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ON Friday, the General Committee of the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, held their Meeting at St. Martin's Vestry Room. Present—Archbishop of York, Bishops of Ely, Salisbury, Bath and Wells, Lichfield and Coventry, Gloucester, Exeter, Chester; Lord Kenyon, Sir James

Langham, Bart., George Gipps, Esq. M.P. ; Archdeacons Cambridge and Watson; Rev. Dr. Bell, and other members of the Committee. Eight fresh Schools were added to the Society, and several grants of money were made towards the erecting, enlarging, and fitting up of School-rooms.


On Sunday, March 27, the Rev. John Inglis, D.D. Ecclesiastical Commissary in the Diocese of Nova Scotia, was consecrated at Lambeth, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Bishopric of that Diocese, on the resignation of the Right Rev. Bishop Stanser. The sermon was preached by the Rev. A. Hamilton, Secretary to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. OXFORD. Degrees conferred February 23. Master of ARts. Dighton, Edward, Esq. Exeter College, Grand Compounder. March 2. Doctor in civil LAw. Shepherd, Rev. Henry, St. Alban Hall, Grand Compounder. MASTERS or Arts. Barrett, Rev. Stephen, Lincoln College. Davis, Rev. James, University College. Robinson, Rev. Christopher Thomas, Brasenose College. Tierney, George, Fellow of Merton College. Trevor, Hon. Arthur Hill, Christ Church. Wiggett, William Lyde, University College. BAchelors of ARts. Elton, William Tierney, Worcester College. Roberson, William Henry Moncrieff, Lincoln College. Wildman, Richard, Christ Church, Grand Compounder. March 10. Doctors in divinity. Howard, Rev. Richard, Jesus College, Grand Compounder. Page, Rev. John, late Fellow of Brasenose College, Grand Compounder. BAChelor in Divinity. Coker, Rev. Walter King, Oriel College. MASTERs or ARts. Greswell, Richard, Fellow of Worcester College.

Lancaster, Richard Thomas, Exeter Col-
Tudball, Rev. Thomas, Baliol College,
Grand Compounder.
BACHELOR's of Arts.
Breton, Edward Rose, Queen's College.
Onslow, Richard Foley, Christ Church.
March 17.
Tucker, Rev. John, Fellow of Corpus
Christi College.
MAster of Arts.
Packe, Rev. Christ. Worcester College.
Brett, Thomas Brandon, Esq. Commoner
of Christ Church, Grand Compounder.
February 22.
The new Statute relating to the Exa-
minations, which provides that there shall
in future be nine instead of sir Examiners,
and that the Classical and Mathematical
Examinations shall be distinct, passed the
House of Convocation. The number of
Classes is to be four, of which the three
first are to be printed.
February 23.
The Rev. William Dalby, M.A. of
Exeter College, and the Rev. John watts,
M.A. of University College, were elected
Proctors by their respective Societies, and
their election was announced to the Vice-
Chancellor the same day. The Proctors
will be admitted into office on the 13th of
April, the first day of Easter Term.
March 4.
Mr. C. Wells was admitted Scholar of
New College.

- March 11.

Mr. W. Howard was admitted Fellow of New College.

The Dean of Westminster has recently placed at the disposal of the University the sum of 3000l. for the purpose of endowing three Scholarships. Dr. Ireland has left the nature of the Examinations, and the nomination of Examiners, entirely to the decision of the University. It is generally understood, that the Examination will be exclusively classical, and that the Examiners will be appointed from time to time by a standing Committee of University Officers. March 12. Mr. Henry William Newbolt was admitted Scholar of New College. March 13. Mr. Ralph Grenside and Mr. Robert Walker Tomlinson, Commoners of University College, were elected Scholars on the Yorkshire Foundation of that Society. March 15. In full Convocation, Petitions were voted to both Houses of Parliament, praying that the statutes now in force, by which persons professing the Roman Catholic religion are prohibited from holding certain offices, and from sitting in Parliament, may not be repealed. March 17. Mr. Robert Evans, Commoner of Jesus College, was elected Scholar of that Society. March 23. Mr. Andrew Douglas Stackpoole was admitted Scholar of New College. March 25. The Rev. Edward Whateley, M.A. late Fellow of Oriel College, was admitted Principal of St. Alban Hall, on the nomination of the Right Hon.'Lord Grenville, Chancellor of the University.

CAMBRIDGE. Degrees conferred March 2. HoNORARY Master of ARts. Ryder, Hon. Granville, Trinity College. MASTER or arts. Butt, Rev. John William, Sidney College. Bachelors in civil LAw. Bankin, Robert, Trinity Hall. Lumley, William Golden, Trinity Hall. Yescom, Edward Bayntum, Downing College, Grand Compounder. March 8. Doctor in Divinity. Jefferson, Rev. Robert, B.D. Sidney Sussex College. BAchelor or arts. Revell, Henry Revell, Catherine Hall. March 18. Doctor in divinity. Walton, Rev. Jonathan, Trinity College. Masters of Arts. Ion, Rev. John, Pembroke Hall. Stephenson, Rev. John Hillier, Trinity College. IN eptons to the DEGREE. Best, George, St. John's College. Birkett, John, Fellow of St. John's College. Calvert, Nicolson R. St. John's College.

Giraud, Rev. E. A. St. John's College. Harris, Rev. Joseph H. Fellow of ClareHall. Hutchinson, Rev. William John, Jesus College. Jenyns, Rev. Leonard, St. John’s College. Lascelles, Rev. R. Christ College. Malden, Henry, Fellow of Trinity College. Mo, Thomas, Emmanuel College. Porter, Rev. G. S. Fellow of Christ College. Bachelor in tiwil Law. Crespigny, Rev. H. Champion de, Trinity Hall. March 7. The Rev. Charles Ingle, M.A. of St. Peter's College, was admitted a Bye Fellow of that Society. March 8. At a Congregation this day, a Petition from this University, to both houses of Parliament, against any further concessions to the Roman Catholics, was voted by 70 to 38. The Vice-Chancellor has appointed Mr. Thomas Johnson, University-Marshal, in the room of the late Mr. John Chellis. March 16. Edward Baines, B.A. of Christ College, was elected a Fellow of that Society, on the foundation of Sir John Finch and Sir Thomas Baines. March 18. Mr. Edward Herbert Fitzherbert, and Mr. John Wordsworth, both of Trinity College, were elected University Scholars, on Dr. Bell's Foundation. March 21. Thomas Crick, B.A. and John Frederick Isaacson, B.A. of St. John's College, were elected foundation Fellows of that Society, and the Rev. Nicholas Fiott, M.A. was elected a Fellow on the Platt foundation. There will be Congregations on the following days in Easter Term:— Wednesday . . April 20, at 11 o'clock. Wednesday . . May 4.... 11 Wednesday ... — 11 . . . . 11 Wednesday ... — 25 .... 11 Saturday - - - - June 11 (Stat.) B.D. Com. at 10 o'clock. Saturday . . . . July 2.... 11 Monday . . . . — 4 - - - - 11


The Chancellor's Gold Medals for the two best proficients in Classical Learning, among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, are adjudged to Mr. John Frederick Isaacson, of St. John's College, and Mr. Richard Williamson, of Trinity College.

A summary of the MEMBERs of the

UNIVERsity, 1825.
Members Members
of the Senate, on the Boards.

Trinity College ... . 576 . . . 1316
St. John's College . . 420 - - - - 1056
Queen's College . . . . 66 - - - - 262
Emmanuel College. . 94 - - - - 219
Christ College...... 56 - - - - 217
Jesus College . . . . . . 73 . . . . 209
Caius College . . . . . . 74 - - - - 206
St. Peter's College .. 53 . . . . 175
Clare Hall . . . . . ... • 55 . . . . 148
Corpus Christi College 30 . . . . 144
Trinity Hall ...... 25 . . . . 130
Catharine Hall . . . . 25 . . . . 124
Pembroke Hall . . . . 37 - - - - 117
King's College . . . . . . 81 .... 107

Sidney College . . . . 34 .... 101

Magdalen College . . 36 . . . . 100 Downing College • - 14 • . . . 57 Commorantes in Willā 12 - - - - 12

1761 4700

It appears from the University Calendar, that the number of Members on the boards is 4700, being an increase of 210 in the last year, and of 1905 since 1813. The number of Members on the books of Oxford is 4660, so that the numbers at Cambridge now, for the first time, we believe, exceed those at Oxford.

PREFERMENTS. Baldwin, J. to the Vicarage of Leyland,

near Preston. Bamford, R. W. to the Vicarage of Bishopstone, Durham. Barrett, Jonathan Tyers, D.D. to the Prebend of Mapesbury, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul; Patron, the Bishop of London. Birrell, Rev. John, M.A. Minister of Westruther, Berwickshire, to the second charge of Cupar. Buckland, William, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and reader of Mineralogy and Geology in that University, to the Rectory of Stoke Charity, near Winchester; Patron, the President and Fellows of that Society. Chandler, George, D.C.L. and late Fellow of New College, Oxford, to the District Church in Stafford-street, in the Parish of St. Mary-le-bone, in the county of Middlesex; Patron, the King. Corrie, John, to the Rectory of Morcott, Rutlandshire; Patron, the Rev. Edward Thorold. Coyle, Miles, M.A. to the Rectory of

Monnington-on-Wye, Herefordshire ; Patron, Sir G. Cornewall, Bart. Dixon, George, M.A. of St. John’s College, Oxford, and Curate of Rothbury, to the Living of Tynemouth; Patron, Sir J. D. Astley, Bart. Douglas, Henry, M.A. to the Precentorship of Llandaff, and the Prebend of Hicman's. Drew, William Creasy, B.A. to the Rectory of Sandringham, with Babingley annexed in Norfolk; Patron, Henry Hoste Henley, Esq of SandringhamHall. Jones, Hugh, late Curate of Lewisham, to the Vicarage of that Parish; Patron, the Earl of Dartmouth. Harries, W. to the Vicarage of Amroth, Pembrokeshire. Hawes, Thomas, to the Rectory of Thornden, Suffolk, on his own Petition. Holcombe, James Robertson, M.A. Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, to the Vicarage of Steventon, Berks, belonging to the Bishop's Donation or Collation, for this time only, by lapse of time. Hunter, James, LL.D. to be Minister of the parish of St. Leonard's; Patron, the King. Kennedy, George, to be Pastor to the United Associate Congregation of Kilconquhar. Knight, William Bruce, M.A. to the Chancellorship of the Diocese of Llandaff; Patron, the Bishop. Lee, Dr. John, to be Minister of the Church and Parish of Lady Yester's, • Edinburgh. Lee, L. C. M.A. and Senior Fellow of New College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Wootton, in that county; Patrons the Masters and Fellows of that Society. Lennard, Dacre Barrett, B.A. to the Rectory of St. Michael at Placit, Norwich; Patron, Sir T. B. Lennard, Bart. of Belhus, Essex. Long, Robert Churchman, to the Rectory of Swainsthorpe, Norfolk, on his own Petition. Macarthur, Alexander, to be Minister of Dairsie; Patron, the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine. Markham, D. F. B.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Vicarage of Addingham, Cumberland. Merest, J. W. D." to be one of the Domestic Chaplains to his Grace the Duke of Grafton. Oakeley, Herbert, B.D. to the Prebend of Wenlocksbarn, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul; Patron, the Bishop of London. Orman, Charles J. M.A. to be Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Suffolk.

Prince, Thomas, D.D. Fellow of Wadham
College, Oxford, to the Chaplaincy of
the British Embassy at the Hague.
Also to be Domestic Chaplain to the
Countess of Athlone.
Rees, William, of Trunch, and late of
Jesus College, Oxford, to the Master-
ship of the North Walsham Grammar
Risley, William Cotton, M.A. and Fellow
of New College, Oxford, to be one of
the Domestic Chaplains to the Right
Hon. Frederick Baron Carteret.
Stephenson, John Hollier, B.A. of Trinity
College, Cambridge, to the Rectory of
Dengie, Essex.
Taylor, Charles, D.D. of Baliol College,
Oxford, and Head Master of the College
School, Hereford, Prebendary of More-
ton Magna, to the Chancellorship of
that Diocese.
Tomkyns, R. B.C.L. Fellow of New
College, Oxford, to the Rectory of
Saham Tony, Norfolk; Patrons, the
Master and Fellows of that Society.
Twisleton, Frederick, S.C. L. Fellow of
New College, Oxford, and Domestic
Chaplain to the Bishop of Hereford, to
the Rectory of Broadwell cum Adle-
strop, vacant by the death of the Hon.
Dr. Twisleton.
Williams, George, to the Rectory of Sedg-
berrow, Worcestershire.
Wood, G. to the Rectory of the Holy
Trinity, Dorchester.
Wrangham, Francis, M.A. Archdeacon
of Cleveland, to a Prebendal Stall in the
Cathedral Church of Chester; the Arch-
bishop of York's option.

February 27.

By the Lord Bishop of Lincoln in Maryle-bone Church, London.

ideacons. Adnutt, Robert Thomas, B.A. Emmanuel College, and Calcraft, John Neville, B.A. Clare Hall, Cambridge, Dashwood, Henry, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford. Everest, Thomas Roupell, B.A. Pembroke College, Cambridge. From the Bishop of Salisbury, Fowler, Wm. B.A. Magdalen College, Cambridge. Gwynne, Lawrence, B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge. From the Bishop of Salisbury. Harris, Joseph Hemington, B.A. Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge. Hawkins, Ernest, B.A. Baliol College, Oxford.

Hooper, W. Nixon, B.A. Corpus Christi
College, and
Humfrey, Wm. Cave, St. Peter's College,
Marriott, Wm. Marriott Smith, B.A.
Trinity College, Cambridge. }
From the Bishop of Rochester.
Ousby, Robert, B.A. St. John's College,
Tomblin, Charles, B.A. Emmanuel Col-
lege, Cambridge.
Backhouse, Ralph Drake, B.A. Clare
Hall, Cambridge.
From the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Bromily, Arthur, St. Edmund Hall,
Oxford. R
From the Bishop of St. David's...}
Butanshaw, Francis, B.A. University
College, Oxford. }
From the Bishop of Rochester.
Camidge, Charles Joseph, B.A. ...}
rine Hall, Cambridge.
From the Archbishop of York.
Cheales, Henry, B.A. Pembroke Hall, and
Childers, Eardley, B.A. Trinity College,
Cambridge. -
Deedess Julius, M.A. Trinity college, \
From the Archbishop of Canterbury. P
Foulis, Henry, B.A. St. John's College,
Frost, Robert, B.A. Catherine Hall, Cam-
Geneste, Maximilian, Queen's College,
From the Bishop of Salisbury.
Holmes, Frederick, B.A. St. John's
College, Cambridge.
From the Bishop of London.
Lennard, Dacre Barrett, B.A. Jesus
College, Cambridge.
From the Bishop of Norwich.
Moule, Henry, B.A. St. John's College,
Cambridge. }
From the Bishop of Salisbury.
Price, G. B.A. Magdalen Hall, Oxford.
Sargeaunt, John, M.A. Christ Church,
Oxford. }
From the Bishop of Peterborough.
Simpson, John Holt, B.A. Pembroke Hall,
Spencer, William Pakenham, M.A. St.
John's College, Cambridge.
From the Bishop of Ely.
Tilden, Wm.”B.A. Sidney Sussex Col-
lege, Cambridge.
From the Bishop of Rochester.
Wimbolt, Thomas Henry, B.A. Pembroke
Hall, Cambridge.

CLERGYMEN MARRIED. Bellamy, Edward, of the Priory, Downham, to Mary Exam, daughter of Geo. Scholey, Esq. of Clapham Common. Bushe, William, to Eliza, daughter " the late J. Daxon, Esq. of Strasburgh, county of Clare. Freeland, Henry, of Cobham, Surrey, Rector of Hasketon, Suffolk, to Sophia Lydia, daughter of the late Thomas Ruggles, Esq. of Spaines Hall, Sussex. Hallewell, J. M.A. Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge, and Chaplain of St. Thomas's Mount, to Mary, daughter of Dr. Thompson, of Wexford. Henning, Chas. Wansbrough, of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Rachel Lydia, eldest daughter of the Rev. T. T. Biddulph, Minister of St. James's, Bristol. Holmes, Frederick, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Professor in the Bishop's College, at Calcutta, to Anna Maria, the eldest daughter of Joseph Loxdale, Esq. of Kingsland house. King, Moss, second son of J. King, Esq. of Grosvenor-place, to Elizabeth Margaret, daughter of the Rev. L. Coddington. Knox, H. C. of Loughton, Sussex, to Sophia Martha, daughter of the late George Darby, Esq. Latten, William, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. James Green, at Colchester. Rouch, Frederick Henry, M.A. of St. • John's College,Oxford, to Martha, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Emra, Vicar of St. George's, Gloucestershire. Whiting, James, B.A. Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company, to Susan, only daughter of the late Mr. C. White, of Colchester. CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Bland, Robert, Curate of Kenilworth, at Leamington, Warwickshire. Chamberlayne, Thomas, Rector of Charlton, Kent. Coke, Samuel, at Harmondsworth Vicarage, Middlesex, in his 80th year. Dore, James, of Walworth. . Draper, E. Rector of Leckampton, at Alderley, Gloucestershire, aged 91. Elmsley, Peter, D.D. Principal of St. Alban Hall, Oxford, Camden's Professor of History, andformerlyof ChristChurch, in the 52d year of his age. He took the Degree of M.A. in July 1797; of B.D. in October, and D.D. in November, 1823. Fuller, J. at Chesham. Bucks, aged 74. Girdlestone, John Lang, at Sherringham; this divine was born at Baconsthorpe, Jan. 5, 1763. He was educated by his uncle until the age of fourteen, and then placed under the care of Dr. Potter, the translator of the Greek tragedians, with whom he continued until he went to Caius College, Cambridge, Oct. 1781. In Jan. 1785, he took his

degree of B.A., having, notwithstanding his habitual aversion to the study of mathematics, obtained a respectable station among the senior optimes of that year. During the same year he was elected a Fellow of his College, and took his M.A. degree at the usual standing. In 1788 he was instituted to the rectory of Swainsthorpe, on the presentation of his sister, Mrs. Brooke, and married during the following year. About this period he was appointed by the Bishop of Norwich, and the other trustees, to the Mastership of the Beccles Grammar School. In this situation he exerted no common abilities, and not without considerable success: but the employment was far from congenial to his peculiar turn of mind, and he resigned it at Christmas, 1813, on being instituted to the vicarage of Sherringham. Shortly before this period he became known to the public as the author of a very spirited translation of all the odes of Pindar into English verse. In the ensuing year he published the first part of “Familiar Dialogues on Religion,” a work of considerable merit, designed by himself to act as an antidote to the effects of Mr. Belsham's version of the New Testament. He was in the habit also of printing short and useful tracts for the use of his scholars, and afterwards of his parishioners. His last publication was an Essay on the Foundation of the Christian Church: besides which he had prepared for the press some religious poetry, shortly previous to his death. This event took place after a severe illness, at Sherringham, Jan. 22, 1825. Severe domestic affliction was thought by his friends to have aggravated his natural irritability of temperament and sensitive perception of the ills and sufferings of life. In him were united unbending firmness of principle with the most extreme tenderness of heart. Though tenaciously averse to enter into mixed society, he exercised in the small circle of domestic life powers of conversation, vivacity of manner, and benevolence of purpose, which insured him the love as well as the admiration of those who had the happiness to be known to him. Nor has he left them without the best of consolation, the recollection of that unshaken Christian piety, which animated the tenor of his life, and supported him in the valley of the shadow of death. Hall, Benjamin, D.D. of Jesus College, Oxford, Prebendary and Precentor of

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