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WALSH (Sir John) On the present Balance of Parties in the State. (Ath. Coll. vol. 19.) 8° London, 1832.

WALTER (H.) Letter to H. F. Yeatman, on the Poor Laws. (Ath. Coll. vol. 45.) 8° London, 1833.

(J.) On the New System for the Management of the Poor. (Ath. Coll. vol. 45.) 8° London, 1834.

WALTERs (J. E.) Delays in Chancery, traced to the confused state of the Laws of Equity. (Ath. Coll. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1826.

(Robert) Letter to the Lord Chancellor, on the Administration of the Laws of Real Property. (Ath. Coll. vol. 10.) 8° London (privately printed), 1829.

Letter to the Commissioners, on the Laws of Real Property, in favour of a General Register. (Ath. Coll. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1829.

WALTon (J.) A Windication of Sir Isaac Newton's Principles of Fluxions, in Answer to Bishop Berkeley. (Nasm; Coll. vol. 7.) 8° Dublin, 1735. see Berkeley.

(William) Reply to the “Exposé des droits de sa Majesté Donna Maria II.” written for the purpose of exhibiting her rights to the Throne of Portugal. (Ath. Coll. vol. 3.) 8° London, 1830.

First and Second Letters, to Earl Grey, on our Political and Commercial Relations with Portugal. (Ath. Coll. vol. 3.) 8° London, 1831.

First and Second Letters, to Wiscount Palmerston, on his Speech on the Relations of England with Portugal. (Ath. Coll. vols. 4 and 28.) 8° London, 1830-33. Spain; or, Who is the lawful Successor to the Throne? (Ath, Coll. vol. 55.) 8° London, 1834.

Reply to the Anglo-Cristino Pamphlet, entitled the “Policy of England towards Spain.” (Ath. Coll. vol. 65.) 8° London, 1837.

On the Naturalization of the Alpaca. (Ath. Coll. vol. 153.) 8° London, 1841.

WANsey (Henry) Wool Encouraged without Exportation; or, Practical Observations
on Wool and the Woollen Manufacture. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 128.) 8°
London, 1791.
Thoughts on Poor-Houses, with a view to their general Reform. (Nasm.
Coll. vol. 32.) 8° London, 1801.

WANT of CoNFIDENCE. Speeches of Sir Robert Peel, Lord Stansey, and Sir James Graham, on the Debate on the Motion of Want of Confidence in the Ministry, January 29–31, 1840. (Ath. Coll. vol. 145.) 8° London, 1840.

WAR. Great Britain's Speediest Sinking Fund is a powerful Maritime War, rightly WARD (G. R. M.) An Appeal to the Bishop of Winchester, Visitor of Trinity College, Oxford, on the Misappropriation of the Endowments of that Society. (Ath. Coll. vol. 112.) 8° Oxford, 1839. (Henry George) The First Step to a Poor Law for Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 63.) 8° London, 1837. (Plumer) The Reviewer Reviewed; being an Examination of a Critical Notice, in the Edinburgh Review, of Mr. Plumer Ward's Historical Essay on the Revolution of 1688. (Ath. Coll. vol. 103.) 8° London, 1839. (Richard) Two Discourses. (Sermons, vol. 1.) 8° Cambridge, 1826. (William) On Monetary Derangements, in a Letter to the Proprietors of Bank Stock. (Ath. Coll. vol. 122.) 8° London, 1840. (W. G.) Consensus Omnium; or, the Text of Orthodoxy, by a Member of Oxford Convocation. (Ath. Coll. vol. 89.) 8° London, 1838. A Few More Words in support of No. 90, Tracts for the Times. (Tract. Controv. vol. 7.) 8° Oxford, 1841. A Few Words in support of No. 90, with reference to Mr. Wilson's Letter. Tract. Controv. vol. 7.) 8° Oxford, 1841. Appendix to a Few More Words in support of No. 90, Tracts for the Times, in Answer to R. Lowe. (Tract. Controv. vol. 7.) 8° Oxford, 1841. WARDRop (James) Case of a Lady born blind, who received sight at an advanced age, by the Formation of an Artificial Pupil. (Misc. Coll. vol. 1.) 4° London, 1826. WARRANTs. A Defence of the Majority in the House of Commons, on the Question relating to General Warrants; with a Reply. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 62.) 8° Lon

managed. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 20.) 8° London, 1727. Reasons for a War, in order to establish the Tranquillity and Commerce of Europe. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 20.) 8° London, 1729. A Letter to a Foreign Minister; in which the Grounds of the Present War are truly stated. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 41.) 8° London, 1745. Considerations on the Present German War; with an Answer to it, and Reasons in Support of that War. (M. Pitt Coll, vol. 59.) 8° London, 1760. Some Remarks on the Apparent Circumstances of the War, in October, 1795. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 138.) 8° London, 1795. in Disguise; or, the Frauds of the Neutral Flags. (Mack. Coll. vol. 1.) 8° London, 1805.

The Principles and Practice of War, compared with the Precepts and Example of Christ. (Am. Coll. vol. 14.) 129 New York, 1818. WARBURTon (Bishop)—see Lowth.

don, 1764. Considerations on the Legality of General Warrants; with a Postscript, and

Additions. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 63.) 8° London, 1765. WARREN (John C.) Description of an Egyptian Mummy, presented to the Massachusetts General Hospital; with an Account of the Operations of Embalming in Ancient and Modern Times. (Ath. Coll. vol. 102.) 8° Boston, 1837. (Samuel)] The Opium Question as between Nation and Nation. (Ath. Coll. vols. 126 and 127.) 8° London, 1840. see Bullock. WashingtoN (General) Circular Letter to Governor Greene, of Rhode Island. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 107.) 8° London, 1783. Facts relating to the Capture of Washington, in Reply to some statements in the Memoirs of Admiral Sir George Cockburn. (Ath. Coll. vol. 50.) 8°

London, 1829. WATER. Art of Boring the Earth for the obtainment of a spontaneous flow of Water, with a new Theory for the Rise of Waters. (Am. Coll, vol. 27.) 8° New

Brunswick, 1826.
Letter to Sir R. Peel, on the Supply of Water to the Metropolis. (Ath. Coll.

vol. 24.) 8° London, 1828. WATERs (William)—see Country Magistrates. WATERton (Charles) Two Letters to James Jameson. (Ath Coll. vol. 57.) So

Wakefield, 1835.
Ornithological Letter to William Swainson. (Ath. Coll. vol. 73.) 8° Wake-

field, 1837. Watson (Alexander) Examination of Mr. Blackburn's Defence of the New Town

Council of Liverpool. (Ath. Coll. vol. 64.) 8° Liverpool, 1836.
(Ralph) Principle and Application of a Life and Ship Preserver. (Ath, Coll.
vol. 2.) 8° London, 1827.
Principle and Application of a Plan for preventing Ships Foundering at Sea.
(Ath. Coll. vol. 2.) 8° London, 1828.

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WATson (Bishop Richard) Letter to, son Resistance and Obedience, &c.] (Nasm. Coll. vol. 25.) 8° London, 1780.

WATTERStoN (G.) and N. B. Van Zandt. Tabular Statistical Views of the Population, Commerce, Navigation, Public Lands, Post Office Establishment, Revenue, Mint, Military and Naval Establishments, Expenditures, and Public Debt of the United States. (Am. Coll. vol. 45.) 8° Washington, 1829. WAverLEY (Edward Bradwardine) Two Letters to Malachi Malagrowther, on Scottish Affairs. (Curr. Coll. vol. 4.) 8° London, 1826. WAYLAND (F.) Sermon before the Boston Baptist Foreign Mission Society, and the Salem Bible Translation Society. (Am. Coll. vol. 13.) 8° Boston, 1826. [WEBBER (Samuel)] Essay upon Trade in general, more especially of the Woollen Manufactures; with the Remarks upon it. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 31.) 8° London, 1741. WEBSTER (Daniel) Discourse delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1820, in Commemoration of the first Settlement of New-England. (Am. Coll. vol. 18.) 8° Boston, 1826. Discourse upon the Lives and Services of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, delivered in Boston, August 2, 1826. (Am. Coll. vol. 17.) 8° Boston, 1826. WELD (Matthew) No Union 1 being an Appeal to Irishmen. (Union Coll. vol. 1.) 89 Dublin, 1798. Constitutional Considerations, interspersed with Political Observations on the present State of Ireland. (Union Coll. vol. 7.) 8° Dublin, 1800. WELLAND Canal Company Report, 1826-27. (Am. Coll. vol. 9.) 8° York, 1826-27. WELLEslEY (Le Marquis) Dépêches à M. Canning. (Misc. Coll. vol. 2.) 8° Londres, 1810. Debate at the East India House, on a Resolution to erect a Statue of the Marquess Wellesley. (Ath. Coll. vol. 154.) 8° London, 1841. (Viscount) The Fifth Political Word addressed to the House of Lords. (Misc. Coll. vol. 11.) 8° Brussels, 1843. WELLINGToN ADMINISTRATION. The Country well Governed; or, Plain Questions on the perplexed state of Parties in Opposition. (Ath. Coll. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1830. Reply to a Pamphlet entitled “What has the Duke gained by the Dissolution?” (Ath. Coll. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1830. WELLs (Samuel) Legal Statement of the Real Position of the Government with relation to the Bank of England. (Ath. Coll. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1832. WELLstED (J. R.) On the Identity of the Himyaritic Writing and Dialect of Job and the earlier Arabs, and that still spoken by the inhabitants of Mahrah, a district in South Arabia. (Ath. Coll. vol. 1 18.) 8° London (privately printed), 1839. see Robinson. WERBRouck and De Wolf—see Royal Family. WEsley (John)—see Jackson.

WEST (W.) Inquiry into the comparative value of Chains and Wire, as applied to Suspension Bridges. (Ath. Coll. vol. 57.) 8° Bristol, 1835. WESTERN (Lord) Letter to the Earl of Liverpool, on the cause of our present Distress. (Ath. Coll. vol. 14.) 8° London, 1826. Letter to the Members of the Chelmsford Agricultural Society. (Ath. Coll. vol. 81.) 8° London, 1834. Practical Remarks on the Improvement of Grass Land. (Ath. Coll. vol. 109.) 8° London, 1838. Letter to Earl Spencer, on a new and distinct Breed of Sheep. (Ath. Coll. vol. 109.) 12° Chelmsford, 1838. The Maintenance of the Corn Laws essential to the general prosperity of the Empire. (Ath. Coll. vols. 114 and 124.) 8° London, 1839.

WestERN (Lord) Letter to Lord J. Russell, on his proposed Alteration of the Corn Laws, and on the Causes of Commercial Distress; with Supplement. (Corn L. Coll. vol. 3.) 8° London, 1841. On the more frequent Delivery of the Gaols. (Ath. Coll. vol. 170.) 8° London, 1842. Letter to the Chairman of the Meeting of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. (Ath. Coll. vol. 176.) 8° London, 1843. (The) Monthly Review, September, 1827. (Am. Coll. vol. 37.) 8° Cincinnati, 1827. WEST INDIA AGRICULTURAL CoMPANY. Observations relative to its Establishment. (Ath. Coll. vol. 75.) 8° London, 1836. WEST INDIA MERCHANT (The) A Series of Papers printed under that Signature in the London Evening Post, with Notes. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 88.) 8° London, 1778. WEST INDIAN REPORTER, Nos. 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 36, 37, 38, from 1827 to 1830. (Slavery Coll. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1827-30. WEST INDIES. Letter to Lord Liverpool, on the Claims of the West India Proprietors. (Misc. Coll. vol. 4.) 8° London, 1823. Report of the Society for the Conversion and Education of Slaves in the British West India Islands. (Ath. Coll. vol. 27.) 8° London, 1828. Considerations on the Present State of our West India Colonies. (Slavery Coll. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1830.

Proceedings at a Public Meeting of Persons interested in the Preservation of the West India Colonies. (Ath. Coll. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1832.

Remarks on Lord Goderich's Despatch to the Governors of the West India Colonies. (Ath. Coll. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1832.

A safe and Practical Course in the West India Question. (Ath. Coll. vol. 46.) 89 London, 1833. A Letter to the Colonial Secretary, on the precarious tenure of the Island of Jamaica, and our other West-Indian possessions. (Ath. Coll. vol. 119.) so London, 1839. Memorandum on the relative Importance of the West and East Indies to Great Britain [by James Colquhoun]. (Slavery Coll. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1823.

WestMacott (C. M.) Considerations on the proposed alteration of the Stamp Duty on Newspapers. (Ath. Coll. vol. 71.) 8° London, 1836.

(Captain G.) The Present and Future Prospects of our Indian Empire. (Ath. Coll. vol. 87.) 8° London, 1838.

(Richard) Letter to E. J. Stanley, on Government Encouragement of the Higher Classes of Art. (Ath. Coll. vol. 74.) 8° London, 1835.

WESTMINSTER ELECTION. Letter to the Independent Electors of Westminster in the Interest of Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 112.) so London, 1784.

Account of the Proceedings in Westminster Hall at a General Meeting of the

Electors. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 111.) London, 1784.

WESTMINSTER HALL Courts. Facts for the Consideration of Parliament, before the final adoption of a Plan for perpetuating the Courts of Law on a Site injurious and costly to the Suitor. (Ath. Coll. vol. 133.) 8° London, 1840.

WESTMINSTER School. Letter to the Edinburgh Review, on the Westminster School. (Ath. Coll. vol. 20.) 8° London, 1831.

WETHERELL (Sir Charles) The Present State of the Poor-Law Question; in Letters to the Marquess of Salisbury. (Ath. Coll. vol. 35.) 8° London, 1833.

Speech before the Privy Council, on Incorporating the London University. (Ath. Coll. vol. 45.) 8° London, 1834.

WEYLAND (John) Thoughts submitted to the Employers of Labour, in the County of Norfolk, with a few Words to the Employed. (Ath. Coll. vol. 35.) 8° Norwich, 1830. WHAT is to Be Done? or, Past, Present, and Future. (Ath. Coll, vol. 175.) 8° London, 1844. WHATELEY (Archbishop Richard) Reply to the Government Plan for National Education. (Ath. Coll. vol. 5.) 8° London, 1832. A Speech in the House of Lords, on the Removal of certain Disabilities from subjects of the Jewish Persuasion; with a Petition on Church Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 49.) 8° London, 1833. On Some Causes of Hostility to the Christian Religion, likely to operate at the present period; a Charge, delivered at the Triennial Visitation of Dublin. (Charges, vol. 1.) 8° Dublin, 1838. see Barter. WHEATston E (Professor Charles) Contributions to the Physiology of Vision, Part I. (Misc. Coll. vol. 5.) 4° London, 1838. Notices of the Electro-Magnetic Telegraph. (Ath. Coll. vol. 184.) 8° London, 1844. WHEwBLL (Professor William) Essay on Mineralogical Classification and Nomenclature. (Ath. Coll. vol. 21.) 8° Cambridge, 1828. —— Mathematical Exposition of some Doctrines of Political Economy. (Misc. Coll. vol. 3.) 4° Cambridge, 1829. Remarks on the Rev. Connop Thirlwall's Letter on the Admission of Dissenters to Academical Degrees. (Ath. Coll. vol. 43.) 8° Cambridge, 1834. On the Study of Mathematics as a part of a Liberal Education. (Ath. Coll. vol. 56.) 8° Cambridge, 1835. —— Report on the Progress of the Mathematical Theories of Electricity, Magnetism, and Heat. (Ath. Coll. vol. 73.) 8° London, 1836. “Newton and Flamsteed;" Remarks on an Article in No. cIx. of the Quarterly Review. (Ath. Coll. vol. 73.) 8° Cambridge, 1836. Observations on the Tides: made at the Coast-Guard Stations, in June, 1834. (Misc. Coll. vol. 4.) 4° London, 1835. Researches on the Tides, sixth Series; Tide Observations on the Coasts of Europe and America. (Misc. Coll. vol. 4.) 4° London, 1836. Answer to the Critique in the Edinburgh Review, on his History of the Inductive Sciences. (Ath. Coll. vol. 101.) 8° London, 1837. Discussion of the Question: Are Cause and Effect successive or simultaneous? (Misc. Coll. vol. 7.) 4° Cambridge, 1842. see Hare. WHIG. A Letter from a Country Whig, wherein appears who are the Truest Friends to their King and Country. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 15.) 8° London, 1715. The Character of an Independent Whig. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 15.) 89 London, 1716. An Unconnected Whig's Address upon the present Civil War, the State of Public Affairs, and the Real Cause of all the National Calamities. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 87.) 8° London, 1777. WHIGs. The Publick Spirit of the Whigs set forth, in their Generous Encouragement of the Author of the Crisis. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 14.) 4° London, 1714. Three Letters to the Whigs, occasioned by the Letter to the Tories. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 44.) 8° London, 1748. Whig Government; or, Two Years' Retrospect. (Ath, Coll, vol. 30.) 8° London, 1832.

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