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Сторінка 9 - Typographical Antiquities: being an historical account of printing in England; with some memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them from the year 1471 to 1500. With an appendix concerning printing in Scotland and Ireland to the same time.
Сторінка 11 - SHAKSPERE AND TYPOGRAPHY. Being an Attempt to show Shakspere's Personal Connection with, and Technical Knowledge of, the Art of Printing ; also Remarks upon some common Typographical Errors, with especial reference to the Text of Shakspere. By William Blades. 8vo, pp. viii. and 78, with an Illustration, cloth. 1872. 3s. BLADES.— THE BIOGRAPHY AND TYPOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM CAXTON, England's First Printer.
Сторінка 10 - ORIGIN AND PROGRESS OF WRITING, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, Illustrated by Engravings taken from. Marbles, Manuscripts, and Charters, Ancient and Modern ; also Some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing.
Сторінка 26 - A MANUAL OF THE ART OF BOOK-BINDING : Containing full instructions in the different Branches of Forwarding, Gilding, and Finishing. Also, the Art of Marbling Book-edges and Paper. By JAMES B. NICHOLSON. Illustrated. 12mo., cloth $2 25 fT3RRIS.— A HAND-BOOK FOR LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS AND -1' MACHINISTS : Comprising the Proportions and Calculations for Constructing Locomotives ; Manner of Setting Valves ; Tables of Squares, Cubes, Areas, etc.
Сторінка 15 - Bibliotheca Spenceriana ; or a Descriptive Catalogue of the books printed in the fifteenth century, and of many valuable first editions in the library of George John, Earl Spencer, KG ac.&c.&c.
Сторінка 11 - The Origin of Printing, in two Essays : 1. The Substance of Dr. Middleton's Dissertation on the Origin of Printing in England. 2. Mr. Meerman's Account of the Invention of the Art at Harleim, and its Progress to Mentz, with occasional Remarks, and an Appendix,
Сторінка 31 - Xylographie delineations of Scripture History, issued in Holland, Flanders, and Germany during the Fifteenth Century, exemplified and considered in connexion with the origin of printing, to which is added an attempt to elucidate the character of the paper-marks of the period.
Сторінка 10 - An inquiry into the nature and form of the books of the ancients...
Сторінка 22 - Henry, typographical antiquities. History, origin, and progress, of the art of printing, from its first invention in Germany to the end of the 17.
Сторінка 17 - A View of the Early Parisian Greek Press ; including the Lives of the Stephani...

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