Зображення сторінки

he forfeits all claim to the salary attached
to the Professorship during the period of
such neglect.
May 12.

Mr. Charles Richard Littledale, Mr.
Marmaduke Robert Jeffreys, Mr. George
Phillimore, and Mr. Charles Otway
Mayne, were admitted Students of Christ
Church, from Westminster School.

May 25.

Being the first day of Trinity or Act Term, the following Gentlemen were nominated Masters of the Schools:—

Rev. James Thomas Round, M.A. Fellow of Balliol College.

Rev. Charles Dodgson, M.A. Student of Christ Church. .

Rev. Llewelyn Lewellin, M.A. Scholar

of Jesus College.

cAMBRIDGE. Degrees conferred April 27.

bAchelor in DivinitY. Dawson, Rev. Francis, Trinity College. Honor ARY MASTER OF ARTS.

Sandys, Sir Windsor Edwin Bayntun,

Trinity College.

bAchelors of ARts,

Blake, Walter,
Bower, George Henry, and
Fry, John, Trinity College.
Gibbons, George, Sidney College, Grand
Stone, William, St. Peter's College.
Wallington, Charles, Christ College.
- May 4.
Calvert, Nicholson Robert, St. John's Col-

lege. Gorton, Robert, Jesus College, Grand - Compounder. Wood, Rev. Richard, Corpus Christi Col


BAchelor in civil LAW. Seymour, Henry Caen, Trinity Hall. bachelors of Arts.

Bally, William Ford, Downing College.
Carpendale, William, St. John's College.
Townsend, Samuel Thomas, Trinity Col-

Vyvyan, Vyell F. Trinity College.
May 16.

MAstert of ARts.
Holmes, Rev. Frederick, B.A. of St.
John's College, by Royal Mandate.
May 11.
Master of Arts.
Holditch, Rev. Hamnett, Caius College.

[blocks in formation]

The following Grace passed the Senate :- To appoint the Rev. Dr. Wait, of St. John's College, to make a descriptive catalogue of the Oriental MSS. in the University Library. May 16. Thomas Grainger Hall, B.A. and the Rev. W. Waring, B.A. of Magdalen Col-. lege, were elected Foundation Fellows, and Samuel Wilks Waud, B.A. a Wray Fellow of that Society. - May 18. George Burrows, Esq. B.A. of Caius College, was elected Fellow of that Society. Mr. Philip W. Buckham, of St. John's College, is elected Hebrew Seholar on the late Mr. Tyrwhitt's foundation. May 25. At a Congregation th’s day, the following Gentlemen were admitted ad eundem. Rev. John Russell, D.D. Head Master of Charter House School. Rev. Wm. Hale Hale, M.A. Preacher at the Charter House. William Parry Richards, M.A. The Hon. George Allen Brodrick, son

of Wiscount Middleton, is admitted of St. John's College.


The King has been pleased to order a congé d'elire to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, empowering them to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by the death of Dr. John Fisher, late Bishop thereof; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend to the said Dean and Chapter, the Right Rev. Father in God Dr. Thomas BURGEss, Lord Bishop of St. DAvid's, to be by them elected Bishop of the said See of SALishu RY. Barter, William, M.A. and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, to the Livings of Burghclere and Newton; Patron, the Earl of Carnarvon. Beckwith, E. G. A. M.A. to a Minor Canonry in the Church of St. Peter; Patron, the very Rev. the Dean of Westminster. Butt, John William, M.A. Vicar of Lakenheath, Suffolk, to the Rectory of Southery, Norfolk; Patron, Robert Martin, Esq. Carey, William Sherlock, M.A. and Student of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Vicarage of Ashburton, Devon. Champnes, Charles, B.A. of St. Alban Hall, Oxford, to the Rectory of St. Botolph, Bitlingsgate, with the Rectory of St. George, Botolph-lane; Patron, the King. Clarkson, Townley, M.A. to the Rectory of Acton Scott, Salop; Patroness, Mrs. Stockhouse. Coke, G. M.A. Rector of Aylton, to the Livings of Marston and Pencoed, Herefordshire; Patron, Rev. F. Coke, Vicar of Sellack. Dixon, Thomas, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Tibbenham, Norfolk; Patron, the Bishop of Ely. Elwin, R. P. to the Rectory of St. Margrave of Westwick, Norwich ; Patron, the King. Greaves, Henry Addington, B.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Classical Assistant at Oakham School, to the Head Mastership of the Devonport Classical and Mathematical School. Grenside, Ralph, B.A. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, to the Perpetual Curacy of Seamer, Yorkshire; Patron, R. G. Russell, Esq M.P. Guy, Thomas, M.A. Master of the Gram

mar School, Howden, to the Vicarage of Howden; Patron, the Lord Chancellor. Haggitt, D'Arcy, M.A. to the Vicarage of St. Andrew, Pershore, with the Chapels of Holy Cross, Besford, Defford, Bricklehampton, and Pinvin, annexed, Worcestershire; Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster. Hewson, W. Vicar of Swansea, to be Chancellor and Canon Residentiary of the Cathedral Church of St. David's. Hutchins, James, M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Rectory of Telscomb and Vicarage of Piddinghoe, in the Diocese of Chichester. Johnson, Richard, M.A. Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Lavenham, Suffolk; Patrons, the Master and Fellows of that Society. Mackreth, T. to the Rectory of Halton, near Manchester. Melhuish, T.A. to the Rectory of St. Mary Steps, Exeter. Morgan, Henry, B.C.L. to the Perpetual Curacy of Withington, Salop. Parker, Edwin J. M.A. and Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford, to be Domestic Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Braybrooke. Pattison, M. J. M.A. of Brasennose College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Hawkswell, Yorkshire; Patron, Mrs. Gall. Phillips, Thomas, D.D. of Queen's Colledge, Cambridge, to be Head Master of the Royal Grammar and District Schools in Upper Canada. Pilkington, Charles, M.A. of Magdalen College, Oxford, to a Prebendal Stall in Chichester Cathedral. Roberts, T. G. Fellow of Brasennose College, Oxford, and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Leitrim, to the Rectory of Dolgellan, in the county of Merioneth; Patron, the Lord Chancellor. Roby, John, Rector of Congerston, Leicostershire, and Chaplain to Earl Howe, to the Vicarage of Anstrey, Warwickshire; Patron, the Lord Chancellor. Sergeant, O. to the Ministry of St. Philip's, Salford. Shaw, E. B. to the Ministry of St. Matthew's Manchester. Tanner, W. to the Rectories of Bolnhurst and Colnworth, Bedfordshire. Timbrill, John, D.D. of Worcester College, Oxford, to the Archdeaconry of Gloucester, with the Rectory of Dursley annexed. Twigg, William, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Pickhall, Yorkshire; Patrons, the Master and Fellows of the above Society.


Best, Nathaniel, B.A. of Balliol College, Oxford, youngest son of George Best, Esq. of Bayfield Hall, Norfolk, to Mary, eldest daughter of Eardley Wilmot Michell, Esq. of Wargroves, Sussex. Boykett, T. of Enderby, Lincolnshire, to Hannah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William King, Esq. of Woodstreet, Cheapside. Bray, Bidlake, son of Colonel Bray, to Saba Eliza Malkin, only daughter of the late Major Malkin. Brooksbank, Edward H. Vicar of Tickhill, Yorkshire, to Hannah, daughter of the late B. Heywood, Esq. of Stanley Hall. Browning, Frederick, M.A. of King's College, Cambridge, Rector of Tichwell, Norfolk, and Prebendary of Salisbury, to Wilhelmina, eldest daughter of Sir William Earle Welby, Bart. of Denton Hall. Burton, Edward, M.A. and Student of Christ Church, Oxford, to Helen, second daughter of Archdeacon Corbett, of Longnor Hall. Cattermole, Richard, to Maria Frances, , eldest daughter of George Giles, Esq. of Enfield. Cooper, J. K. to Miss E. A. Whately; at Isleworth. Coote, Ralph, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Clore, of Elm Park, county of Armagh. Evans, David D. of Carmarthen, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late George Conway, Esq. of Pontnewydd Works, Monmouthshire. Goggs, H. Vicar of South Creake, Norfolk, to Mary, youngest daughter of Captain Coley, of Mile-end. Hale, Richard, Vicar of Harewood, and Rector of Goldsbrough, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of John Loft, Esq. of Stainton House. Holmes, T. P. to Miss Marriott, only daughter of Mr. Marriott, of Wisbech. Leir, Paul, Rector of Charlton Musgrove, Somersetshire, to Fanny, widow of W. Morton Pleydell, Esq. Master, James Streynsham, to Alice, fifth daughter of Samuel Horrocks, Esq. M.P. Michell, Thomas Penruddocke, of Histon, Cambridgeshire, to Caroline Patience, third daughter of the Rev. G. Wyld, of Speen, Berks.

Molyneux, Geo. More, Rector of Compton, Surrey, to Ann Spurstow, daughter of William Skrine, Esq. of Montague-square, London ; at Mary-le-bone Church. Norris, G. B. to Miss Susan Marsinghall, both of Taunton. Poole, R. jun. B.A. of Ripon, Yorkshire, to Anne, daughter of H. Tennant, Esq. of Kirk Hammerton, Yorkshire. Poulter, Brownlow, M.A. Rector of Buriton, Hants, and late of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Harriett, youngest daughter of the late James Morley, Esq. formerly of Kempshot, Hants, and Member of the Council of Bombay. Roberts, J. R. B. D. Rector of Rotherfield Greys, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, to Mrs. Ashton, of Mecklenburgh-square; on Friday, May 27, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, by the Rev. W. J. G. Phillips, Vicar of Eling, Hants. Sadler, James Hayes, to Miss Rich, niece of the late Mrs. General Jones; at Cheltenham. Savage, James Anthony, B.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Thomas Brooke, Esq. of Widcombe Crescent, Bath. Shepherd, Richard, Vicar of Rudbury, Yorkshire, to Ann, daughter of Robert Bingham, Esq. of that place. Turnour, Hon. and Rev. E. John, M.A. Secretary of the Clergy Orphan Society, to Rebecca, eldest daughter of the late Rev. David Jones, of Long Hope, Gloucestershire; at Newington Church, Surrey.


On Sunday, May 8, at his house in Seymour-street, London, aged 76, John Lord Bishop of SALisbury, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter ; the eldest of nine sons of a former Vicar of Peterborough. His Lordship rose from a Fellowship of St. John's College, Cambridge, to be successively Tutor to the Duke of Kent, Canon of Windsor, Bishop of Exeter, then of Sarum, and Preceptor to the late Princess Charlotte of Wales. He enjoyed for many years the distinguishing confidence of his late Majesty. Batthie, George, of Hammersmith, aged 67. Berkeley, Joshua, Rector of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Cork. Bradley, W. S. Prebendary of Wells, WiStephenson, John Wilkinson, M.A. on the Old Foundation of Queen's College, Oxford. Vivian, Richard, many years Rector of Bushey Herts, and uncle to MajorGeneral Sir Hussey Vivian, one of the Equerries in Waiting to his Majesty. The Rev. Gentleman left home early in the morning, to transact some important business with the Bishop of London, and in passing through the Strand, suddenly fell to the ground, and was heard to groan only once ere life was extinct. Mr. V. was formerly a Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and took the degree of M.A. in 1778, and of B.D. in 1789. In 1797 he was appointed to the Rectory of Bushey, in the county of Herts, which Living is in the gift of the Rector and Fellows of Exeter College, and was Proctor in the year 1787. Mr. W. was in the 72d year of his age, and has left a family of six children. Williamson, T. of the Groves, Chelsea. Woodroffe, W. H. Vicar of Swincomb, Oxfordshire.

car of Chard and of Limberscombe, Somersetshire; at Minehead, aged 56. Butler, Thomas, Rector of Bentham and Whittington, in his 90th year. Clayton, John, at Eversham. Collier, John, M.A. Perpetual Curate of Tilstock; at Whitchurch. Gerrans, Benjamin, at Prospect-place, Walworth, at an advanced age. . Gibbs, Lawrence, M.A. in the 85th year of his age, Rector of Brockdish, Norfolk, and of Cainby, Lincolnshire. Gurney, R. Vicar of Tregony and St. Paul, Cornwall. Hawkins, J. Brown, of an apoplectic fit, aged 28. Kitson, J. L. Vicar of Stiverton, and Ashburton, Devon. Norris, William, at Hindon, Wilts, in the 78th year of his age. Powys, Henry, of Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, in his 34th year. Ralfe, William, at Mauldon Rectory, Bedfordshire. Rivett, Thomas, at Everton, aged 70. Sherson, A. K. P. at Buntingford, aged 55. Smith, Joseph, Rector of Hutton, in his 50th year.


DIVINITY. Sermons on various Subjects. By the late Rev. Thomas Rennell, B.D. 8vo. 12s. Supplement to the Protestant's Companion; containing, amongst other Subjects in discussion, a particular Analysis of Bishop Baines's novel Doctrine of Transubstantiation. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, LL.D. 8vo. 6s. 6d. Sermons on various Subjects; with an Appendix, containing an Examination of certain supposed Points of Analogy between Baptism and Circumcision. By the Rev. John Edward Nassau Molesworth, A.M. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Six Sermons, preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity at Cheltenham,

during the season of Easter. By J. W. Cunningham, A.M. 12mo. 3s.6d. Practical and Internal Evidence against Catholicism. By the Rev. Joseph Bianco White, M.A. and B.D. 8vo. 9s. 6d. Sermons on various Subjects. By the Rev. John Hewlett, B.D. Vol. 4. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Idolatry the prevailing Practice of the Church of Rome; or, an Appeal from Testimony to Facts, in a Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury. By the Rev. W. Borradaile, M.A. 8vo. 18. 6d. A Manual of Family Devotions; containing a Form of Prayer for every Morning and Evening in the Week, &c. By the Rev. Thomas Stevenson, M.A. 12mo.

A Collection of Passages from the Holy Bible, which combat the Errors of the Church of Rome; with a Preface, on the Claims of the Catholics. 8vo, 1s. St. Paul's Visitation at Miletus; a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary Tower, Ipswich. By the Rev. John Wilcox, M.A. 8vo. 1s. 6d. Six Lectures on Popery, delivered in King-street Chapel, Maidstone, by William Groser. 12uno. 5s. The Social Conduct of a Christian considered, in seven Sermons, addressed to an Individual. 12mo. 2s. Aids to Reflection, in a Series of Prudential, Moral, and Spiritual Aphorisms, extracted chiefly from the Works


works in the press.

The Rev. James Richardson, A.M. Bird Sumner's Essay on the Records

of Queen's College, Oxford, has in the press, in one volume 8vo. A Full Answer to the Rev. J. Baddeley’s “Sure Way to find out the True Religion,” in which the Misrepresentations of that Author, (especially with respect to our celebrated Martyrologist, John Fox) are detected and exposed. Mrs. Thompson, Author of the “Family Commentary on the New Testament,” is preparing for publication, A Commentary on the Psalms. A Paraphrase of St. Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians, with Notes. By the Rev. J. E. Tolley, 1 vol. 8vo. will shortly be published. A new Edition of the Rev. John


It is requested that all future Communications will be directed to the Editor,

of Archbishop Leighton. By S. T.
Coleridge. small 8vo. 10s. 6d.
The Fifth Volume of the Village
Preacher, a Collection of short, plain
Sermons, partly original, partly se-
lected, and adapted to Village In-
struction. 12mo. 5s. -
The Village Pastor; consisting of a
Series of Essays on Subjects interest.
ing to the Religious World. By one
of the Authors of Body and Soul.
12mo, 8s. * * * - - - -
The Origin, Progress, and existing
Circumstances of the London Society
for Promoting Christianity amongst
the Jews. An Historical Inquiry. By
the Rev. H. H. Norris, A.M. , 8vo.
12s. - - -

, of the Creation, revised and corrected

by the Author, will shortly be pub-
The Rev. I. T. James, Author of
Travels in Russia and Poland, has in
the press, the Scepticism of To-day;
or, the CommonSense of Religion con-
A Volume of Sermons, by the Rev.
Hugh M'Neill, A.M. Rector of Albury,
will appear in the course of a few days.
A Course of Nine Sermons, in-
tended to illustrate some of the lead-
ing Truths contained in the Liturgy of
the Church of England. By the Rev.
F. Close, A.M. Curate of the Holy
Trinity Church, Cheltenham.

at Mr. MAwmAN's, Ludgate-street.

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