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D'IsrAELI (Isaac) Miscellanies of Literature. 8° London, 1840.
Quarrels of Authors. 3 vols. 8° London, 1814.

Romances; consisting of a Persian, a Roman, and an Arcadian Romance. 12° London, 1807.

Inquiry into the Literary and Political Character of James I. 8° London, 1816. Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles I. 5 vols. 8° London, 1828-31. Eliot, Hampden, and Pym; or, a Reply to [Lord Nugent's] “Hampden, his Party and Times.” 8° London, 1832. D'IsrAELI THE YouNGER. The Revolutionary Epick. 4° London, 1834. Windication of the English Constitution. 8° London, 1835. Divisie Nsis.-see Ricardus.

Dixon (Capt. George) A Voyage round the World, and to the N.W. coast of America, in 1785–88. 4° London, 1789.

Dizio NARIo della Lingua Italiana [dai P. Costa, F. Cardinali e F. Orioli.] 7 vols. 4° Bologna, 1819-26.

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Doblado (Leucadio) [Blanco White.] Letters from Spain. 8° London, 1822.

DobrizHoFFER (Martin) An Account of the Abipones, an equestrian people of Paraguay, translated from the Latin [by Miss H. N. Coleridge]. 3 vols. 8° London, 1821.

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Documents Historiques inédits, tirés des Collections MSS. de la Bibliothèque Royale, &c., publiés par Champollion-Figeac, tomes 1 & 2. 4° Paris, 1841.

Inédits sur l’Histoire de France.—see France.

[Dond (Charles)] The Church History of England, from 1500 to 1688, chiefly with regard to Catholicks. 3 vols. fol. Brussels, 1737.

(C. R.) Parliamentary Companion for 1843. 12° London, 1843.

DoDDRIDGE (Philip) Correspondence and Diary; with Notices of his Contemporaries, and Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of his Times, edited, from the original MSS., by J. D. Humphreys. 5 vols. 8° London, 1829–31.

DoDINGToN (George Bubb) Diary, from March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761; with an Appendix of curious and interesting Papers; published by H. P. Wyndham. 8° London, 1785.

Dodsley (Robert) A select Collection of Old Plays, with additional Notes by Isaac Reed, Octavius Gilchrist, and J. P. Collier; and a Supplement of Five Plays, edited by J. P. Collier. 13 vols. 8° London, 1825.

A Collection of Poems, by several hands. 6 vols. 8° London, 1770. Collection of Poems.-see Pearch.

Annual Register.—see Annual Register.

Dodwell (Edward) A Classical and Topographical Tour through Greece, 1801–6. 2 vols. 4° London, 1819.

Dodwell (Edward) Views and Descriptions of Cyclopian, or Pelasgic Remains, in Greece and Italy; with constructions of a later period, intended as a Supplement to his Classical and Topographical Tour in Greece. Folio. London, 1834.

Thirty Views in Greece, coloured in the style of the original drawings. Folio. London, 1821.

(Henr.) de Parma Equestri-see Hearne.
Operum Catalogus.-see Hearne.

Dolce (Lodovico) Marianna e Giocasta, Tragedie.—Teatro Italiano Antico, tomi 5 & 6.

DoleMAN (R.) Conference about the Succession to the Crown of England [by Robert Parsons, the Jesuit]. 8° 1681.

see Hayward.

Dolomieu (Deod. de) On the Earthquakes in Calabria Ultra-Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 5.

DoMENICHINo. Picturae Dominici Zampierii, vulgo Domenichino, quae extant in Sacello sacrae AEdi Cryptoferratensi, tabulis a neis incisa. [a Pazzi, F. Bartolozzi &c.] (in Opere di Pittori diversi). Folio. Romas, 1762.

Dom ERHAM (Adam. de) Historia.-see Hearne.
DoMEsday Book, seu Liber Censualis Willelmi I. Regis Angliae, inter
Archivos Regni, in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii asservatus; cum

Dissertatione de ratione hujusce libri et Indicibus (in vol. 4.) 4 vols. fol. London, 1783–1816.

(Introduction to)—see Ellis (Sir H.)

DoNALDson (J. W.) The new Cratylus; or, contributions towards a more accurate knowledge of the Greek Language. 8° Camb. 1839.

DoNI (Francesco)—Raccolta di Poesie Rusticali, e di Novelle.

DoNKIN (Sir Rufane) A Dissertation on the course and probable termination of the Niger. 8° London, 1829.

DoNNE (Dean John) Letters to severall Persons of Honour. 4° London, 1651.

Life.—see Walton (Izaak).

DoNNEGAN (James) A new Greek and English Lexicon. 8° Lond. 1826.


Doppet (Le Général F. A.) Mémoires politiques et militaires. 8° Paris, 1824.

D'ORLEANs (Le Père) Histoire des Révolutions d'Angleterre jusq'au règne de Guillaume III. 3 vols. 12° La Haye, 1723.

DoRN (Bernhard) History of the Afghans, translated from the Persian of Neamet Ullah. (Oriental Transl. Fund.) 2 vols. 4° London, 1829–36.

Dos SANctos (Fia Joao) Collections from his “AEthiopia Orientalis” and “Varia Historia,” for the better knowledge of Africa, &c.— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2.

Doubt. A Treatise on the nature and causes of Doubt in Religious questions. 12° London, 1831.

Douce (Francis)—see Shakspeare.

Douglas (Sir Howard) On Naval Gunnery. 8° London, 1829.

Naval Evolutions; a Memoir, containing a Review and Refutation of Mr. [John] Clerk's claims, in relation to the Manoeuvre of the 12th of April, 1782. 8° London, 1832. On the Principles and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of rivers in Military Operations. 8° London, 1832. (Sir Robert) The Peerage of Scotland; with a continuation, by John P. Wood. 2 vols. fol. Edinburgh, 1813. The Baronage of Scotland. Folio. Edinburgh, 1798. Dounton (Nicholas) Journall of the sixth Voyage to the East Indies, set forth by the East India Company.—Extracts of his Journall of a Voyage to the East Indies.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. Dover (George Agar Ellis, Lord) True History of the State Prisoner, called “The Iron Mask,” extracted from the French Archives. 8° London, 1826. Historical Inquiries respecting the Character of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. 8° London, 1827. Dissertation on the manner and period of the Death of Richard II. 4° London, 1832. see Ellis Correspondence, and Frederick II. Dow (Alexander) The History of Hindostan, to the settlement of the empire under Aurungzebe, translated from the Persian. 3 vols. in 2. 4° London, 1770. Doy LE (Francis H.) Miscellaneous Verses. 12° London, 1834. (James, titular Bishop of Kildare)] Letters on the State of Ireland, by J. K. L. 8° Dublin, 1825. D'Oyly (George)—see Bible, and Sancroft. DRAKE (Sir Francis) Renowned Voyage around the Globe, begun 1577. —Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1; Harris's Voyages, vol. 1; and Burney's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 1. First Voyage to America.-Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. The World encompassed.—see Fletcher (Francis). (James) Historia Anglo-Scotica; or, an impartial History of the kingdoms of England and Scotland to the reign of Elizabeth. 8° London, 1703. (Nathan)—see British Classics, and Shakspeare and his Times. DRAKENBoRCH (Arnhold)—see Silius Italicus. DRAMA (The Acting National), edited by B. Webster. 4 vols. 12° London, 1837–38. DRAyton (Michael) Works; with an historical Essay on his Life and Writings. 4 vols. 8° London, 1753. The Harmony of the Church, edited by Alexander Dyce. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1843. DREsden GALLERy. Catalogue des Tableaux de la Galerie Royale de Dresde. 8° Dresde, 1826. DRouville (Gasp.) Voyage en Perse, en 1812 et 1813. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1825. DRUMMond (William) of Hawthornden. Poems; with Life, by P. Cunningham. 12° London, 1833. see Jonson.

DRUM MoND (Sir William) Origines ; or, Remarks on the Origin of several Empires, States, and Cities. 4 vols. 8° London, 1824—9.

see Townsend.

DRURY (Henricus) Arundines Cami ; sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Lusus Camori. 8° Cantab. 1843.

DRYANDER (J.)—see Catalogus.

DRYDEN (John) Works; illustrated, with Notes, historical, critical, and explanatory, and Life, by Sir Walter Scott. 18 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 182].

Poems.—British Poets, vols. 23—25.

DU-BARTAs (G. de Saluste, Seigneur) His Divine Weekes and Workes, translated by Josuah Sylvester. Folio. London, 1641.

DUBEUx (Louis) Chronique d'Abou-Djafar Mohammed Tabari, fils de Djarir, fils d'Yezid ; traduite sur la version Persane d'Abou-Ali Mohammed Belami. Vol. 1. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 4° Paris, 1836.

DUBLIN (The) Journal of Medical and Chemical Science, from the commencement in 1832. 8° Dublin.

Penny Journal, 1832—4. 2 vols. 4° Dublin. Philosophical Journal and Scientific Review, 1825—6. 2 vols. 8° Dublin. Review, from the commencement in 1836. 8° London. Royal Society Library.—see Catalogue.

University Magazine ; a Literary and Political Journal, from 1838. 8° Dublin.

DU CANGE. Glossarium ad Scriptores mediæ et infimæ latinitatis, auctore C. Dufresne Dom. Du Cange. _ Editio auctior, studio et opera Monachorum S. Benedicti; cum Supplemento D. P. Carpentierii, access. Indices et Diss. de Numismatibus (in Supp. vol. 4). 10 vols. fol. Par. 1733—66.

Histoire de l'Empire de Constantinople sous les Empereurs

Frangais.—Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, tomes 1 & 2.

see Louis (Saint). DUcAs. Historia Byzantina [Gr. et Lat. cum interpretatione Ital. Bul

liardi, Notis et Indice] recognovit Imm. Bekker. (Script. Byzant.) 8° Bonnæ, 1834. (Theodore)—see Mills (Charles). DucHESNE (Andreas) Historiæ Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui, ex MSS. Codd. nunc primum editi. Folio. Parisiis, 1619. [DUclos (L'Abbé)] Dictionnaire Bibliographique, historique et critique des livres rares ; avec le Supplément par Brunet. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1791—1802. (Charles Pinot) Mémoires Secrets sur les règnes de Louis xiv. et de Louis xv.—Petitot, Coll. des Mémoires, 2°* Série, tomes 76—7. DUcPÉTIAUx (Ed.) Essais sur les Lois Pénales ;—de la mission de la Justice humaine, de l'Injustice de la peine de Mort, et de la Justice de Répression, etc. 8° Bruxelles, 1827. Des Modifications à introduire dans la Législation relative aux Enfans Trouvés, en Belgique. 8° Bruxelles, 1834. DUDEvANT (Madame)—see Sand.

DUDLEY (Earl of) Letters to the Bishop of Llandaff. 8° London, 1840. DUFREsNE (C.)—see Du Cange.

DUFREsNoY (Lenglet Nic.) Méthode pour étudier l'Histoire; avec un Catalogue (in vols. 10-15) des principaux Historiens. 15 vols. 12° Paris, 1772. DUGDALE (Sir William) Monasticon Anglicanum : a History of the Abbies and other Monasteries and Churches in England and Wales, edited, with large additions, by John Caley, Sir H. Ellis, and Dr. Bandinel; with Appendix and general Index. 6 vols. in 9. fol. London, 1817-30. The History of St. Paul's Cathedral, in London, from its foundation; with a continuation, additions, and life of Dugdale, from his own manuscript, by Sir Henry Ellis. Folio. London, 1818.

A perfect copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the 49th of Henry III. Folio. London, 1685.

The Baronage of England; or, an Historical Account of the lives and actions of our English Nobility to the Norman Conquest, and thence of those who had their rise before the l lth of Richard II. 2 vols. in l. fol. London, 1675-6.

DU HALDE (J. B.) Description of the Empire of China and Chinese

Tartary, together with the Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet; translated, with Notes, &c. 2 vols. fol. London, 1738-41.

DUHAMEL (M.)—see Transactions : Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences.

DUHAMEL DU MoNcEAU (H. L.) Traité des Pesches, et Histoire des Poissons qu'elles fournissent. Folio. Paris, 1769.

DULAURE (J. A.) Histoire physique, civile, et morale de Paris, augmentée de Notes et d'un Appendice, par J. L. Belin ; avec l'Atlas in 4° 8 vols. 8° Paris, 1839.

DUMAs (Alexandre) Albine. 2 vols. in I. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1843.
Ascanio. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1843.
George. 2 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1843.
Sylvandire. 2 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1843.
La Robe de Noce. 12° Bruxelles, 1844.
(M.)—see Annales des Sciences.

DUMoNT (E.) Souvenirs sur Mirabeau et sur les deux premières Assemblées législatives ; publié par J. L. Duval. 8° Paris, 1832.

(Jean & J. Rousset) Corps universel diplomatique du Droit des Gens ; contenant les Traités de Paix, d'Alliance, etc., faits en Europe, depuis Charlemagne jusqu'à présent.—Supplément au Corps diplomatique, avec le Cérémonial des Cours de l'Europe.—Histoire des Anciens Traités, jusqu'à Charlemagne, par Barbeyrac.—Histoire des Traités de Paix, du 17° Siècle [par J. Y. de Saint-Prest].—Negociations secrètes touchant la Paix de Munster et d'Osnaburg, par J. Leclerc. 19 vols. fol. Amsterdam et La Haye, 1724-1739.

D'URvILLE (M. J.) Voyage de la Corvette l'Astrolabe, pendant les années 1826-29 : c'est à dire, le Précis Historique, la Botanique, la Zoologie, l'Entomologie, la Philologie, et les Observations nautiques etc., avec les quatre Atlas en folio. 15 vols. in l l. 8° and 4° Paris, 1830-35.

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