George Eliot U.S.: Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Perspectives

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Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 2005 - 291 стор.
George Eliot U.S. demonstrates the complex and reciprocal relationship between George Eliot's fiction and the writings of her major American contemporaries, including Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The book also traces Eliot's influence on subsequent American fiction. The introductory section raises methodological questions concerning influence and intertextuality and addresses the mutual reception of European and American social and cultural discourses in order to illuminate culturally motivated divergences and convergences in the authors' presentation of gender, race, and national and ethnic alterity. The book's main body discusses Eliot's and the American writers' depiction of domestic social discourses on gender, religion, and community, and analyzes their depiction of the cultural alterity of Italy. It also focuses on Eliot's and Stowe's different attitudes toward race (and nation building), and discusses the parallels between the kabbalistic passages of Daniel Deronda and American transcendentalist thought. and social life in works by later writers such as Cynthia Ozick and John Irving. Monika Mueller teaches American and English literature at the University of Cologne.

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George Eliots English Novels and American LiteratureBringing It All Back Home?
The Microcosms of Oldtown Folks and Middlemarch
Fullers Hawthornes Stowes and Eliots ItalyCulture as Difference?
Italy in Eliots Novels Stowes Agnes of Sorrento and Hawthornes The Marble Faun
From Uncle Toms Cabin to Daniel Derondaand from Ethnicity to Identity?
From Race to National Identity
Transcendental Soulmates
Writing Beyond the Ending? US Adaptations of George Eliot
Culture in Need of Redemption?
George EliotA Classic for the TwentyFirst Century?
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Сторінка 30 - acts" or "functions" in such a way that it "recruits" subjects among the individuals (it recruits them all), or "transforms" the individuals into subjects (it transforms them all) by that very precise operation which I have called interpellation or hailing, and which can be imagined along the lines of the most commonplace everyday police (or other hailing): "Hey, you there.
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