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Addis, Trin. Aldhouse, Pet. Anquetil, Pet. Antrobus, Joh. Appleton, Trin. Ashmore, Chr. Atherton, Qu. Althorpe, Emm. Badeley, C. C. Barham, Trin. Barrs, sen. Joh. Barrs, jun. Joh. Barwick, Magd. Beath, Joh. Beechey, Caius. Beeson, Joh. Bernard, Joh. Biddulph, Clare. Bigsby, Trin. Biley, Clare. Blackwell, Cath. Bloom, Caius. Bolden, Trin. Bond, Trin. Bond, C.C. Booth, Qu. Botcherby, Joh. - Bourdillon, Joh. - Bowden, Qu. - Bowstead, Joh.

Boydell, Magd.

Braine, Trin. Braithwaite, Joh. Branson, Caius. Brett, Trim. Brewin, Trin. Breynton, Madg. Briggs, Caius. Brooke, Joh. Brookes, Pet. Browne, Joh. Bunch, Emm. Butterton, Joh. Byron, Emm. Campbell, Qu. Cann, Pemb. Cape, C. C.

Cartwright, Chr. arus, Trin.

Charlesworth, Trin.

Chatfield, Trin.
Chawner, Tr. H.
Cheere, Joh.
Chell, sen. Joh.
Clark, Qu.
Cleashy, Trin.
Clements, Qu.
Clive, Joh.
Cobbold, Caius.
Coke, Trin.
Colbeck, Emm.
Collyer, Trin.
Colville, Joh.
Commins, Cath.
Cooper, Trin.
Cooper, Joh.
Cooper, Pemb.
Cooper Qu.
Cosby, Trin.
Cottingham, Clar.
Cotton, Pemb.
Cragg, Cath.
Crompton, Trin.
Cubitt, Caius.
Cumby, C. C.
Daltry, Trin.
Daniel, Chr.
Davis, Joh.
Deans, Chr.
De Morgan, Trin.
Denham, Joh.
Dewdney, Joh.
Dobbs, Trim.
Dodd, C. C.
Drake, Joh.
Drosier, Sid.
Drummond, Trin.
Dykes, Pet.
Eade, Caius.
Ellis, Pemb.
Elmhirst, Caius.
Ely, Joh.
Emmett, Trin.
Farre, Joh.

Wyatville, George Geoffry, Sidney Col

Lent Term, 1825.

examiners. Thomas Shelford, M.A. Corpus Christi

Edward Bushby, M.A. St. John's Col

John Hutton Fisher, M.A. Trinity Col.

George Skinner, M.A. Jesus College. first ci, Ass.





Ffinch, Trin.
Fitzgerald, Trin.
Fitzherbert, Qu.
Fortesque, Qu.

Frankish, Joh.
Franklin, C. C.
Gibson, Trin.

Goldsmith, Pet.
Goodhart, Trin,
Gordan, Pet.
Green, Jes.
Greig, Trin.
Grose, Clare.
Groves, Chr.
Hale, Sid. ,
Hall, Caius.
Hallett, Trin. H.
Hamilton, Trin.
Hand, Trin. H.
Haslewood, Joh.
Heathcote, Joh.
Helsham, C. C.
Hensley, Cath.
Hey, C. C.
Hill, Sid.
Hill, Trin. H.
Hoare, Joh.
Hockin, Caius.
Hodgson, Trin.
Holt, Trin. H.
Hopkins, Pet.
Hovenden, Trin.
Houghton, C. C.
Huyshe, Sid.
Hull, Joh.
Hutchins, C. C.
Hutt, Trin.
Jarrett, Cath:
Jarvis, Pemb.
Jerrard, Caius.
Ingham, Trin.
Johnson, Joh.
Johnstone, Trin.
Jones, sen. Cath.
Jones, jun, Cath.

Fosbrooke, Pemb.

Gilby, sen. Clare,

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Kempthorne, Joh.
Kennedy, Joh.
Kerrison, C. C.
King, C. C.
Kingdon, Trin.
Lake, Jes.
Langton, Caius.
Law, Qu. -
Lay, Joh.
Leapingwell, Pet.
Lindsell, Jes.
Livesay, Clare.
Livesey, Joh.
Lloyd, Trin.
Luard, Joh.
Lyall, Chr.
Lyddon, Trin.
Maddison, Magd.
Marsden, Joh.
Maude, Trin. H.
Maurice Trin.
Maynard, Caius.
Mead, Joh.
Meech, Emm.
Moore, Qu.
Moillett, Trin.
Morshead, Sid.
Morton, Sid.
Mossop, Joh.
Murray, Pet.
Myall, Cath.
Neild, Trin.
Ness, C. C.
Newland, C. C.
North, Joh.
Offley, Joh.
Orford, Trin.
Overton, Joh.
Owen, Magd.
Owen, Joh.
Owen, Down.
Parker, Trin.
Paull, Joh.
Peacock, Joh.
Phillips, Sid.
Pigott, Trin.
Pinder, Caius.

Pocock, Trin. H. Powell, Pet. Powell, Trin. Prendergast, Trin. Prideaux, Trin. Pulleine, Trin. Purton, Sid. Rawlings, Trin. Rawlins, Emm. Rees, Joh. Rennie, Trin. Rice, Trin. Richardson, Chr. Robertson. Cath. Robertson, Joh. Robinson, Joh. Robinson, Trin. Robson, Trin. Romilly, Chr. Row, Caius.

Atkinson, Trin.
Auldjo, Trin.
Barwick, Qu.
Birch, Trin. H.
Bull, Joh.
Burke, Caius.
Burnaby, Caius.
Capper, Qu.
Cartmel, Pemb.
Champion, Clare.
Chell, jun. Joh.
Cogswell, Joh.
Cooper, C. C.
Cottle, Sid.
Couch, Pet.
Cox, Chr.
Dawson, Emm.
Desborough, Chr.
Dobson, Down.
Dymoke, Trin.
Easton, Emm.
Elliotson, Jes.
Ellis, Pet.

William Pugh, M.A.

Sproule, Jes. Spyers, Joh. Stainforth, Qu. Starmmers, Joh. Stevenson, Trin. Stevenson, Jes. Steward, C. C. Stokes, Caius. Strangways, Joh. Stuart, sen. Qu. Stuart, jun. Qu. Talbot, Trin. Tate, Trin. Thornton, Trin. Tinkler, C. C. Todd, Caius. Tooke, Trin. Tuckett, Joh. Turner, Trin. Venn, Qu.


Kelly, Caius.
Kenrick, Trin.
Kitchen, Qu.
Lawson, Sid.
Leach, Jes.
Levingston, Joh.
Lillingstone, Emm.
Malins, Caius.
Martin, W. Trin.
Maude, Jes.
Mickleburgh, Trin.
Mills, Clare.
Morgan, Caius.
Morce, C. C.
Mortimer, Emm.
Pearson, A. Trin.
Peel, Trin.
Perkins, Trin.
Phillips, Qu.
Pope, Trin.
Pratt, Trin.
Prescott, Trin.

The Marquis Douro, eldest son of the Duke of Wellington, and late of Christ Church, Oxford, is admitted of Trinity College, in this University.

April 12.

The Rev. John Brown, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, was elected a Senior of that Society, in the room of the late Rev.

April 13. . . Robert Cory, B.A. of Emmanuel College, was elected Fellow of that Society.

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Rowsell, Joh.
Reeks, Clare.
Russell, Emm.
Russell, Cath.
Salter, Jes.
Sanders, Pemb.
Scott, G. W. Trin.
Scott, F. Trin.
Sergeant, C. C.
Shackleton, Trin.
Shaw, Trin.
Small, Down.
Smith, P. Trin.
Smith, W. G. Trin.
Smith, Joh.
Smith, sen. Qu.
Smith, jun. Qu.
Smith, Magd.
Smyth, Trin. H.
Soltan, Trin.


Elwes, Joh.
Everett, Joh.
Farnall, Down.
Fludyer, Joh.
Fonnereau, Trin.
Frost, Clare.
Gattey, Sid.
Gilby, jun. Clare.
Gooden, Jes.
Goodwin, Emm.
Gwythir, Joh.
Hare, Qu.
Harrison, Jes.
Hartley, Chr.
Henslow, Jes.
Hill, Pet.
Holland, Chr.
Hooper, Qu.
Howard, Emm.
Howarth, Caius.
Hoyle, Joh.
Jackson, Tr. H.
Jordan, Clare.

il 14.

The following Gentlemen of Trinity

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Venall, Cath.
Waddington, Trin.
Wales, Cath.
Walford, Trin.
Wallace, Trin.
Watson, Tri.
Watson, Joh.
Wetenhall, Jes.
Wharton, Joh.
Whitmore, Trin.
Williams, Chr.
Willan, Chr.
Wilmot, Joh.
Wilmot, Caius.
Wilson, Trin.
Woods, Emm.
Wright, Trin.
Yate, Joh.
Yorke, Joh.
Yule, Jes.

Priaulx, Cath.
Price, Qu.
Proctor, Pemb.
Ribsdale, Pet.
Robinson, Qu.
Shaw, Pet.
Smith, C. C.
Spencer, Qu.
Sprigge, Pet.
Stimson, Caius.
Tayleur, Trin.
Tryan, Joh.
Tyrer, Cath.
Warner, Qu.
White, Emm.
Whitbread, Trin. H.
Wilson, Cath.
Woodley, Pet.
Woodward, Joh.
Wymer, Joh.
Wynne, Joh.
Yarbury, Trin.

elected Scholars of that

Carus, Cleasby, Turner, Neate, Hovenden.

Westm. Scholars.

Bentall, Chester, Knight.

PREFERMENTS. Blathwayt, Charles, B.A. to the Rectory of Langridge; Patron, William Blathwayt, Esq, of Dyrham Park. Bowle, Charles, M.A. Minister of Winborne, Dorset, to the Vicarage of Milborne Port, Somerset; Patron, the Marquess of Anglesey. Bulmer, M.A. of the College of Hereford, to the Rectory of Putley, in that county; Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Hereford. Carr, Samuel, M.A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Little Eversden, Cambridgeshire; Patrons, the President and Fellows of that Society. Clough, C. B. M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Rector of Llanferris, Denbighshire, to be Domestic Chaplain to the Marchioness Cornwallis. Cobb, Robert, M.A. to the Rectory of Burmash, Kent; Patron, the King. Deedes, Julius, M.A. and Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Orlingbury, Northamptonshire; Patron, Sir Brook Wm. Bridges, Bart. Duffield, R. B.D. Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Impington, Cambridgeshire; Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Ely. Foulis, Henry, M.A. Chaplain to the Lord Wiscount Downe, to hold the Rectory of Panton, Lincolnshire, and the Vicarage of Wragby, with East Torrington; Patron, Edmund Turnor, Esq. of Stoke Rochford: By Dispensation under the Great Seal. Frere, Temple, M.A. of Downing College, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Burston, Norfolk. Hodgson, Douglas, Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Winchester, to the Rectory of East Woodhay. Jones, John, M.A. Precentor and Chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford, to be Master of the School of that Society; Patron, the Dean. Lee, Samuel, M.A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, and Professor of Arabic in that University, to the Perpetual Curacy of Bilton with Harrogate; Patron, the Rev. A. Cheap, Vicar of Knaresborough. Mackie, Charles, M.A. Rector of Quarley, Hants, to be one of the Domestic Chaplains to his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Matthews, James Thomas, of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the Perpetual Curacy of Prior's Lee, Warwickshire; Patron, the Rev. N. Hinde, Rector of Kingswinford.

Meredith, Richard, B.A. of St. Edmund
Hall, Oxford, to be Domestic Chaplain
to the Earl of Rocksavage.
Millers, George, M.A. to the Rectory of
Herdwicke, Cambridgeshire.
Packman, R. C. Rector of Langdon Hills,
Essex, to be one of the Priests in Or-
dinary of his Majesty's Chapel Royal.
Pears, –, Master of the Bath Grammar
School, to be Curate of St. Michael's.
Percival, Thomas Cozens, M.A. and Stu-
dent of Christ Church, Oxford, to the
Rectory of Horseheath, Cambridge-
shire; Patrons, the Governors of the
Charter House.
Rabbitts, Cicero, B.A. to the Rectory of
Wanstrow ; Patron, Rev. George M.
Bethune, LL.D. of Worth.
Ridout, George, LL.B. to the Rectory of
Lamyaf, on his own petition as Patron.
Sargeaunt, John, M.A. of Christ Church,
Oxford, to the Vicarage of Dodington;
Patron, the King.
Talbot, Henry George, B.A. and Student
of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Rec-
tory of Mitchell Troy cum Cymcarvan,
Monmouthshire; Patron, his Grace the
Duke of Beaufort.
Turnor, Charles, M.A. Prebendary of
Lincoln, to hold the Vicarage of Milton
Ernest, Bedfordshire, with Wendover
Vicarage, Bucks; Patron, Edmund Tur-
nor, Esq.
Uvedale, W. B.A. Vicar of Markby, near
Alford, to the Vicarage of Kirmond,
Lincolnshire; Patron, Edmund Tur-
nor, Esq. of Stoke Rochford.
Ward, C. R. to the Vicarage of Wapley
and Codrington, in the county of Glou-


By the Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the Chapel of Christ's College, Cambridge. de Acons. Blunt, Walter, King's College, Cambridge. Bury, William, Litterate. Busfield, William, B.A. Uuniversity College, Oxford. Edwards, Joseph, B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge. Eyre, Charles Wasteneys, B.A. Brasenose College, Oxford. Gaitskell, Isaac, B.A. Trinity College, Henry, Henry Charles Luson, Jesus College, and

Hodgson, Charles, B.A. Magdalen Col-
lege, Cambridge.
Hulme, Francis Philip, B.A. St. Alban
Hall, and
Husford, John, B.A. Queen's College,
Lagden, Richard Dowse, B.A. Clare Hall,
Manley, George Pearse, B.A. Jesus Col-
lege, Cambridge.
Mergell, Crosbie, B.A. Trinity College,
Morgan, Thomas, B.A. Jesus College, and
Moultrie, John, Trinity College, Cam-
Port, George Richard, B.A. Brasenose
College, Oxford.
Pyne, Thomas, B.A. St. John's College,
Robson, John Evans.
Sheepshanks, Thomas, M.A. Trinity Col-
Symes, Richard, B.A. Jesus College, and
Tufnell, George, B.A. Emmanuel Col-
lege, Cambridge. -
Tyrwhitt, Thomas, B.A. Christ Church,
Werdmann, George Strochlin, Literate.
Waddington, George, M.A. Fellow of
Trinity College, and
Weaver, Benjamin, B.A. Sidney Sussex
College, and
Wimberley, Charles, B.A. Emmanuel
College, Cambridge.
Wix, Edw. B.A. Trinity College, Oxford.

[blocks in formation]

Stoneman, Henry, B.A. Pembroke Col-
lege, Oxford.
Williamson, William, Literate.
April 5.
By the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and
Coventry, at St. Philip's Church, Bir-
Feilden, Robert Moseley, B.A. Magda-
len College, Cambridge.
Jackson, Joseph, B.A. University College.
Shutt, Joseph, M.A. Pembroke College,
Webb, Joseph, B.A. Wadham College,
Chetwode, Henry, Literate. -
Dunn, Rev. Chris. Blencow, Literate.
Howorth, Henry, B.A. St. John's College,
Withy, Henry, M.A. Merton College,


Baker, W. D. of Monmouth, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Harris, of Usk. Brodie, Robert, M.A. of St. Edmund Hall, Minister of Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the late Robert Lisle, Esq. of Acton House, Northumberland; at Long Ashton, Somerset. Burghs, George, Vicar of Halvergate, Norfolk, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Rev. S. D. Myers, M.A. formerly Vicar of Mitcham, in the county of Surrey. De la, Fite, Henry A. M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, to Sarah, daughter of the late S. De Castro, Esq. Fawcett, James, M.A. of Leeds, to Isabella, fourth daughter of James Farish, Esq. of Cambridge; at Great St. Andrew's Church, Cambridge. Ford, James, of Northampton, to Jane Frances, daughter of the late Edward Nagle, Esq.; at Dallington, Northamptonshire. Gribble, Charles, of Braunton, near Barnstaple, to Ann, youngest daughter of the late Mr. W. Cox, of Wiveliscombe. Hopkins, Daniel John, Rector of Woolley, Hants, to Esther Barnard, daughter of the late J. Hammond, M.D.; at St. Pancras Church. Lloyd, Arthur Forbes, Rector of Instow, Devon, to Harriet, second daughter of T. F. Forster, Esq. of How-street, Walthamstow.

Herbert, Hon. and Rev. G. in the 46th year of his age. Hornby, E. T. S. M.A. and Fellow of All Soul's College, Oxford : at Orford Hall, Lancaster, in his 43d year, Jones, Richard, Vicar of Llamynys, Denbighshire. Marriott, John, M.A. formerly Student of Christ Church, Oxford, late Curate of Broadclist, Devon, and Rector of Church Lawford, Warwickshire; in his 45th year. Pridden, John, M.A. F.S.A. Minor Camon Canon of St. Paul's, Rector of St. George, Botolph-lane, and Vicar of Caddington, Bedfordshire; in Fleetstreet, aged 67. -Probyn, W. Chancellor of St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Vicar of Longhope, Gloucestershire, and of Pershore, Worcestershire; at his residence, at Pershore, aged 64. Pugh, William, M.A. one of the senior Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Vicar of Bottisham, in that county; at Croydon, Surrey. Richards, John, M.A. Curate of St. Michael's parish, Bath, and Vicar of Wedmore, Somerset; at Ridgway, in Devonshire, aged 55. The Church has had a grèat loss in the death of this truly pious and exemplary Clergyman. He was indefatigable in his parochial duties, doing the work of an Evangelist, not in the pulpit only, but in going about from house to house among those entrusted to his charge, and carrying Christian instruction and comfort to all who required them. In the pulpit, indeed, he was singularly powerful and persuasive, as the crowded congregations of St.Michael'sChurch amply testified. His death has excited that deep regret, among all who were acquainted with him, which is so justly due to such a loss. Salmon, Samuel, Curate of Wetheringsett, Suffolk. Stevenson, Very Rev. G. Dean of Kilfemora; at the Deanery House, Ennis. Sumners, W. at Westend House, Wickwar, aged 77.

Lugger, J. L. to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant-General Williams, R.M.; at Stonehouse, Devon. Mack, W. B. son of the Rev. W. Mack, Rector of Horham, Suffolk, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Warner, of Southtown; at Gorleston. Maule, Henry Augustus, of Boxford, Suffolk, to Martha Shirley Rawes, only daughter of the Rev. William Rawes; at Houghton-le-Spring, Durham. Plumptre, Robert Bathurst, son of the Very Rev. the Dean of Gloucester, to Susanna, daughter of the late Rev. Iltyd Nicholl, D.D. of Ham, in the county of Glamorgan. Sharpe, Lancelot, Rector of Allhallows, Staining, London, and of the Shrubbery, Lower Edmonton, to Mary, second daughter of T. L. Tweed, Esq. of the same place; at Edmonton. Trollope, William, of Christ's Hospital, to Sarah, eldest daughter of William Clarke, Esq.; at East Bergholt, Suffolk. . Trotman, Fiennes J. Vicar of Dallington, Northamptonshire, to Mary, second daughter of the late Rev. N. Earle, of Swerford, in this county; at Steeple Aston. Wood, William, eldest son of William Cole Wood, Esq. of Martock, to Julia, eldest daughter of Vincent Stuckey, Esq. of Sloane-street, and of Hill House, Somersetshire; at the New Church, Chelsea.


Codrington, R. 35 years Minister of Bi-
shop's Hull, Somerset.
Cohan, William Holland, M.A. late of
Exeter College, Oxford, Rector of Hal-
well, 35 years Curate of Black Tor-
rington, and 28 years a Magistrate of
the county of Devon; at Coham, in the
parish of Black Torrington, after a short
illness, in his 62d year.
Davies, Richard, Vicar of Tetbury and
Horsley; at the Vicarage, Tetbury, in
his 79th year.
Fuller, Richard, in the 76th year of his
age; at Aston-Tirrold, Berks.


pivinity. Calvinistic Predestination repugnant to the general tenor of Scripture; shewn in a Series of Discourses on the Moral Attributes and Government of God; delivered in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin. By the Very

Rev. R. Graves, D.D. M.R.I.A.
King's Professor of Divinity in Trinity
College, Dublin, Dean of Ardagh, &c.
&c. 8vo. 12s.
Observations of a Parish Priest, on
Scenes of Sickness and Death. By J.
D. Coleridge, LL.B. Vicar of Ken-

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