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“ Ye Sylphs and Sylphids, to your chief give ear,
“ Fays, Fairies, Genii, Elves, and Demons, hear !
Ye know the spheres, and various tasks assign'd
“ By laws eternal to th' aërial kind :
“ Some in the fields of purest æther play,

baik, and whiten, in the blaze of day;
“ Some guide the course of wand'ring orbs on high,
6 Or roll the planets thro' the boundless sky:
“ Our humbler province is to tend the Fair,
“ Not a less pleasing, nor less glorious care."

Pope's Rape of the Lock.



VOL 1.

Cengine, Ducena



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T is a certain sign of a man's cause

being bad, when he is obliged to quote precedents in the follies of others, to excuse his own. You see I give up my cause at once. I am convinced I have done a filly thing, and yet I can produce thousands who daily do the same with, perhaps, not so good a motive as myself. In short, not to puzzle you too much, which I know is extremely irksome to a man who loves to have every thing as VOL. I. B


clear as- a proposition in Euclid; your friend (now don't laugh) is married. “Mar“ried !” Aye, why not? don't every body marry ? those who have eftates, to have heirs of their own; and those who have nothing, to get something ; so, according to my system, every body marries. Then why that stare of astonishment ? that look of unbelief? Yes, thou infidel, I am married, and to such a woman! though, notwithstanding her beauty and other accomplishments, I shall be half afraid to present her in the world, she's such a rustic! one of your sylvan deities. But I was mad for her. “So you have been for half the

women in town." Very true, my Lord, so I have, till I either gained them, or saw others whose image obliterated theirs. You well know, love with me has ever been a laughing God, “Rosy lips 6 and cherub smiles," none of its black despairing looks have I experienced.

What will the world say? How will some exult that I am at last taken in ! What, the gay seducive Stanley shackled ! · But, I apprehend, your Lordship

will wish to be informed how the 66 smi

ling mischief” seized me. Well, you shall have the full and true particulars of the matter how, the time when, and place where. I must, however, look back. Perhaps I have been too precipitate I might poffibly have gained the charming maid at a less expence than “ adamantine everlasting chains.”- Buc the bare idea of losing her made every former resolution of never being ensaved appear as nothing.-Her looks “ would

warm the cool bofom of age,” and tempt an Anchorite to fin.

I could have informed you in a much better method, and have led you on through a flowery path; but as all my elaborate sketches must have ended in this disastrous truth, I am married, I thought it quite as well to let you into that important secret at once. As I have divided my discourse under three heads, I will, according to fome able preachers, begin with the first.

I left you as you may remember (though perhaps the burgundy might


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