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ing away of the old order of things in gen

eral. HE capitalists believe in propaganda

On June 18 the German mark is reported by word of mouth, by printed matter

to have reached the record level of 160,500 and by deed. Millions of dollars every

to the dollar. This is followed by a panic. year are spent to influence “public opin; Many of the banks and stores close their ion.” Ninty-nine per cent of the "opinions"

doors. The workmen realize that their real that the dear public holds are machine.

wages have been still further reduced bemade. The main purpose of the bour

low the starvation line on which they have geois press, however, is not to "put some

been living, and threaten to call a general thing over," so to speak, but to keep those

strike. In the Ruhr district the French inwho read it in a perpetual state of mental

vaders have practically handed the workslavery, which state is looked upon as the normal intellectual outlook of the populace. ingmen an ultimatum either to work, fight,

or starve. But sometimes conditions arise which re

The monetary system has crumbled utquire that sterner and more effective methods be used in order to make the working terly; and it is one of the bulwarks of cap

italism. The "living wage," or any slightclass do the bidding of their masters. For

est approach to it, has disappeared; it at instance, during strikes. Propaganda by deed is then resorted to. As witness what

least keeps workers in some other coun

tries temporarily contented. Personal inihappened to some of the fellow workers

tiative, thrift and perseverance can no who were unlucky enough to fall into the

longer get anything for anybody in Gerhands of the San Pedro police during the

many; and these constitute almost the recent waterfront strike.

whole of the moral background of capitalAccording to the sworn affidavits of a

ism. Truly, in Germany, the end of the score or so of men, chief of police Oaks

world is close at hand—the world of cappersonally beat up three arrested strikers;

italism. several others received brutal treatment at

The lesson that the German workers are the hands of other police officers. Also, al

learning from their untold suffering and most a hundred prisoners were herded into

agony is that in order to extricate thema tank in the city jail and the windows

selves from their present predicament and shut air-tight, as a result of which the air

become masters over life they first have to became so foul that many of them fainted.

become masters over industry. Yes, the master class believes in propaganda by deed. At present the state of California and the Ku Klux Klan are its

THE SANCTIMONIOUS STEEL TRUST chief exponents in America.

HE Steel Trust has decided that the

twelve-hour day is a good thing for the

souls and bodies of its employes, as well as DOLLARS AND MARKS

for the general welfare of the "public." HE eyes of the whole world are today Incidentally, we take it for granted that

centered on Germany. What takes place it is not such a bad thing for the pockets there is laden with profound meaning. It of the stockholders, either. used to be said that some people can see Judge Gary, Charles M. Schwab, and the grass grow in the spring of the year. In that whole gang of industrial super-pirates Germany things are happening so fast now- who fatten on the sweat and blood of their adays that by observing her closely we can thousands of slaves who toil in those hellsee with out naked eyes, so to speak, the holes of smoke, heat and molten metal disintegration of capitalism and the pass- known as the steel and iron mills, are


JULY, 19 2 3

strong for the teachings of the Bible, the the peasantry. And the idealism of the beauties of the Holy Land, and the whole- peasants is not of the kind that soars over some effects of the 12-hour day.

the mountain tops. The city workers were And yet there are some people left who given hardly any consideration by the govstill believe in all sincerity that this coun- ernment. Still, peasants are producers of try is "the land of the brave and the home wealth; they are not to be put in the same. of the free.” Free, indeed, to slave your category with the feudal and industrial life away for the enrichment of a handful lords and parasites who are shoving Euof parasitical overlords!

rope to the brink of utter ruin. Never before has production in the steel As usual, the Bulgarian counter-revoluand iron industries reached such a high tion was accompanied by violence and peak, and never before have the profits bloodshed. The "new reaction" believes been so enormously great. Steel is now that might is right, and it practices what being manufactured at the rate of approxi- it preaches. Today the mailed fist rules mately 44,000,000 tons a year, an increase supreme in Italy, France, Hungary, Poland of 4,000,000 over the previous high mark. and Bulgaria. The doctrine of "brotherly Still these magnates are not satisfied. love" has been pigeon-holed, at least for

Even the federated church bodies, rep- the time being, as being either a backresenting some fifty million Protestants, number or an unattainable ideal.

. Catholics and Jews, have joined in the What will be the fate of the working protest against this barbarous action of the class, of the liberals, of the radicals of Steel Trust. The Federated American En- various complexions, under the new regineering societies have taken like action, gime? Will they be tortured and slaughafter a careful two-year investigation. tered by the thousands, as was the case “Our committee found indisputably," says in Hungary after Admiral Horthy and his their report, “that the 12-hour shift is not "white" henchmen took over the reins of economically necessary and that continuous power? There can be no doubt that both industry can be run at a profit with the the peasants and the city workers will be shorter working day."

made to suffer greatly. We entertain grave doubts that the steel The only hope for bleeding, unhappy Euworkers will get this shorter work day rope is a united working class determined until they organize industrially at the point to throw overboard all the militaristic paraof production.

sites, to take over the functions of production and distribution, and to bring order

out of chaos by operating industry for use THE BULGARIAN “REVOLUTION”

instead of for profit. A big job!—but soonNOTHER country has fallen victim to er or later it will have to be done.

Fascism can add another feather of victory to its cap.

BOURGEOIS JUSTICE The peasant government which ruled Bulgaria since the armistice has been over- MAN in Brooklyn by the name of thrown, Premier Stambouliski has been Gabriel Ianotte will have to serve apmurdered and a military dictatorship set proximately twelve years in Sing Sing beup. All true and trusty reactionaries-all cause he stole a thirty-five cent teapot. those who believe that the lower classes" The war-profiteers and contractors stole ought to be "shown their place"-are many millions of the people's money and greatly overjoyed.

none of them have yet been sentenced to Of course, there was nothing much about serve even twelve days in jail—to say noththe Stambouliski regime for the industrial ing of twelve years. If Ianotte had stolen workers to fall in love with. It represented thirty-five million dollars he would be one the material interests and aspirations of of our "best" citizens.

A the reaction in Europe.








AM thinking of moving to the city. What would fifteen years—you will have enough money saved you say are the advantages of city over coun. up to rent one of these apartments for a month. try life?-John F.

Then think of the great variety or diversity of Our answer to the above question would be that things in a large city! A million things to see, feel when it comes to advantages of various kinds, the and experience. Have you ever been thru the East country ain't in it—any way you look at it. Take Side of New York City? Well, you ought to go there. such a little matter as doing chores, for instance. You will find miles and miles of brick tenement Why, there's hardly any chores to be done in the houses—very few of them are exactly alike—countcity, cows being few and far between, and instead of less heaps of garbage in various stages of putrehorses we have automobiles. You can feed a tin faction, a million or so dirty kids having the time of lizzy a couple gallons of gasoline any time of day, their lives playing hide and seek in between speedso there's no reason to get bumped out of bed at ing automobiles, and innumerable push-cart peddlers four o'clock in the morning to attend to the feed- sporting the choicest assortment of whiskers to be ing. As for the milking—well, most of that is done found anywhere on earth. It's a great sight! There by slick guys who hang out downtown, and it's most- you will find impersonified the wonderful progress ly fellows that are new in the ways of the city that that the human race has made in less than twenty get milked. So you see somebody else does the work. centuries of continuous upward march toward the

There are many other advantages, but we can only heights of perfection. enumerate a few of them here. One of them is that Some people say that there are not enough trees you don't have to have anybody call you in the morn- and other signs of real nature in the large cities, but ing, the street cars will wake you up long before that's a darn lie. Take, for instance, Chicago. No day-break. In some parts of town they will also keep matter where one might live an hour's ride on the you from falling asleep-80 you see all the time street car will bring him to a square or park where you save, which otherwise you would sleep away there's a few trees and perhaps even a patch of for nothing.

grass. What more does anybody want? According to statistics twenty-five thousand people Then again, if one likes trees, let him go to the commit suicide every year in the United States. art museums. There are lots of trees thereon Those that live in the country must have a hard canvas. Of course, it might take him a good long time of it, as the facilities there for making a trip while before he will be able to distinguish, let us to the happy hunting grounds are very few. In a say, between “a little girl chasing a butterfly" and city all you got to do is go down to the business "a cherry tree in blossom.” Futuristic art is one section, shut your eyes and start out to walk across of the greatest exercises for the mind that we know a busy street. By the time you get over to the op- of. Another advantage that the city has over the posite sidewalk you will have a harp in your hands country. In the country they still call a cow a cow and a halo around your dome, or else-well, you and a spade a spade-don't know any better. know as much about the other place as we do. We hope that by this time you see where the Oftentimes you will get there even without shutting country gets off at, when pitted up against the your eyes.

city, it's out of the race altogether. If you want to Another way of committing suicide is by eating get more points on this write us again in the future. in the Greek and Jap restaurants and other cheap joints. That takes a little more time but to the

I have often wondered why so many working peobest of our knowledge it's never been known to fail.

ple when they go into restaurants order hamburger Slow but sure.

steak or Irish stew, instead of T-bone steak or half Living quarters in the city have all over the spring chicken with all the trimmings. Could you country. There are thousands and thousands of

enlighten me on this subject thru The Question swell apartments in the fine hotels and better parts

Box?-Genevieve Louise V. of town—some of them renting for as low as hun- This is a question that has been a great puzzle to dred and fifty plunks per month. If you get a job the deepest students of psychology, scholars in ethics making twenty or twenty-five a week and if you and anthropology, and other learned men for a save your money, in just a short time-say, ten or long time. Why will a man prefer pork and beans

JULY, 19 2 3

to broiled tenderloin steak with mushrooms au gra- By way of parenthesis, we might also mention , tan and shoe-string potatoes? To extend the same that some hare-brained crank who ought to be sent

question to other fields, why will a man buy an old to the state psychopathic hospital has made the crack

shabby suit of second-handed hand-me-downs when that some people order hamburger and stew be| the stores are chuck full of the finest all-wool suits cause these cost less than the other things. Can cut in the latest patterns?

you imagine anything as foolish as all that? What's That part of the question dealing with T-bone a few dollars a day more or less spent on grub, steaks we would advise you to refer to T-Bone Slim. when the people of this nation are the proud pos

Very likely he will be able to throw some light on sessors of wealth estimated at five hundred billion · the subject, since he is reputed to know all about dollars? The idea is ridiculous on the face of it! that variety of the steak family.

But to get back to the original question: Various solutions have been advanced by our great and

What is your explanation why styles in clothes

change so often?—J. P. L. learned men. For example, there is Professor Wisenacer, head of the department of experimental psy- Changing styles in wearing apparel every few chotherapy of the House of Morgan University, weeks is a highly effective method of raking into

who has won world-wide fame by his ingenuous the coffers of the clothing manufacturers what loose ! "Irish stew complex" hypothesis. It's supposed to coin the so-called people have left after they have

work like this: A working stiff that's been heaving satisfied the rest of their demands. coal the whole day long goes into a restaurant for

It merely goes to show that there is no limit to supper feeling all tired out. While waiting for the

the cleverness of some men. If the young ladies are hash-slinger to grab his order he figures as follows:

slow in buying dresses with short skirts, make the Jack Dempsey is Irish; Irish stew is Irish; ergo,

skirts a couple yards longer and they will have if I eat enough Irish stew I will become as strong

to buy, or be adjudged back-numbers by the fashion as Jack Dempsey. So he hollers out to the waiter:

experts. No self-respecting, conventional-minded "Irish stew on one, heavy on the Irish potatoes!”

young thing—especially of marriagable ageWhile under the influence of this "complex" it never

wants to be told that her glad rags are a hundred occurs to the poor guy that he could have ordered

years behind the times, and so she, or her papa, just as easily a porterhouse steak with hash-brown

coughs up enough kale to buy a few new dresses. potatoes and a side of sliced tomatoes.

The clothing manufacturers and merchants pocket Professor Wisenacer has made his mark in the

the profits. world by putting forth the above hypothesis, but Doctor Servtherich of the Steel Trust University is

The same thing applies to men's clothes. If pinchnot far behind. He has made announcement recently

back suits are the style now, three months later of his epoch-making theory that working people eat

"sack effects” will be all the go. There is no end hamburger steaks because the shape of the steaks to the variety of combinations that coat buttons remind them of the mud-pies they used to make

lend themselves to. One, two, three and four butwhen they were kids. These people want to live over

ton suits come and go with lightning rapidity. Busiagain the happy days of their care-free childhood

ness is stimulated. The capitalists who control the and so they feast their eyes on hamburger steaks.

clothing industry heap up the profits; that's all they Them were the happy days—eh? No income tax

are interested in, anyhow. They don't give a hang reports to fill out, no automobile repair bills to

whether the new style is artistic or not. pay, no silk dresses to buy for the dear girls that's But this whole question, from our point of view, getting the finishing touches put on at the Young is a side issue. We are primarily concerned with Ladies' Finishing School!

fighting the master class at the point of production.


Rational Living Versus Abrams



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FOREWORD by Editor: In the May issue of The not mean that they are more honest than the latter.

Industrial Pioneer was printed an article deal- And it is certainly not true that "the great bulk of

ing with the Electronic Reactions of Abrams. the doctors who rely upon drugs and surgery realWhile the intentions of the author were undoubtedly ize that if a definite method for actually curing of the best, it cannot be denied that the contribution people has been found, many of them will find themsavored of unwarranted partiality to the claims of selves out of jobs.” On the contrary, they would have Dr. Abrams and his disciples. We have received only to gain by accepting the Abrams theory: there many criticisms of the article, written by medical is more money in it than in our regular practice! men and students of health culture and allied sub- I have studied the Abrams methods at first hand jects. Of especial interest to us have been the points and have seen many patients treated with them raised in their friendly letters by T. H. Bell and and I can say: Not only is it untrue that "many Alice Chase of Los Angeles and Dr. Benzion Liber thousands have been cured” by them, but I have of New York City.

not seen one case really and permanently cured by The Industrial Pioneer believes in square and them. fair dealing with its many thousands of readers and He says: "So far I have not read or heard anywell-wishers, especially in regards to as vital a ques- thing which in my opinion invalidates the claims tion as the conservation of health and the curing of Dr. Abrams." of disease. If in our May number the author of the I wonder whether he has read my article on the Abrams article has not treated his subject as im- Abrams method in “Rational Living" for January partially as he should have done, we stand ready or the letter of an Abrams student in the February to be corrected. Owing to lack of space we cannot issue, or the article of the same student, a Chicago print more than one of the criticisms sent us. The physician, in the March issue of the same magazine? sender of the letter printed below is Dr. Benzion Is he or any other Abramite able to refute one by Liber, editor of “Rational Living," a radical health one the facts packed into those articles? If he is, journal published monthly in New York City, and why does he fail to do it? Is it perhaps because author of "The Child and the Home.”

they were published in a small journal, with a limited circulation ?

It would also interest him to learn that the author Editor, “The Industrial Pioneer,”

of a series of articles favorable to Abrams and Chicago, Ill.

published in The New York Call—one whose quotaDear Fellow Worker:

tions are still peddled around by the promoters of In your May issue you printed an article on the

the new cult-has recently confessed his mistake, Abrams methods. It was one-sided, biased, and al

as can be seen in the March issue of “Rational tho painted red at the end by the mention of "ex

Living." ploitation of man by man," it was, in my opinion,

Most physicians or pseudo-physicians who have

adopted the Abrams methods belong to one of the out of place in a radical labor magazine. Its author seemed to forget that the real primary causes of

following two types of men or to a combination disease among workers lie in poverty, overwork,

of both: Half-baked, superstitious persons, inclined insufficient rest, ignorance, improper food, con

to the miraculous and ready to believe anything gested living conditions, too many children, wrong

without the need of really and absolutely convincing posture at work, poisonous gases, fumes, vapors

proofs, or those who will accept any new theory

which may bring in quick and easy money, at least in the shops, inhaling obnoxious dusts, etc., and that

until it is found to be erroneous. these causes cannot be removed by the operation

The writer of these lines was open-minded and of an electric apparatus, no matter how clever it is. The author claims that "sickness is unknown

willing to learn, but remained unconvinced by among animals which have not become domestic

Abrams himself, his pupils and his patients, or

rather became convinced thru them that the elecated." The assertion is wholly unfounded. As a mat

tronic reactions are of no use whatever in the ter of fact all wild species of animals have their

cure of real human ailments. diseases and most wild plants are infested with sickness. The belief to the contrary may have an

Hoping that you will not misunderstand the spirit

of perfect friendship and devotion to your ideals unnecessarily discouraging effect upon your readers.

with which I am writing, I am, While I have criticized and exposed the medical profession more than anybody else, I cannot tolerate

Yours for honest enlightening of the workers, any fraud and humbug anywhere. The fact that

BENZION LIBER some "healers” are opposed to regular doctors does

Editor “Rational Living."

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