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Berwick (Le Maréchal du), Mémoires écrits parlui-même.—Petitot,

Coll. des Mémoires, 2* Série, tomes 65, 66.
Memoirs; with a Continuation to 1734, translated. 2 vols. 8°
London, 1779.

BERzelius (J. J.) Lehrbuch der Chemie. Band 1. 8° Dresden, 1843.

BESENvAL (Le Baron de) Les Mémoires; avec une notice sur sa Vie, par
Berville et Barrière. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1827.
Best (Hon. S.) Parochial Ministrations. 12° London, 1839.
(Thomas) Journal of the Tenth Voyage to the East Indies.—
Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1.
BETAgh (Capt. William) Observations on the Country of Peru and its
Inhabitants.-Harris's Voyages, vol. 1.-Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 14.
BETHAM (William) Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of the World,
to the present period. Folio. London, 1795.
Baronetage of England, with Genealogical Tables and Armorial
Bearings. 5 vols. 4° Ipswich, 1801–4.
(Sir William) Dignities, Feudal and Parliamentary; and the
Constitutional Legislature of the United Kingdom. 8° London, 1830.
Irish Antiquarian Researches. 8° Dublin, 1826.
Statutes and Ordinances of the Order of St. Patrick. 8°
Dublin, 1831.
The Gael and Cymbri; or, Inquiry into the Origin and History
of the Irish, Scoti, Britons, and Gauls, and of the Caledonians, Picts,
Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons. 8° Dublin, 1834.

Etruria-Celtica; Etruscan Literature and Antiquities investigated. 2 vols. 8° Dublin, 1842.

BEThune (John Elliot Drinkwater)—see Galilei, Kepler.
BETTI (Zaccaria) Del Baco da Seta, Canti 4. Parnaso Italiano, tomo 49.
BETTINELLI (Saverio) Poesie.—Parnaso Ital. Viv., tomo 19.
BEUGNOT (M. le Comte)—see Olim, Witte.
BEveRIDGE (Bishop William) The Works; with Life, and Critical

Examination of his Writings, by T. H. Horne. 9 vols. 8° London, 1824.

BIALLoblotzky (C. H. F.) The Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir, the Sphardi, translated from the Hebrew. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 2 vols. 8° London, 1835–6.

BibbieNA (Bernardo Divizio da) Calandra, Commedia. — Parnaso Italiano, tomo 17.

BIBLIA SACRA PolyglottA, complectentia Textus Originales, et Versiones Antiquas octo, ex vetust. MSS. collatis; cum War. Lectionibus Annotationibus et Indicibus, edidit Brianus Waltonus: et CASTELLI Lexicon Heptaglotton. 8 vols. fol. Londini, 1657–69.

Notices of the Compilers.—see Walton's Memoirs. BIBLIA HEBRAICA, secund. editionem Jos. Athiae a Joanne Leusden,

variis Notis illustrata ab E. Van der Hooght; editionova a J. D'Allemand. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1822.

Bibli A GRECA-Vetus Testamentum Graecum e Codice MS. Alexandrino, typis ad similitud. ipsius Codicis descriptum, cum Notis cura H. A. Baber. 3 vols. fol. Londini, 1816.

BIBLIA GRAECA. Vetus Testamentum, ex versione Septuaginta interpretum; acc. Varia Lectiones è Cod. Alexandrino et Introductio J. B. Carpzovii. 6 vols. 8° Oxonii, 1817.

Novum Testamentum Graecè, cum versione Latinà Desid. Erasmi.–Erasmi Opera, tom. 6.

Novum Testamentum Graecum, cum Lectionibus Variantibus Cod. MSS. et Commentario historiam illustrante, opera J. J. Wetstenii. 2 vols. fol. Amstelod. 1751.

Novum Testamentum Graecum, e Codice MS. Alexandrino, descriptum à Car. God. Woide; cum Appendice, in quà continentur Fragmenta N. T. juxta interpretationem Dialecti Superioris AEgypti, quae Thebaica vel Sahidica appellatur, e Codd. Oxon. desumpta; cum Dissertatione de Versione AEgypt. quibus subjicitur Codicis Vaticani Collatio. 2 vols. fol. Londini, 1786, et Oxonii, 1799.

Novum Testamentum Graecè, textum recensuit et Lectionis Varietatem adjecit D. Jo. Jac. Griesbach. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1818.

BIBLIA LATINA, Vulgata editionis Sixtiv. Pont. Max. 8° Francof 1826.

BIBLIA GERMANICA –Die ganze Heilige Schrift nach der Ubersetzung und mit den Vorreden und Randglossen D. Martin Luthers, von C. M. Pfaffen. Folio. Tübingen, 1730.

BIBLE (The Holy) with Notes, explanatory and practical, by G. D'Oyly and Bishop Mant. 3 vols. 4° Cambridge, 1823.

with a Commentary from Henry and Scott. 3 vols. 8° London, 1835.

The Old and New Testament arranged in Chronological Order, by George Townsend. 4 vols. 8° London, 1827-8. The English Hexapla, exhibiting the Six important English Translations of the New Testament; viz., of Wiclif, Tyndale, Cranmer, the Genevan, Anglo-Rhemish, and Authorized, with the Original Greek Text, after Scholz. 4° London, 1841.

The Book of the New Covenant: a Critical Revision of the Text and Translation of the English Version of the New Testament, [by Granv. Penn..] 8° London, 1836.

Isaiah, translated into Persian, by Meerza Ibrahim. 8° London, 1834.

BIBLICUs DELvINUs. Facts, Suggestions, and brief Inductions in Geology. 8° London, 1838.

BIBLIOTECA ITALIANA; ossia, Giornale di Letteratura, Scienze ed Arti, compilato da una Società di Letterati, 1816-37. 87 vols. 8° Milano.

BIBLIoTHECA ANGLo-PoETICA; or, a Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of early English Poetry; illustrated by Extracts and Remarks, [by A. F. Griffiths.] 8° London, 1815.

BIBLIoTHÈQUE RAIsoNNÉE des Ouvrages des Savans de l'Europe [par Massuet, s'Gravesande, Rousset, de Jaucourt, Armand de la Chapelle, Barbeyrac, et Desmaiseaux]. 52 vols. 12° Amsterd. 1728-53.

BIBLIoTHÈQUE UNIVERSELLE DE GENÈvE, faisant Suite à la Bibliothèque Britannique, et redigée par les mêmes auteurs:-Agriculture, 14 vols.; Littérature, 60 vols.; Sciences et Arts, 60 vols. 8° Genève, 1816-35.

Nouvelle Série. 41 vols. in 31. 8° Genève, 1836-42.

BichENo (J. E.) An Inquiry into the Poor Laws. 8° London, 1824.

Ireland and its Economy; or, Observations in a Tour in 1829. 8° London, 1830.

see Zoological Club of the Linnaean Society.

BIDDULPH (William) Part of a Letter from Aleppo.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2.

BIDEN (Christ.) Naval Discipline: Subordination contrasted with Insubordination; or, the necessity for passing a Law establishing an efficient Naval Discipline in the Merchant Service. 8° London, 1830.

BIEL (J. C.) Novus Thesaurus Philologicus; sive Lexicon in Lxx. et alios interpretes Veteris Testamenti, edidit E. Mutzenbecher. 3 vols. 8° Haga Comit. 1779.

BigELow (John P.) Statistical Tables: exhibiting the Condition and Products of certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts, for 1836–7. 8° Boston, 1838.

BILETH (Robert) Journal of the Fifth Voyage for the Discoverie of a North-west Passage, in the Discoverie, A.D. 1616. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3.

BILLING (Archibald) First Principles of Medicine. 8° London, 1838.

Billings (Robert William) Architectural Illustrations and Account of the Temple Church. 4° London, 1838.

BINGHAM's Reports.-see Broderip.

BINGHAM (Joseph) Origines Ecclesiasticae; or, the Antiquities of the Christian Church, and other Works; with Life by R. Bingham. 9 vols. 8° London, 1821–9.

BINTERIM (Ant. Jos.) Propempticum ad Problema criticum Script. S. Nov. Test. in quo Idiomate originaliter ab Apostolis edita fuerit? a Marc. Molkenbuhr propositum. 8° Moguntiae, 1822.

Biographia BRITANNICA; or, Lives of Eminent Persons of Great Britain and Ireland, in the manner of Bayle's Historical Dictionary; with Supplement, and Index. 7 vols in 6. fol. London, 1747–63.

or, Lives of Eminent Persons of Great Britain and Ireland, with Corrections, and New Lives, by And. Kippis. 5 vols. fol. Lond. 1778–93.


Biographical Diction ARY of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland. 8° London, 1816.

of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. vols. 8° London, 1842–3.

Biographie Nouvelle des Contemporains; ou, Dictionnaire Historique et Raisonné de tous les Hommes qui, depuis la Révolution Française, ont acquis de la célébrité. 20 vols. 8° Paris, 1820–25.

Biographie UNIVERSELLE, Ancienne et Moderne, redigé par une Société de Gens de Lettres et de Savans, avec la Partie Mythologique et le Supplément. 74 vols. 8° Paris, 1811–43.

Biography (Annual) and Obituary, from the Commencement in 1817, to 1837. 21 vols. 8° London.

Biography (General)—see Bates, Bayle, Biographia Britannica, Biographical Dictionary, Biographie des Contemporains, Biographie Universelle, Chalmers’ Biog. Dict., Chaudon, Chaufepić, General Dictionary, Granger, Hoffmann, Lodge, Marchand, Moreri, Niceron,

Nichols' Literary Anecdotes.

Biography (Collective)—viz.:
Anglo-Saxon.—see Wright.
Architects.-Milizia, Serie, Wa-
British Writers.-Pitsaeus.
Ecclesiastical.—Baillet, Butler,
Cassan, Wordsworth.
Irish Bishops and Writers.—
Kings of England.—Sandford.
Military Commanders.-Gleig.
Naval Commanders. — Camp-
bell, Locker.

BION.—see Theocritus.

Painters.-see Bryan, Cunningham,
Descampes, Pilkington, Serie,
Vasari, Walpole.
Queens of England.—Strickland.
Royal and Noble Authors.-Wal-
Saints.—Baillet, Butler.
Scottish Bishops.--Keith.
Scottish Worthies.—Tytler.
Sculptors. — Cunningham,
Statesmen.—Crowe, Foster, Mac-


BioN ET Moschus.—see Poetae Minores Graeci, vol. 3.
BjöRNstJERNA (Count) The British Empire in the East; translated by

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London, 1840.

BIRAN (M. F. P. G. Maine de) CEuvres Philosophiques; publiées par

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Paris, 1841.
Nouvelles Considérations sur les Rapports du Physique et du

Moral de l'Homme; ouvrage posthume publié par W. Cousin. 8°

Paris, 1834.

BIRCH (Thomas) An Historical View of the Negotiations between the Courts of England, France, and Brussels, from 1592 to 1617; with Sir George Carew's Relation of the State of France, and Character

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London, 1749.
Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, from 1581 till her
London, 1754.
An Inquiry into the share which King Charles I. had in the

Transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, for bringing over a body of Irish Rebels in 1645 and 1646; with Appendix. 8° London, 1756.

Knowledge. 4 vols. 4°

History of the Royal Society of London for improving Natural London, 1756. see General Dictionary; Henry, Prince of Wales; Milton, Raleigh, Thurloe, and Tillotson.

BIRD (James) The Political and Statistical History of Gujarát, by Ali Mohammed Khán ; translated, with copious Annotations, and an Historical Introduction. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8° Lond. 1835.

Bischoff (James) Sketch of the History of Van Diemen's Land; and an

Account of the Van Diemen's Land Company. 8°
History of the Woollen and Worsted Manufactures, and of the

London, 1832.

Natural and Commercial History of Sheep. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1842. Bishops of Britain.—see Glover (F. A.)

BLACK (John)—see Palaeoromaica.

BLAckMoRe (Sir Richard) Poems.-British Poets, vol. 28.

BLAckstone (Sir William) Commentaries on the Laws of England; with Notes, by J. T. Coleridge. 4 vols. 8° London, 1825.

Commentaries, incorporating the alterations to the present time, by James Stewart. 4 vols. 8° London, 1841.

The Great Charter, and Charter of the Forest; with other Authentic Instruments, and a History of the Charters. 4° Oxford,

1759. BLAckwood's EDINBURGH MAGAZINE ; from the commencement, in 1817.

8° Edinburgh. BLAEU (Joan.) Theatrum Urbium Belgii Foederati. Folio. 1649. BLAIR (Hugh) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. 3 vols. 8°

London, 1787.
Sermons; with Life, by Finlayson, 5 vols. 8° London, 1807.
(John) The Chronology and History of the World, to 1814;
with the Maps. Folio. London, 1803.
(Robert) Poems.-British Poets, vol. 58.

BLAKE (Andrew) A Practical Essay on Delirium Tremens. 8° London, 1840.

BLAKESLEY (Joseph W.) Conciones Academica"; Ten Sermons preached before the University of Cambridge. 8° London, 1843.

see Aristoteles.

BLAkiston (John) Twenty Years in Retirement. 2 vols. 8° London, 1836.

BLANCARD1 (N.)—see Arrianus.

(Steph.) Lexicon Medicum renovatum. 8° Ludg. Bat. 1756.

BLANEFoRDE (Henr. de) Chronica.-see Hearne,—Joh. de Trokelowe.

BLEFKENs (Dithmar) Voyages and Historie of Island and Groenland.— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3.

BLENcow E (R. W.)—see Sydney Papers.

BLETERIE (1’Abbé de la)—see Jovien & Julien.

BLIGH (Capt. William) A Voyage to the South Sea; with an Account of the Mutiny on board the Ship Bounty. 4° London, 1792.

(Richard) New Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords, on Appeals and Writs of Error, 1827–31. 5 vols. 8° London, 1829–34.

BlomeFIELD (Francis) An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, continued, by Charles Parkin. 5 vols. fol. Fersfield, 1739, and Lynn, 1775.

BloMFIELD (C. J.)—see Callimachus.

BloueT (Abel)—see Morée.

BLou NT (Edward)—see Charles II.

(Henry) Voyage into the Levant; with Observations on the to Hui Coll. of Voyages, vol. 1, and Pinkerton's Voyages,

BloxAM (Mark) Paradise Regained, and other Poems. 8° London, 1834.

BLUMENBAch (J. F.) Institutiones Physiological.-see Elliotson.

Blunt (J. J.) The Veracity of the Five Books of Moses. 8° London, 1830.

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