stone and their steel.

Is nailed to a cross again!

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OLDEN sunshine; high blue sky; rolling hills

UNION MEN ARE BEING IMPRISONED in the distance; the sea singing its sullen,

plaintive song near at hand; drab grey walls and steel-barred doors and windows; the "mill” shop, yard and power house—this is San Quentin. Perched atop the wall, in a small box-like tower stands a guard with a ready rifle poised, as if daring the inmates to attempt escape.

Sultry heat; angry sun in the heavens; smiling landscape, dotted with fruit orchards in the distance; four dreary, dirty grey walls; windows and doors steel-barred and fortress-like-this is Folsom. Guards everywhere, atop the walls only too anxious to begin shooting, steal behind the prisoners to hear if they are plotting escape or breaking some petty rule of the prison.

In this highly civilized country, in this land that boasts that it opens its doors to the oppressed of other countries, in California, a commonwealth of

HELP MAKE CALIFORNIA SAFE that country, men are sent to prison for daring to

FOR THE WORKING CLASS organize in a labor union for their mutual protection. And yet that does not quite tell the whole quitted. The names of the men found guilty are story. The men who have gone to prison for vio

Fred W. Thompson and Ed Dawe, Malcolm Fullerton lation of the Criminal Syndicalism law are more

was not found guilty. And in passing I want to than Labor union organizers. They are men with a say that the report published in a Marysville paper broad social vision. They want more than just a

that Fullerton renounced the organization to escape pittance; a share of what they produce. Their phil- imprisonment is false. He stoutly maintained that osophy embraces more than the regulation of wages

his fellow workers were as innocent as he. Perhaps and hours. They want what the seers and sages of it was a compromise verdict. all ages demanded for the workers. They want the Fred Thompson and Ed. Dawe are agricultural full social value of the product of their toil. They workers, sons of the soil who help to fill the world's believe that evolution is pointing the way to a sys

bread basket, and often times go hungry themselves. tem of society wherein all those who toil shall re- (Oh! this paradoxical, insane system, wherein the ceive their just reward.

ones who supply the world with food are forced to The Men of Marysville

hunger, wherein those who make the clothes are This brings us to the court room in Marysville

clothed in rags, wherein those who build "palaces where Judge McDaniels presides. The trial is over

fairer than dreams” are outcasts.) They are young and two of the prisoners are found guilty of inter

men, not yet thirty years of age, brawny men filled fering with the profits of the industrial owners. The

with a fierce hatred of injustice, intelligent men who other defendant, by some queer twist of fate, is ac

know what is wrong and know, too, the remedy.

Malcolm Fullerton is a sailor, a "jolly tar" with sturdy frame and bronzed cheek. He, too, is a young man, about twenty-four. He has seen the vision and become a proselyte of the new freedom.

Judge Holds Law Is Bad Judge McDaniels discourses on the Criminal Syn. dicalism law. He gives it as his opinion that the law is unconstitutional. He believes that everyone has the right to express their opinion whether by spoken or written word. That the law should be repealed. But in view of the fact that the supreme court has ruled it constitutional he is helpless. The judge said that he did not place any faith in the testimony of the star witnesses for the prosecutionCoutts and Townsend. It was his opinion that Coutts was a criminal and unworthy of belief. Townsend,

he said, was many times a deserter from the army UNTIL THE INFAMOUS CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM

and navy and that his last discharge was a dishonorLAW IS REPEALED

able one despite the wording which was "undesir





able" on account of his previous desertions from the Nations,” Ricardo's "Iron Law of Wages," and navy. The judge hoped that the jury disregarded Marx's "Das Kapital" to Castle Despair on the shore the testimony of these two wretches. He also said of San Francisco Bay; and yet, not so far either. that had he been on the jury, he might have voted The men in San Quentin and Folsom have studied "Not Guilty."

economics and understand surplus value, they know The judge then entered into a long dissertation how wealth is produced, and know that those who upon the principles of the IWW organization. He produce that wealth are robbed of it by the ones said that if you admit certain premises, to wit: that who do no useful work. And knowing this they “labor is entitled to all it produces” the logic of have gone into the industries and preached their docthe adherents of the organization is faultless. But trine of Industrial Freedom to the workers in those that labor does not produce all wealth, Nature pro- industries. This is heresy in California. It does duced that. Capital is not stored up labor power. not matter that the masters have secured control of (He did not say what capital is.) He said that al- the industries through exploitation, intimidation. though the IWW were wrong in their contention that bribery of state officials. They have got them. That labor produces all wealth, that people have the right is enough. In California possession is ten points in to be wrong.

law. Dare to advocate a change in the economic Let us see whether Labor produces all wealth or system, or even ask for better conditions and the not. We will grant that Nature creates all the raw prison doors will open to admit you. The Criminal material, but that is not wealth. All the timber in Syndicalism law is an ever present threat to those the world will not make a tooth-pick until labor- who want better living conditions for those who do power has been applied. The whole smiling prairie the work of the world. land from Alberta to Missouri, from the Rockies to The smug, hypocritical judges fawn at the feet of the Alleghenies will not produce one loaf of bread Mammon and look with solemn cynicism at the suiuntil the farmers and wage workers add their social fering of the wage slaves. Swift and terrible is labor to it. Until the grimy hard-working coal min- the punishment meted out to the industrial rebels er delves into the bowels of the earth with his pick

who dare protest. One would almost think that and drill and powder no coal is forthcoming. Still Goldsmith was a prophet and had in mind this land the coal would be useless unless the railroader of witch burners when he wrote: hauled the coal and distributed it. My lady's dia- “When I behold a factious band agree monds are bought with the blood of Kaffirs, and the To call it freedom when themselves are free, sweat of the sturdy British miner. Iron ore that Each wanton judge new penal statutes draw, has made possible the gigantic industrial system, Laws grind the poor and rich men rule the law." through the manufacture of steel, cannot be mined The struggle is harsh and stern here in California. by Nature or by the wish of any capitalist; labor The ranks of the men in prison grow larger each power must be applied. The clothes the honorable month. Ninety-seven of our gallant soldiers of judge wears are made by the tiny, tired hands of freedom have gone through the portals that lead children slaving in the cotton mills of the South, the to the dungeons of the masters. They have gone woollen mills of Massachusetts, and the silk mills of

with the love of freedom in their hearts and songs New Jersey. His food passes through countless on their lips Their adherence to the principles of hands before it is served on his table. Every article the IWW is sublime, almost fanatical. that the judge uses has been transformed from raw If you want to see their spirits unbroken and material to a commodity of utility or art by the

their faith in their ideals unsullied and unquenched "magic touch of labor."

you will fight for their release. Perhaps the judge has a glimmering of the truth, but he is distressingly ignorant of economics. In this respect his education has been sadly neglected.

THE WAY No economist in the world, living or dead, would

By COVINGTON HALL dare deny that labor produces all wealth. Adam

F, O toiling millions, you suddenly should cease Smith, Ricardo, Karl Marx, Walker, Roger Babson

To labor with your hardened, skillful hands, all admit, willingly or unwillingly, that labor pro

'Folding your arms quietly, deliberately, in peace, duces all wealth

Ceasing thus to toil in every land;
The Shame of it All

If you should say to those who rule, The judge knows in his heart that he is sentencing Our best beloved you keep innocent men. He knows that the men whom he is Behind stone walls and locks and iron bars sending to San Quentin are telligent, sincere men, And we shall never work for you whose hatred for injustice and hypocrisy compelled While in your dungeons deep them to unite with their fellow workers in an effort They bear for us the marks of prison scars"; to change conditions. It is very probable that the Then would oppression stand aghast judge even knows that the predatory masters are the And tyrants quake with fear real criminals. But like Pontius Pilate he hearkens Awake! Be conscious, workers, of your power, to the voice of those who rule. He has not the Organized, united, your demands made strong and moral courage to release these men.

clear, It is a far cry from Adam Smith's "Wealth of The prison doors shall open in that hour.


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CENTRALIA VICTIMS-Standing: Bert Bland, John Lamb, Britt Smith, and James Mclnerney. Sitting: 0. C. Bland, Ray C. Becker and Eugene Barnett.

The Centralia Conspiracy

How did the Lumber Trust Succeed in convicting men of murder who merely defended their lives and property from a mob? Some of the facts are known; others are coming to light daily.


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HERE is lots of justice in the United States very nose of the government. Yet very few of

if you have money to pay for it!" This them were hailed before "hizzoner." These good

cynical and unadorned remark was hurled citizens misappropriated millions upon millions of in the face of an IWW prisoner in Leavenworth by the people's money, yet it is safe to say that not a an admitted and brazenly guilty German spy. It single one of them is in prison at present. Yet was occasioned by the innocuous statement that, workingmen, accused of violation of the war-time "Some day the IWW cases will receive justice and laws in 1917 were arrested upon the flimsiest of the country will be ashamed of what it has done." excuses, held, in some cases, two years and over Less than a month afterward the German spy was awaiting trial and then given a speedy, fair and released unconditionally. He was not even deport- impartial conviction. And thirty-two of them are ed. The American workingman to whom the re- still behind the bars! Even more significant was mark was made is still in the tentacles of the law. the trial of the IWW loggers at Montesano.

It is barely conceivable that money didn't re- Perhaps it is not true that, "justice is a purchaslease the spy nor the lack of it keep the wobbly in. able commodity" and that, "there is one law for the But the fact remains that, in a lawsuit, the goddess rich and another for the poor.” But if these things of Justice is always on the side of the biggest mon- aren't true then they are lies that are mighty hard ey-bags. A man is arrested, charged with a crim- to answer. At all events money, in America, is inal offense, and taken to court. The far-famed one of the mightiest factors in determining the inConstitution guarantees him a speedy, fair and im- nocence or guilt of a person accused of crime. Even partial trial before a jury of his peers. The profi- if justice cannot be purchased at so much per, pubteers violated the laws flagrantly and under the lic opinion can be purchased that way. In the last

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