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Stokes (Robert) Letter to the Earl of Devon, on the late Massacre at Wairau. 8° London. 1844.

Story (Judge) Discourse read 18th September, 1828, upon Chief Justice Marshall. 8° Boston, 1835.

THIERs (L. A.) Rapport sur la Loi d'Instruction Sécondaire, fait au nom de la Commission de la Chambre des Députés, Juillet 13, 1844. 8° Paris, 1844.

[Tickell (Richard)] Anticipation et la Cassette Verte de Monsieur de Sartine. 8° London and La Haye, 1778–79.

ToleRATION (Tracts on). 4°

A Letter from a Jesuit at Liege to a Jesuit at Fribourg, on the happy progress of Religion in England. Letters between Father Petre and the Rev. Father La Chese. Letter from a Freeholder, on the Choice of Parliament Men. The Anatomy of an Equivalent [by George, Marquis of Halifax]. Letter to a Dissenter, on his Majesties late Declaration of Indulgence, by T. W. [George, Marquis of Halifax]. Letter and Reflections upon his Majesty's late Declaration. Free Thoughts of the Penal Laws, Tests, &c., by a Person of Quality. Project for Repealing the Penal Laws and Tests, with the means used to effect it. Petition of many Divines, and others, of the Classical, Congregational, and other Perswasions, to the Convocation to be held in Westminster, in 1690.

London, 1687–89.

Concerning the case of taking the new Oath of Allegiance, with a Declaration. Letter from Mynheer Fagel to Mr. James Stewart, giving an account of the Prince of Orange's Thoughts concerning the Repeal of the Test and Penal Laws; with James Stewart's Answer. Reflections on Mons. Fagel's Letter. Apology for the Church of England, with relation to the spirit of Persecution for which she is accused [by Bishop Burnet]. Seasonable Considerations on the Church of England. Answer to a Paper, entitled “A New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty.” Letter to a Person of Quality, on the ensuing Parliament, by R. S. Second Vindication of the Magistracy and Government of England.

TRIDENTINI Concilii Canones et Decreta, juxta exemplar authenticum;

cum serie variantium lectionum, constitutionibus ex antiq. jure desumpta, et per Concilium speciatim innovatae; studio J. Le Plat.

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[TuRNER (Dawson)] Catalogue of the Works of Art in the possession of

Sir P. P. Rubens at his death. 8° Yarmouth (privately printed),


VENEziA. Raccolta Chronologico-Ragionata di Documenti inediti che formano la Storia Diplomatica della revoluzione e caduta della Repubblica di Venezia. 2 vols. 4° Augusta, 1709 [1809].

VIDA. Art of Poetry, translated by J. Pitt.—British Poets, vol. 100.
VIGILANTIUs.—see Gilly.
WATERHouse (G. R.) Mammalia.-see Fitzroy.

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ARRowsMITH (John) The London Atlas of Universal Geography, exhibiting the Physical and Political Divisions of the various Countries of the World. Folio. London, 1834–42.

BAILY's (F.) New Chart of History. 8° Case. London, 1817.

BRUAE (H.) Atlas Classique de Géographie; Physique, Politique, Ancienne et Moderne, composé de 36 feuilles. Folio. Paris, 1828.

CARY's Universal Atlas, containing distinct Maps of all the Kingdoms of the World. Folio. London, 1824.

CHAUCHARD (Capt.) Map of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, the Grisons, Italy, Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia. Folio. London, 1800.


ATLAs de l'Europe, (de l’Etablissement Géographique de Bruxelles,) dessiné par H. Perkin, gravé par F. Charles, en 165 feuilles, Projection modifiée de Flamsteed; avec Tableau d'Assemblage. Folio. Bruxelles, 1833.

Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, under the direction of Lieut.-

Col. Mudge, on 110 Sheets, in 14 Cases, with Index. Folio.
London, 1805–44.

Case Case

Lincolnshire (North) . . . . . 11

Anglesea . . . . . . . . . 10
Bedfordshire . . - - - -
Berkshire . . .

Lincolnshire (South)
Lundy Island . . . .

Brecknockshire . . . . - Merionethshire . . ... I
Buckinghamshire (North) - Middlesex .
Buckinghamshire (South) - Monmouthshire .
Caermarthenshire . . . - Montgomeryshire
Caernarvonshire . . . . . . ... 1 Norfolk . -
Cambridgeshire (North) . . - Northamptonshire

Cambridgeshire (South) .
Cardiganshire. - -
Cheshire . . - - -
Cornwall . . . . . .


Nottinghamshire (North)
Nottinghamshire (South).
Oxfordshire -

Denbighshire. . . . . . . .”
Derbyshire (North). ... 1 Rutlandshire .

Derbyshire (South).
Devonshire (South).
Devonshire (East) -
Devonshire (West) . .
Dorsetshire (East) .
Essex (North) . . . . . .
Essex (South). . . . . . .
Flintshire . - - - - - -
Glamorganshire . . .
Gloucestershire (North)
Gloucestershire (South)
Hampshire . . . . .
Herefordshire (North).
Herefordshire (South).
Kent . . . . . . .
Lancashire . . . . .

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GREAT BRITAIN, continued—

CARY's English Atlas, being a Set of County Maps, from actual surveys. 4° London, 1826.

ENGLAND and Wales (Geological Map of); shewing, also, the principal Roads, Railways, Rivers, and Canals, by J. Gardner, jun. Case. 8° London, 1842.

WALEs (Map of), on canvas. 4°.

LoNDoN (Panorama of the Thames), from London to Richmond; with Description, and View of London from the Adelphi. Case. 4° London.

LoNDoN, Thames, and Metropolis Improvement Plan. The River Thames from Battersea to Woolwich Reach, shewing the proposed improvements, of a uniform line of embankment, enlargement of the grand Port of London, and means of connecting it with the great interior lines of Railway, by John Martin. Case. 4° London, 1842.

LoNDoN, Thames, and Metropolis Improvement Plan. The River Thames, from the Houses of Parliament to London Bridge, shewing the line of Embankment, intercepting Sewers, Public Walk, and improved Navigation, by John Martin. Case. 4° London, 1842.

PLAN of the Thames Tunnel. (No. 13. Engravings A. F.) FRANCE (Carte de) par P. Tardieu ; with Indication of the Roads on which the “Messageries” of France, Lafitte, Caillard and Co., are established. Case. 8° Paris, 1832. GIBRALTAR. Plano Geométrico de la Bahia de Algeciras y Gibraltar, por Tofino de San Miguel. Case. 8° Madrid, 1786. GREECE (Map of), constructed chiefly from original materials, by J. Wyld. Case. 8° London, 1827. Tabula Grecia Superioris, a C.O. Muller. Case. 8°. GREENLAND, Grönland med Omgivelser ifölge Graah, Scoresby, Giesecke, Ross, Parry, Egede, Danell, Hall, Pickersgill, Ginge og van Keulen. Case. 8° Kióbenhaun, 1832. Lisbon, Military Sketch of the Country between Lisbon and Vimiero, occupied by the British Army, under Viscount Wellington. Case. 8° London, 1827. MARMoRA (Sea of); or, Propontis, with the Straits of Constantinople and of Gallipoli, by W. Faden. Case. 8° London. RHINE (Panorama of the), from Cologne to Mayence, by Delkeskamp. Case. 4° London.

SPAIN (the North-Eastern part), by J. Wyld. Case. 8° London, 1837.

CADIz, Plan of the Harbour and Environs of, by Captain Landmann. Case. 8° London, 1811.

Military Sketch of the Country, between Cadiz and Marbella, by Captain Landmann. Case. 8° London, 1811.

Sweden and Norway. Karta Öfver Landswägarne uti Sverige och Norrige, af L. W. Brandenburg. Case. 8° 1831.

Norway and Lapland; with details relating to the Climate, Productions, &c., by Lieut.-Col. Hagelstam. Case. 8° London, 1823.

SwitzERLAND, PanoramicView, by H. Keller; with Descriptive Companion, and a Circular View of the Country, by General Pfyffer. Case. 4° London.

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