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the American workers be heard in the councils of the nations where plans and proposals are being made for the restoration of peace and the rebuilding of the world.

In this situation nothing is more important than that the radical press should be revived, that the public voice of the workers may again be heard in their own behalf in the tremendous struggle that is shaking the earth, and that is destined to overthrow every despotism and bring free

dom to the people and peace to the world. EUGENE V. DEBS

Without a press the workers are prac

tically beaten in every battle before it beOWN with the radical press” was gins. They fall an easy pray to the falseone of the first slogans of the pa- hoods and calumnies charged against them

trioteers when they precipitated this by the foul press of their exploiting masnation into the international slaughter. ters; they have no means of pleading their They realized the menace of such a press cause or of placing the issue at stake before to their nefarious plots and machinations the people. As a result they are almost and lost no time nor had any scruples about certainly foredoomed to defeat. crushing the papers and magazines of the Now is the time to revive and rebuild the working class beneath the iron heel of their press of the working class and to make it despotic system.

stronger and more efficient than ever, for it And so at the most crucial hour in all certainly will be put to the severest test as its history the voice of the working class the struggle grows more intense with the was strangled while the workers them- passing days. selves were swept into the red hell which

"Up with the radical press !” should now disgraced and damned civilization and all be the battle-cry of the workers all over but destroyed the world.

the land. Industrial and other organizaThe war is now over. The hysteria has tion along the lines of the class struggle is subsided. Sanity again has sway and after now more than ever the demand, and along coming to realize just what the war has with this work and as a necessary part of meant to the American people, how they it, we are bound, as we value our loyalty to were lied into it, betrayed by it, and must the cause, to rebuild our press, restore our now reap the bitter harvest of their folly, papers and magazines, and spread over the there has been a tremendous change of sentiment toward those who were made to

entire nation the revolutionary literature appear traitors by those who actually were

to awaken the people, stir them to life and traitors. Consequently, there is a wide- vision, and set their feet in the path to spread and rapidly increasing demand that Freedom.


May Day, 1923


NOR many centuries it has been the cus- Labor Day as a direct result of the struggle

tom of the Caucasian race to celebrate of American labor for the eight-hour day

the coming of spring, when all animal in 1886. and plant life is liberated from the chilly In the days of long ago the contest was embrace of winter.

primarily between man and nature. Nowa For a long time these celebrations had days it is a struggle of class against class; no other meaning than to express the feel- of the class which owns everything against ings of joy felt by primitive man at being the class which produces everything, but in released from the hardships of winter, return for its labors is granted only a bare which had been imposed upon him by existence. forces beyond his control.

In the ownership of the means of proThe problem facing him was that of pro- duction is to be found the secret of the viding tools by the use of which to obtain power of capitalism. It likewise supplies food, clothing and shelter from the bound- the key to an explanation of the history less stores of mother nature.

of all previous epochs of society. Those With the advent of the modern era we who own and control the tools of producare confronted by other and entirely dif- tion in any society own and control that ferent problems.

society. The development and introduction of No new class has ever risen to power machinery has made it easy to supply tools except through its ability to get control for the extraction of life's necessities from over the economic functions of society. It the earth, but the ownership and control first has to entrench itself economically. of these tools have been allowed to become Only after this will it be able to establish centered in the hands of a few. Instead the new state in accordance with the of the wonderful inventions by means of changed conditions. which man has conquered nature being a The function of the state is to keep anblessing to the whole of humanity, they other class in subjection. It can perform are used by the capitalist class to exploit no other function and will not be needed and enslave the working class, which con- in the workers' commonwealth. stitutes the great majority of the people. The road to power for the workers lies

As society developed the old customs of in developing their forces along the lines primitive man were gradually supplanted followed by other classes which have asby others more in accord with the spirit of pired to power. the times.

Not until labor decides to use its ecoInstinctively, the industrial worker of nomic might will the politicians in Washthe new era has chosen a holiday in spring- ington liberate the class-war prisoners. time in which to voice his feelings of re- May First, 1923, should be the day when sentment against the forces which oppress we start in earnest to compel the powers him. Hence May First has fittingly become that be to free all those fellow workers a day of protest and demonstrations, and

who have fought so valiently for the cause sometimes of revolt against the class which

of labor. This we can accomplish by using exploits and enslaves mankind.

To the American worker the First of the most effective means at our disposal. May has an additional and more intimate namely, by stopping the wheels of producmeaning, for it was declared International tion.


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TRAVELER once lost his way among the four seasons, and the workingmen were the Ragian Hills, and wandered about given a holiday to make their purchases for for many days until he came to a new

the year. and beautiful country.

Thus there was but one market day and The fields of this country were glad with one day for the payment of wages in Barbo ripened grain. Fat cattle grazed in the during the whole year, in order that the pastures, and flocks of white sheep covered workers might spend their remaining days the hills. The winds were filled with the in peace and toil. perfume of vineyards, and all the barns And the traveller saw that the masters seemed bursting with plenty.

had gathered together in the booths of the The traveller journeyed onward until he square all the goods that the laborers had came to a village which was called Barbo. produced during the year. And he entered gladly, for he said in his Coats and boots were in the first booth, heart: So much wealth was never seen and fine linens and coarse, and silks and before.

jewels, and cloth and garments of every The village consisted of a great square, kind, sufficient to clothe the people of two and four streets leading into it. And the villages like Barbo. square was filled with booths like the stalls And in the second booth there were bags of a market place. Gay ribbons of many of white meal and yellow meal, and flour colors waved in the breeze,

and salt and corn; and there were loaves For it was the day of the Barbo Fair, of bread, and money and cheese and red when the masters brought forth their bags and golden wine; grain was there also of of gold to pay their laborers for the toil of every kind.


And in the third booth cattle and sheep, And there yet remained two-thirds of the rabbits and hogs, and there were also fish goods that were gathered together at the and fowl for the feeding of an army. Fair.

The fourth booth was filled with fruit. Then were the masters vexed, for they Aloes there were, and bread fruit, and the said: We must pay the banker for the sweet fig, and bananas, and other fruits in money he has loaned us, and the landabundance; and spades and hoes and plows owner his rent, and we must take for our for the fields, also.

selves a large profit; therefore is our price A crier stood at the gates of the square just. to make announcement to the people, of

But after they had taken away sufficient new houses to be sold upon the fourth for their needs, they wondered what should street.

be done with those goods that remained at And the coat-maker came with his chil- the Fair. And they refused any longer to dren, and they were without coats; the hat- hire the laborers, for they said until all maker came without a hat; and the boot- those things were sold, there would be no maker and his wife, and his children came

more work for them to do. with bleeding feet for the way was rough

Then there arose a disturbance and and their feet were bare.

panic in the village of Barbo the cause Then came the baker, with his children whereof no man knew, until at last there crying for bread; and the keeper of the

came forth a doctor of law who said it was vineyard also, and the tillers of the soil, the curse of the village that God had given and the garment-maker, in his raiment of the masters more than they could sell. rags. The carpenter, who had built the

The workers were afraid, for they did new houses which were to be sold, rose

not know where to turn when their pur. from his bed of straw, and came also. And all the people gathered together chases should be consumed, and they went

forth out of the fields weeping and cursoutside the gates of the square to receive their wages for the year. And after they ing, because there was plenty in the village

of Barbo. were paid, they went into the Fair, and spent all the gold they had received, and

The masters cursed also, because, having bought many things.

no place wherein to sell the remainder of But when they came forth the traveller their goods, they could make no more saw that their faces were sad, and their profits. burdens light; for the prices of those things And the traveller journeyed on his way of which they had need, were greater by with great speed, for he knew in his heart three-fold than the wages they had re- that he was come to the dwelling place of ceived.


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