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HE Industrial Workers of the World, more World. And it accordingly urges them to join the

widely known as the I. W. W., feel proud I. W. W., to the end that labor may be both prop

to be condemned by Samuel Gompers and the erly organized and emancipated from capitalism. A. F. of L. Portland convention. Gompers and his The I. W. W. is encouraged to make this argucohorts in control of the A. F. of L. are so noto- ment now more than ever before. For never beriously a part of the employers' strong arm forces, fore has the A. F. of L. been so harrassed from organized to break strikes and keep the workers

within-coal miners, shoe workers, building trades in slavery, that any condemnation by them is an

workers and pressmen have revolted against its honor to a real labor union and not the disgrace autocratic rule in favor of the employers' interthat it is presumed to be.

ests. And never before has it lost, not only hunThis condemnation only serves to emphasize the dreds of thousands of members, but the confidence fact, in a very desirable manner, that the I. W. W. of the workers; for it fails to recuperate its losses, is against the employers' rule in labor unionism despite tens of millions of unorganized on all sides. and society; and is for that of the workers' instead.

Under the circumstances, the I. W. W. laughs at This condemnation further makes plain that the

Gompers' attempts to sweep back the tides of workA. F. of L. exists simply to bind labor to the

ing class progress, with the broom of employers' chariot of capitalism; while the I. W. W. exists to

aid. It believes that eventually those tides will overbreak the chains that tie labor to this unenviable

whelm both Mr. Gompers and his real masters, the destiny.

capitalist class. And, as a means to that end, it again Under the circumstances, the I. W. W. shouts to urges workers everywhere to join its ranks. Do Gompers, et al., “You honor us, indeed!" While it now! to the workers it exhibits the traitorous character of his machine and urges its overthrow through DON'T FORGET, THE DECEMBER ISSUE the upbuilding of the I. W. W. everywhere. To the workers, it points out once more, that freedom

OF INDUSTRIAL PIONEER IS A XMAS from both capitalist unionism and capitalism is to AMNESTY NUMBER. MAKE IT A HUMbe found only in the industrial unionism and society advocated by the Industrial Workers of the MER!

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HE Portland AFL convention has again Mr. George M. Branting, writing in “Wall Street

demonstrated the failure of boring from with- Magazine" declares “a liberal economic viewpoint
in. As usual the borers have bored themselves

will indicate that the higher the wages, the greater out. They had no chance against the highly cen

the spending power and the more firmly secured our tralized voting machine that, with the aid of the

economic position, The safeguard of this nation capitalist class, bosses the AFL. And they

does not consist of holding wages down, but rather only served to give that machine another oppor

the reverse,” tunity to prove its loyalty to the interests which keep Righto; wages should be so increased as to init in power, and thereby enabled it to entrench itself

clude all that labor produces. When that is done still more completely.

labor will be in a position to buy back all that it For about 25 years now, boring from within has

produces and overproduction will be an impossibility. been tried on the AFL, with the result that the last defeat was worse than the first. This is HALF-MILLION MORE RR WORKERS due to the way boring from within had been pro- Railroads during July were employing 1,954,687 claimed a new and revolutionary kind of tactics, workers, or almost 500,000 more than they employed calling, therefore, for new and revolutionary zeal. during the same month a year ago. They also paid And now, though blown with a new fervor, in the out during the same month in wages and salaries name of the Russian revolution, it lies far more $261,805,549, against a similar payment during prostrate than it had ever been in the days when July, 1922, of $193,571,244. only the old-fashioned yellow socialists toyed with These figures were reported by the interstate comit. This, too, despite the new American intelligent- merce commission. They indicated a slight increase sia, the collegiate school of industrial democrats, who in earning rates for all classes of railroad employes had rallied to the support of the quondam IWW during the year, as well as the increase in the total member who was its high-browed prophet.

number employed. Kicked out! How the gods have fallen!



OF CONGRESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912. points out “the great danger to labor today be

of The Industrial Pioneer, published monthly at Chicago, IL,

for October 1, 1923.
cause of the bankruptcy of about a third of the
farmers of this country. That last year 2,000,000

State of Illinois)

County of Cook ) of the farm population left the farms and about

Before me, a Notary Public in and for the State and county the same number will leave the farms this year aforesaid, personally appeared Harry G. Clark, who, having because of their inability to get a fair price for

been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he

is the Sec'y-Treas. of The Industrial Pioneer and that the foltheir products as a result of the manipulation of

lowing is, to be the best of his knowledge and belief, & troe

statement of the ownership, management, etc., of the afore: the financial group that controls the affairs of the said publication for the date shown in the caption, required country, and that these people coming from the

by the Act of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 443,

Postal Laws and Regulations to wit: farms have in some instances taken the places of

1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor,

managing, and business managers are: strikers and are coming into the larger industrial Name of Publisher: Industrial Workers of the World, 1001 centers to seek employment and declared that un

W. Madison St., Chicago, Ill.

Name of Editor: Justus Ebert, 1001 W. Madison St., Chiless something was done very soon to aid the farm

Managing Editor: Justus Ebert, 1001 W. Madison St., Chi ers that a panic would ensue, and urged that labor get behind the farmers to see that they get a square

Business Manager J. D. Carliph, 1001 W. Madison St,

Chicago, Ill. deal.

2. That the owners are Industrial Workers of the World. 1001 W. Madison St., Chicago, III.; Sam Forbes, Chairman, 1001 W. Madison St., Chicago, Ill.; Harry G. Clark, Secretary, 1001 W. Madison St., Chicago, Ill.

3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owing or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: None.

4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners stockholders, and security holders, if any contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appear upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, given; also that said two paragraphs codtain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under wbich stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide; and this affiant has no

to believe that any other person. association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as stated by him.


Sec'y-Treas. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 25th day of September, 1923. [SEAL)

CHAS. L. SAYLER, Notary Public

(My commission expires, Sep. 14, 1994.) WAR'S HARVEST

cago, Ill.

cago, Ili.



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Preamble of the Industrial Workers of the World

The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.

Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the earth and the machinery of production, and abolish the wage system.

We find that the centering of the management of industries into fewer and fewer hands makes the trade unions unable to cope with the ever growing power of the employing class. The trade unions foster a state of affairs which allows one set of workers to be pitted against another set of workers in the same industry, thereby helping defeat one another in wage wars. Moreover, the trade unions aid the employing class to mislead the workers into the belief that the working class have interests in common with their employers.

These conditions can be changed and the interest of the working class upheld only by an organization formed in such a way that all its members in any one industry, or in all industries if necessary, cease work whenever a strike or lockout is on in any department thereof, thus making an injury to one an injury to all.

Instead of the conservative motto, “A fair day's wage for a fair day's work," we must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, "Abolition of the wage system.”

It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organized, not only for the every-day struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old.

Printed by Printing and Publishing Workers' Industrial Union No. 460, L W. W.

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