A Catalogue of the Library of the Athenæum

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341 - Chronological Tables, from the Creation to the present time, with Additions and Corrections, from the most authentic Writers, including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the period from the Exode to the Temple. 8 London, 1844. Bollandus (Joannes) Acta Sanctorum, quotquot toto
34 - Bonaparte (Charles Lucien) American Ornithology; or, Natural History of the Birds of the United States, not given by Wilson, with figures coloured from nature. 4 vols. fol. Philadelphia, 1825-33. Bonasoni (Julio) Some Anecdotes of his Life; with a Catalogue of the Engravings of his "Works, by G. Cumberland. 12 London, 1793. Bonchamps (Madame la Marquise de)
296 - (Bishop John Bird) On the Records of the Creation, and on the Moral Attributes of the Creator. 2 vols. 8 London, 1833. The Evidence of Christianity, derived from its Nature and Reception. 8 London, 1830. A practical Exposition of the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark,
370 - London, 1779. A View of the Evidence relative to the conduct of the American War, under Sir Wm. Howe, Lord Howe, and General Burgoyne, with the celebrated Fugitive Pieces which gave rise to that important Inquiry. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 94, and Nasm. Coll. vol. 28.) 8 London, 1779. The Detail and Conduct of the American War
8 - 2 vols. 8 London, 1799. Antiphon.Oratores Attici, vol. 1. Antiquarian Repertory: a Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography, History, Biography, Customs, and Manners; intended to illustrate and preserve several valuable remains of Old Times. Compiled by Fr. Grose, Tho. Astle, and other eminent Antiquaries. 4 vols. 4 London, 1807. Antiquaries (Society of)see
66 - Conte Leopoldo) Storia della Scultura, dal suo risorgimento in Italia sino al secolo di Canova, per servire di continuazione all' opere di Winckelmann e di d'Agincourt; con le Tavole in folio. 7 vols. 8 Prato, 1823-4. Le Fabbriche piu cospicue di Venezia, misurate, illustrate, ed intagliate, dai Membri della Veneta Reale Accademia di Belle Arti.
200 - (Henry) Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, in 1697. Harris's Voyages, vol. 2; Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 10. A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, in 1697 ; also a Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again, translated by Bishop Clayton. 8 London, 1810. Maupertius. Voyage to the Polar Circle.Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. Maupertuis (M.
372 - The Constitution, Act of Incorporation, and Statutes of the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. (Am. Coll. vol. 13.) 8 New York, 1822. Episcopal Church. Journal of the Proceedings of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal
22 - (Lionel J.) On Deformities, Distortions, and Contractions of the Limbs, Joints, and Spine. 8 London, 1830. On Distortions of the Spine. 8 London, 1831. Beatson (Robert) Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain and Ireland; or, a Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public Offices, &c. 3 vols. 8 London, 1806. Beattie (James) Essays on Truth, Poetry, Music,