Notes on the exhibition of the Royal Scottish academy, 1861

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Сторінка 35 - So like a shatter'd column lay the King; Not like that Arthur who, with lance in rest, From spur to plume a star of tournament, Shot thro' the lists at Camelot, and charged Before the eyes of ladies and of kings.
Сторінка 14 - In all her length far winding lay, With promontory, creek, and bay, And islands that, empurpled bright, Floated amid the livelier light, And mountains, that like giants stand, To sentinel enchanted land. High on the south, huge Benvenue Down on the lake in masses threw Crags, knolls, and mounds, confusedly hurled, The fragments of an earlier world...
Сторінка 16 - A primrose by the river's brim A yellow primrose is to him, And it is nothing more...
Сторінка 3 - Tho' learn'd, well-bred ; and tho' well-bred, sincere, Modestly bold, and humanly severe : Who to a friend his faults can freely show, And .gladly praise the merit of a foe?
Сторінка 15 - HAST thou seen that lordly castle, That Castle by the Sea? Golden and red above it The clouds float gorgeously. "And fain it would stoop downward To the mirrored wave below; And fain it would soar upward In the evening's crimson glow." "Well have I seen that castle, That Castle by the Sea, And the moon above it standing, And the mist rise solemnly.
Сторінка 1 - ... but be cautious, and often dilatory in revenge. 5. To shun poverty and distress. 6. To foment eternal jealousies in the gang one of another. 7. That a good name, like money, must be parted with, or at least greatly risked, to bring the owner any advantage. 8. That virtue, like...
Сторінка 31 - Story, God bless you, I have none to tell, sir ! Only last night, a drinking at the Chequers ; Justice Oldmixon set me in the parish Stocks for a vagrant.
Сторінка 35 - Guinevere but not the loss of "the goodliest fellowship of famous knights / Whereof this world holds record
Сторінка 3 - Who to a friend his faults can freely show, And gladly praise the merits of a foe. *****# We love to praise with reason on our side.

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