Зображення сторінки
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(Jump Spark, Air-cooled) A, Cylinder

R, Timer Shaft AH, Cylinder Head

S, Timer B, Radiating Flanges

SP, Spark Plug C, Piston

T, Fly-wheel D, Piston Rings

U, Fly-wheel Locknut DC, Drip Cock

V, Fly-wheel Key E, Piston Pin

W, Ball Thrust F, Connecting Rod

X, Valve Gear FA, Connecting-rod Cap

Y, Valve Cam FC, Firing Chamber

Z, Valve Push-rod Roller G, Crank Case

ZA, Valve Push-rod GA, Base Plate

VE, Exhaust Valve H,

VEF, Exhaust-valve Foot 1, Main Bearings

VEG, Exhaust-valve Stem Guide J, Connecting-rod Bearings VES, Exhaust-valve Stem K, Crank Pin

VET, Exhaust-valve Spring LL, Counterweights

VI, Inlet Valve M, Valve Driving Gear

VIG, Inlet-valve Stem Guide N, Crank

VIS, Inlet-valve Stem 0, Crank Shaft

VIT, Inlet-valve Spring P, Timer Gears

IV, Inlet l, Valve-gear Shaft

EX, Exhaust

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(Parts of Two-cycle Make-and-break System) A, Spark Plug

J, Plunger Spring B, Movable Electrode

K, Rocker-arm Spring C, Electrode Rocker Arm

L, Dog Spring
D, Electrode Spindle

M, Slide Bar
E, Electrode Spindle Bushing N, Slide-bar Guide
F, Angular Dog

0, Ecccentric and Eccentric Rod G, Trip Adjusting Screw

P, Pump H, Plunger

Q, Pump Plunger 1, Plunger Thimble

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