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less-against the Church. On the other hand, ments. Thank goodness! it did not enter the what do the wealthy classes do for the Church, Queen's head to knight Walter Besant. It is which is the chief upholder of their unjust a wonder that the person who wanted to make privileges ? They do for it all the harm that our great novelist Lord Dickens did not think they can. They defend it with their speech and of that. So many titles are being bestowed on ruin it by their actions. The state of London empty heads that it would have made them society that has been revealed by recent divorce-comparatively decent by giving one to Besant. court cases is a distinct advertisement that the Church is more useful to the Devil than to God.

A Jubilee Hero. The Church sprung from the people, and as long

The Queen has a son who is at present in as it is not a people's Church so long will it be not a proper Church. This is the problem

India. He possesses a little of the musical before Mr. Samuel Smith and all like him, who

talent of his family ; he might have honourably seriously regret that the Church is what she is

and ably filled the post of a drummer or a to bring the Church, founded by Christ the

flute-tooter. Being his mother's son, he is Democrat, backtothe constitution of its Founder.

Commander-in-Chief of the Indian army, a post that should be held by the very ablest

soldier in the empire. Now, at this present The People's Palace.

time, danger hangs upon the borders of India. Whenever a thing is good the Devil tries to Yet the time is selected as that in which get hold of it. And as with the monarch of the a rule must be broken, and the Commanderobscene depths so with earthly royalty. Royalty, in-Chief allowed to leave his post of duty in that never gives a penny to the people, is never order that he may congratulate his mamma on tired of trying to advertise itself the people's having the power to place him in a situation friend. By opening a People's Palace it for which he is thoroughly unfit. A few would say, “See what your Queen gives to members of the House of Commons have you, the people.” So out to the East-end of | uttered a protest against this foolishness. We London went our hermit-Queen, bowing like the think that they did wrong. It really does not Chinese Mandarin, and looking, to do her matter whether any one of the Queen's sons is justice, as honestly and thoroughly bored as it in India, Britain, or Wangeroo. We are fools is possible for a woman to look. The Palace she to let them take away the rewards of honourwent to open is a creation from the brain of able and honoured merit, and it does not Mr. Walter Besant, the novelist, whose heart matter one straw where they spend these is with the people, but whose head has yet to rewards. Indeed, it would pay us in the end be taught how the people are really to be to give them their full salaries and ask them helped. But, at any rate, the Palace was a | to emigrate. great idea. It was to be a splendid hall of culture and enjoyment for the people. Unfor Help for Those who Help Themselves. tunately, the people do not seem to care much A prayer of the Athenians used to be "Send about it. Snobocracy has fallen upon it with down, oh! send down rain, dear Zeus, on the its blighting curse, and that which was origin- ploughed fields and plains of the Athenians." ally meant for the use of the people has been That is the same thing as saying "We have turned into an advertisement for royalty. The ploughed, do thou water.” But the English copsummation of this farce of the snobs was the farmer appeals to Providence and Parliament knighting of a Mr. Jenkins-or Jennings, or not after but before he has done the best he can whatever his name is—who is chairman of the for himself. What he suffers from is not Free Drapers' Company, which company gave to Trade but excessive rents. Yet he cries out to the Palace Fund some of that money which Parliament to help him when all he has to do is comes to them from their ill-gained endow. I to insist that he has fair treatment from his

landlord. The Athenians did not say “Oh,

Those Bishops Again. Zeus! plough our fields and then water them." | Those of us Democrats — and we are

not a few—who love and honour the National Labour Representation.

Church and respect her high traditions, are At the National Conference of Iron and

sometimes filled with disgust and despair at Steel Workers Mr. Trow, in an able speech,

the feeble foolishness of many of her clergy. supported a resolution in favour of an increased

The Upper House of Convocation has agreed number of Labour representatives in Parlia

to a motion passed in the Lower House “to ment. He wisely said that he wanted men "who

take such steps as may be in their power to would be above patronage to fight their own

above patronage to fight their own prohibit and suppress this innovation, which is battles irrespective of party." Not until such

a great scandal in the eyes of many devout members appear in the House of Commons will

Church people, and is detrimental to the working men obtain just legislation. In the

spread of true religion.” And what think you last Parliament the Labour representatives

is this innovation, this scandal, this thing did not act irrespective of party. The most

"detrimental to the spread of true religion ?” atrocious propositions made in connection with

The words are so strong that it might be anythe government of Ireland were too easily swal

thing bad. It might be a claim on the part of lowed by the Labour representatives. In thus

a few clergymen to perform Ruddigore for mornacting they not only sacrificed their own prin

ing service, to marry half a dozen wives, or to ciples, but they let down the Liberal party by

murder a churchwarden once a week. But encouraging the belief that working class

one is lost in astonishment to find that this voters would support the party in advocat

dreadful innovation is, that a few Estab. ing the payment of landlords, govern

lished Church clergy have occupied Nonment without representation, a first order, and

conformist pulpits. Really we can hardly other abominations. If the Labour represen

understand this. Are most clergymen fools ? tatives had fearlessly criticised the Bill they

Will they dare to say that the pulpit of Mr. would have saved their own reputations and Spurgeon is less holy than the pulpit of the preserved the Liberal party from destruction.

Archbishop of Canterbury? We begin to

despair of the interests of true religion. ResoTithes.

lutions like that of Convocation more than It is pleasant to learn that “the Tithe War justify Mr. Bradlaugh. When we are told has broken out afresh in Wales.” This is a that “the spread of true religion” is endangered war that ought never to cease. Tithes are a because a State-paid clergyman preaches in dlemand to share the proceeds of other people's the pulpit of a non-State-paid clergyman, then industry under the plea of supplying religious “true religion " has sunk low indeed. teaching which is not wanted. Tithes, therefore, are the most odious form of injustice. To ! A London cook, a poor woman who seems be preached at by men who have their right to have lived an honest enough life, has been hand in your pocket feeling for your hard sent to three months' hard labour because earned sovereigns is an outrage beyond the she gave to a starving beggar man a handful of range of human endurance. The public are her master's broken victuals. Her theft, if we beginning to discover this, and shrewd investors, can use so harsh a word, did not probably who think of nothing but securities, see the

amount to twopence. Now, if she gets three danger of investing in tithes, the market value months' for twopence, how long should many of which has fallen during the last few years public characters get who rob the poor of from twenty-seven years' purchase, which they millions?

millions? It will be an awkward thing for

It will used to realise, to seventeen years' purchase, then it they have which is the outside value now obtainable, the next world.

is not wanted. Tithes: "

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A London cook,

st enough life, has be

The Post Office are true to their traditions perhaps, M.D., without any qualification for in giving to the rich. Instead of raising very doing so. Queen Victoria's loyal subjects low salaries, as they were asked to do, the seem determined to make the Jubilee a farce. maximum of the supervising officers' has been raised from £190 to £300, and the chief | Lord Salisbury tells us that in the good superintendents' maximum from £300 to £400. old times a Coercion Bill was prepared in the Of course, the object is plain—the privileged morning and became law before night. It is classes, who control theso matters, can benefit well to be reminded of this fact, as it shows by salaries of £300 and £400 a year, which that some progress has been made and that may be a convenience for their partially efforts on behalf of justice and liberty are not imbecile sons, but they would not benefit by | altogether in vain. Patriotic opposition has raising the wages of the actual workers, as made it difficult to pass Coercion Bills. Another they do not contemplate participating in real | united effort and it will be impossible to put work or in low wages.

them into operation.

The Primrose League is developing and

Mr. Gladstone, in a letter to the Rev. F. G. advancing. It has taken the place left vacant

Gotley, declares that it is "most reasonable" by the Skeleton Army, a band of blackguards

that England should decide for herself the who used to attack the Salvationists. Indeed,

question of Disestablishment without interierthe Primrose blackguards seem a little worse | ence from Scotland or Wales, and that Scotland than the Skeleton blackguards. Meantime,

and Wales should do the same without interdecent Primrose Leaguers-of whom there are

ference from England or each other. Thus we a few-are beginning to ask, What becomes of

are rapidly advancing to universal Home Rule. the enormous revenues subscribed by the Primrose lodges ? Who spends the Primrose

The report of the Select Committee on the dollars, and how are they spent? We might

City Corporation inquiry affects most seriously answer the question by asking another. What the reputation of Lord Hartington, who is connection is there between the "primrose by

chiefly responsible for the report. The Comthe river's brim ” and chicken and champagne

mittee state that “much money was used for for officials ?

improper and indefensible purposes,” but, in

“their opinion, the charge of malversation has When the police arrested the Plan-of-Cam

not been sustained.” Men who will say this

will say anything, and yet Lord Hartirgton paigners they also seized their money and books. This is clearly illegal. Yet the Lord Chief

has been regarded as a wise and honest man. Baron of Ireland has decided that they are to be held blameless. For the sake of law, Irish

Twelve members of the Irish Constabulary policemen are to be allowed to break the law.

have refused to assist in the coming Balfour

butchery, have left the country, and be. Just so. And yet a few honest dreamers and

come naturalised citizens of the United States. many dishonest politicians tell us that in

And yet the Conservatives still wonder that in Ireland law is justice and justice is law.

America there are so many who dislike Britain.

Trinity College, Dublin, has certainly hit Lord Granville has raised the question upon a particularly Irish way of celebrating whether London should have a teaching as the Jubilee. Degrees this year are to be given well as an examining university. Of course without examination. Because Queen Victoria London should. What is wasted every year has collected half a million every year for fifty in luxurious Corporation guzzlings would proyears, a lot of incapable young fellows are to vide a university worthy of the greatest city in be allowed to write themselves M.A. and, the world.

The Crofter Commission have just issued | What would have been enough to have kept their award in 211 cases. On Lord Mac- those people alive would make a very small donald's estate the reductions made average pension for one of the Queen's relatives. 31 per cent., on Colonel Fraser's estate the average reduction is 42 per cent. Thus it is “Life in parts of Manchester is as unsafe admitted that the Crofters have been over- and uncertain as among a race of savages," says charged by more than one-third, and in many one of our British judges. And yet we are to cases the rents now ordered to be paid are have coercion for comparatively crimeless doubtless two-thirds higher than they ought Ireland and none for criminal Manchester. to be. Working men ought to have poor land Such is our proud position of impartiality. rent free.

The Government and the Plan of Campaign The Debating Society of Cambridge Univers

still divide batween them the rule of Ireland. sity has, by a large majority, voted against op

gainst. Up till now it looks as if the Plan of Campaign Home Rule for Ireland Naturally. Home will be too much for the Government and all Rule is the battle of the masses against the the coercion legislation that the Government classes, and Oxford and Cambridge are institu- can manufacture. tions where the classes are educated on funds

The Colonial Conference has come to an end stolen from the masses.

without practical result. No wonder. This is

not the time to seek to attach distant countries Last year the coroners' juries found that forty to us when we are doing our best to make people had died in London from starvation. Ireland leave us for ever and for ever.


Shrewd and experienced members of the other plans of campaign. These are the means House of Commons declare that the existing which a defrauded people have had occasion to state of things cannot long continue. They adopt in order to defend themselves against admit their inability to suggest the means by the unjust and crushing exactions of landlordwhich a change is to be brought about. They ism. The sole object of the Crimes Bill is, in allow that the connection between the Tories fact, the crushing of all opposition to the exand Hartingtonians is more firm than ever, and action of unjust rents. that members elected as Liberals support a Lord Salisbury at the opening of the present Coercion Bill introduced on false pretences, Parliament announced his intention of collectdirected not against crime but against politi- ing rents from the farmers, whether the land procal agitation. It is, therefore, difficult to duced them or not, and added that if the farmers imagine that any course proposed by the Tory could not pay then the ratepayers must make Government will fail to have the support of good the deficiency. He and his coadjutors Liberals who have turned their backs upon the are carrying out this programme. That it will first principles of Liberalism

fail, goes without saying. How much misery But it is contended that, as the present and robbery it will effect before it is overaction of the Government is a denial of popular thrown it is impossible to say; neither is it and constitutional principles, an outrage easy to predict the methods by which its overupon the decencies of life, and a direct attack throw will be accomplished. But we know upon national liberty, the people will not allow that the British people will not much longer themselves to be coerced and defrauded with allow the British Parliament or the British out adopting some practical measure for the army and police forces to be used as instruprotection of their rights.

ments for the destruction of national rights and The Tory Government have been obliged to national liberties. admit that the Crimes Bill is not required for We are glad to have an authoritative state. the suppression of crime, and that it is intended ment from Mr. Dillon that he is prepared with t) crush minor offences, such as boycotting and 'a plan of campaign which will neutralise the Crimes Act if it ever becomes law. Mr. Dilmade, in order to avoid their powerful opposilon's plans of campaign are usually judicious tion, he should in future rely upon the masses. and effective, and scruples against plans of In Mr. Gladstone the people have a leader who is campaign which were formerly entertained more able and more willing than any other man are rapidly vanishing, as it becomes increasingly to assist their cause. He has handsomely apparent that our Tory and landlord Govern- admitted the errors which he made last year, ment has no scruples whatever against using and is not likely to repeat them. Their retheir powers for supporting the unjust claims | petition would, indeed, be as fatal to the of the classes to which they belong

Liberal cause now as it was a year ago British Tories imagine that they will have

If Lord Rosebery had made last June the everything their own way because the Liberal

speech which he has just delivered at Plyparty has been paralysed by errors, dissensions,

mouth, ridiculing the exclusion of the Irish and desertions. But after the Liberal party

members from Westminster, he would have comes the British people, with whom our

saved the Liberal party from defeat at the oppressors have to reckon before they can

last election. But as matters now stand the accomplish their designs. The British people are now beginning to realise the true nature of

Liberal party will not command general support

until they are prepared with a programme Toryism. They see in the millions of unjust

which will not only define their Irish policy, evictions during the present reign, and the man

but will also include some at least of those ner in which the existing Government are supporting the most unjustifable claims of the

other important matters upon which early legisprivileged classes, that the time has arrived

lation is necessary. The Irish question is not

the only question which must be settled, and when the people must demand their rights or

settled soon; and some questions could be submit for ever to oppression and injustice.

dealt with advantageously in connection with They are also beginning to see that they must

Home Rule. The Irish leaders say that it not place their dependence on political parties

would be a heavy tax upon them to provide or party leaders, and that, important as politi

salaries for members of an Irish Parliament, cal organisation may be, one thing is of still

and for a Parliament at Westminster. This greater importance, and that is to apply those

objection would be met by the universal pay. principles of passive resistance to injustice

ment of members, and the payment of memwhich have been proved effective in mitigat

| bers is one of the most important points of the ing oppression.

Radical programme, the adoption of which by When plans of campaign become the recog.

the Liberal party would stimulate Radical nised methods of action, not only in Ireland, but in Scotland, Wales, and England, there

support. will be some prospect of restoring to the people | Wholly exceptional legislation for one porthe fruits of their industy, of which they are tion of the kingdom will be regarded by: now robbed by the governing classes.

many persons as having a tendency towards But because plans of campaign must be separation, and this apprehension can be best relied upon as the final method for obtaining met by considering a scheme of Home Rule justice, it does not follow that ordinary political applicable to each section of the United Kingaction should be neglected.

dom. As a matter of fact Home Rule is necesWhat has happened of late has greatly sary for the English counties as well as for cleared the political atmosphere. We now Ireland. Nothing can exceed the wretched know that we have nothing to hope from the condition of county government in England. men who, elected as Liberals, have given their Magistrates, practically self-appointed, and votes and voices in favour of coercion and nearly all Tories, govern everybody and every. brutal personalities. It would be a waste of thing in English counties with a degree of time to wait any longer upon these men, whose tyranny and injustice which largely accounts gross betrayal of every principle of Liberalism for the depopulation of country districts. In has handed over to the Tory party the powers Scotland and Wales the feeling in favour of of government. These powers were not Home Rule is strikingly manifested, and is placed in the hands of the present holders by rapidly growing. Without going too - much the people, but have fallen into their possession into details, if it were understood that the by the default of professed Liberals, who were Liberal proposals for Home Rule would be of elected, not to betray, but to support constitu. universal application a stimulus would be given tional liberties.

to political action which would secure for the Mr. Gladstone distinctly announced that, as Liberal party a large working majority at the the classes had not accepted the concessions he next general election.

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