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JERUsALEM. Laws. Assisiae Regni Hierosolymitani.-Canciani, Leges Barbarorum, vols. 2 and 5.

JERVIs (Captain T. B.) Records of Ancient Sciences exemplified and authenticated in the primitive universal Standard of Weights and Measures. 8° Calcutta, 1835.

JEsse (Edward) Gleanings in Natural History, with Local Recollections. 8° London, 1832.

JEvoNs (William) Systematic Morality; or, the Theory and Practice of Human Duty. 2 vols. 8° London, 1827.

JEws. The Form of Daily Prayers of the German and Polish Jews,
Hebrew and English. 8° London, [A.M.] 5582.
J. K. L. Letters on Ireland.—see Doyle.
JoANNEs GLAston IENSIs. Chronica. —see Hearne.
JoANNES, Prior HAGUSTALDENsis.-see Twysden Scriptores.
JoANNEs DE TRoKELow E.-see Hearne.
WALLING Ford. Chronica.-Gale Scriptores, vol. 2.
Jobson (Richard) Voyage for the Discovery of Gambra in the Sion;
with larger Observations on the Gambra.-Purchas's Voyage, vol. 2.
Joel. Chronographia.-see Constantinus Manasses.
John of GAUNT. His Memoirs.—see Chaucer.
John Es (Thomas)—see Froissart, and Monstrelet.
Johnson (Arthur) Christus Crucifixus; our Lord's conduct with refer-

ence to his Crucifixion, an Evidence of the truth of the Christian Religion. 12° Oxford, 1831.

(James) Change of Air ; or, the Pursuit of Health and Recreation, through France, Switzerland, Italy, &c. 8° London, 1833.

The Recess; or, Autumnal Relaxation in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. 8° London, 1834.

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(Richard) The Crown Garland of Golden Roses, consisting of Ballads and Songs; edited by W. Chappell. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842.

(Samuel) His Works, including Parliamentary Debates; with an Essay on his Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy. 14 vols. 8° London, 1823.

Dictionary of the English Language; with numerous corrections and additions, by H. J. Todd. 4 vols. 4° London, 1818.

and John Walker. Dictionary of the English Language, by R. S. Jameson. 8° London, 1828.

The Rambler. First edition. 2 vols. fol. London, 1751–52. — Rambler.—British Classics, vols. 15–18. Rasselas.—British Novelists, vol. 26. Poems.-British Poets, vol. 67. Life, by James Boswell. 4 vols. 8° London, 1822. Life, including a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, by James

Boswell; with Additions and Notes, by John Wilson Croker. 5 vols. 8° London, 1831.

Johnson (Samuel) Life, including his Tour to the Hebrides, by James Boswell; with Anecdotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, Murphy, Tyers, Reynolds, Stevens, Croker, &c., and Notes, by various hands. 10 vols. 12° London, 1835.

Johnston (Robertus) Historia Rerum Britannicarum, ab anno 1572 ad 1628; cum Indice. Folio. Amstelodami, 1655.

Johnstone (Chevalier de) Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745–46; translated from a French MS., with Notes. 8° London, 1822. (Jacobus) Antiquitates Celto-Scandicae, sive Series Rerum Gestarum inter Nationes Britann. Insularum et Gentes Septentrionales. 4° Havniae, 1786. Antiquitates Celto-Normannicæ, containing the Chronicle of Man, and the Isles; with an English Translation and Notes. 4° Copenhagen, 1786. (John)—see Parr (Samuel). Joinville (Jean, Sire de)—see Louis (Saint).

Jollivet (A.) Examen du Système Electoral Anglais, depuis l’Acte de
Réforme, comparé au Système Electoral Français. 8° Paris, 1835.
Joly (Claude)—see Retz.
(Guy) Ses Mémoires.—Petitot, Coll. des Mémoires. 2” Serie,
tome 47.
JoMARD (M.)—see Egypte.
JoMINI (Le Baron H. de) Histoire, critique et militaire, des Guerres de la
Révolution; avec les Atlas en folio. 15 vols. in 7. 8° Paris, 1820–24.
Histoire, critique et militaire, des Guerres de Frédéric II., com-
parées au Système modèrne; avec l’Atlas en folio. 3 vols. 8°
Paris, 1818.
Tableau analytique des principales Combinaisons de la Guerre,
et de leurs Rapports avec la Politique des Etats. 8° Paris, 1830.

Précis de l'Art de la Guerre, ou Nouveau Tableau analytique des principales Combinaisons de la Stratégie, de la grande Tactique, et de la Politique Militaire. 2 vols. in 1. 8° Paris, 1837. Précis de la Campagne de 1815.-see Napoleon. JonAs (Arngrim) Extracts from his Chrymogaea; or, Historie of Island, 1609.--Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. JoNEs (Ebenezer) Studies of Sensation and Event: Poems. 8° London, 1843. (Edward) Index to Records.-see Records. (Jeremiah) A Method of settling the Canonical Authority of the New Testament; with Windication of the former part of St. Matthew's Gospel from Whiston's Charge of Dislocations. 3 vols. 8° London, 1827. (John) Attempts in Verse; with some Account of the Writer, by himself; and an Introductory Essay on the Lives and Works of our Uneducated Poets, by R. Southey. 8° London, 1831.

(Owen) Designs for Mosaic Pavements. 4° London, 1842.
Plans &c. of the Alhambra.-see Goury.

(Richard) On the Distribution of Wealth, and on the Sources of Taxation. 8° London, 1831.

Jon Es (Richard) An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy, and

Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on the Wages of Labour. 8°
London, 1833.

(Robert) The Resurrection rescued from the Soldiers’ Calumnies, in two Sermons, preached at St. Mary's, Oxford, about 1619.— Phenix, vol. 2, No. 26.

(Thomas) Narration of the Voyage of Alexander Sharpey and Richard Roules to the East Indies.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1.

(Thomas Rymer) A General Outline of the Animal Kingdom, and Manual of Comparative Anatomy. 8° London, 1841.

(Sir William) Works; with the Supplement, and Memoirs of his Life, Writings, and Correspondence, by Lord Teignmouth. 9 vols. 4° London, 1799–1804.

Poems.-British Poets, vol. 74.

The Indian Constellations, ancient and modern : collected in the time of Jayasinha Aswamédhayāji, who died in 1743; translated by Sir William Jones. The original Autograph Manuscript. Folio.

Josso N (Ben) His Works; with Notes, and a Biographical Memoir, by William Gifford. 9 vols. 8° London, 1816.

His Dramatic Works; with Notes, by P. Whalley. 4° London, 1811.

Notes of his Conversations with William Drummond, of Hawthornden, January, 1619; edited by David Laing. (Shakspeare Society.) 8° London, 1842.

see Alleyn.

Joplin (T.) On the Principles and Practice of Banking in England and Scotland. 8° London, 1827.

JoRTIN (Archdeacon John) Remarks on Ecclesiastical History. 5 vols. 8° London, 1767.

On the Truth of the Christian Religion. 8° London, 1768.

Tracts, Philological, Critical, and Miscellaneous. 2 vols. 8° London, 1790.

see Erasmus.

Jorio (André de) Plan de Pompéi, et Remarques sur ses Edifices. 8° Naples, 1828.

Joseph (Rabbi) ben Joshua ben Meir, the Sphardi—see Bialloblotzky.

Josephus (Flavius) Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. ad Cod. recens. Notisque illustravit Joan. Hudsonus, cum Indicibus. 2 vols. folio. Oxonii, 1720.

Works, translated by W. Whiston; with Dissertations concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, &c. 4 vols. 8° London, 1806.

Joss (P. M. L.) Specimens of Romaic Lyric Poetry; with a Translation into English, and a concise Treatise on Music. 8° London, 1826.

JouchER. The Tezkereh al Vakiat.—see Stewart.

Jourd AN (A. G. A.) Sa Déclaration, 1." Florial, An 3. (Mémoires des Journées de Sept. 1792.) 8° Paris, 1823.

Journal des Savants, 1824–42. 20 vols. 4° Paris, 1824–43.

of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, vol. 1, for 1830–31. 8° London, 1831.

Jovi EN (Histoire de l'Empereur) et Traduction de quelques ouvrages de l'Empereur Julien, par M. l'Abbé de la Bleterie. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1748.

Jovio (Paolo) Historico delle cose della Moscovia.-Ramusio, tomo 2.

JUARRos (Dom.) A Statistical and Commercial History of the Kingdom of Guátemala; translated by J. Baily. 8° London, 1823.

JULIEN (l'Empereur) Sa Vie [par l'Abbé de la Bleterie]. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1735.

see Jovien.

(Stanislas) Hoei-Lan-Ki; ou, l’Histoire du Cercle de Craie,

Drame, en Prose et en Vers, traduit du Chinois, et accompagné de Notes. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° London, 1832.

Le Livre des Récompenses et des Peines, en Chinois et en Français. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° Paris, 1835.

JULIUS CAPitolinus.-see Historiae Augustae Scriptores.

JUNIUs (Franciscus) Etymologicum Anglicanum, edidit Edwardus Lye, cum Vitā Auctoris et Grammatica Anglo-Saxon. Folio. Oxon. 1743.

JUNIUs. Letters, including Letters by the same Writer, under other Signatures; to which are added, his Confidential Correspondence with Wilkes, and his Private Letters to Woodfall; with Preliminary Essay, Notes, and Fac-similes. 3 vols. 8° London, 1812. Letter to the Commander-in-Chief of his Majesty's Forces in Canada in 1760, now first ascribed to Junius; edited by N. W. Simons. 12° London, 1841. His identity with a distinguished living character [Sir Philip Francis] established [by John Taylor]. 8° London, 1816. Unmasked; or, Lord George Sackville proved to be Junius. 12° Boston, 1828. JURIST (The); or, Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence and Legislation, from the commencement in 1827 to 1828. Vols. 1 and 2, 1832. 8° London.

JUSTIN MARTYR.—see Kaye. JustiNIANUs. Corpus Juris Civilis, cum Lect. var. et Notis D. Gothofredi; studio S. van Leeuwen. 2 vols. fol. Amst. 1663.

JustiNUs. Historiae Philippica, ex edit. A. Gronovii, cum Notis in usum Delph. Notis varior. et Indice. 2 vols. 8° London, 1822.

JUSTINUs MARTYR. Apologiae Duae, et Dialogus cum Tryphone, Gr. et Lat., cum Notis S. Thirlbii. Folio. Londini, 1722.

Juven Alis. Opera omnia, ex editione Ruperti, cum Notis in usum Delphini, Notis varior. et Indice; access. Persii Opera omnia, Notis eorundem [in vol. 3]. 3 vols. 8° Londini, 1820.

and Persius Flaccus. The Satires translated into English verse, by W. Gifford, with Notes and Illustrations. 2 vols. 8° London, 1817.

Juven Al. (Translations from)—Dryden's Works, vol. 13.

Satires, translated by John Dryden, Tate, and others.-British Poets, vols. 96 and 97.

Imitazione di Satire di Giovenale.—Parnaso Ital. Viv. tomo 29.

KAEMPFER (Engelb.) The History of Japan, and Description of Siam; with the two Appendixes, translated by J. G. Scheuchzer, with Life of the Author. 2 vols. fol. London, 1728.

History of Japan.—Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7.

KALM (Peter) Travels in North America, in 1747 &c.—Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 13.

KAMEs (Henry Home, Lord) Elements of Criticism. 8° London, 1824.
Essays on British Antiquities. 8° Edinburgh, 1747.
KAMPEN (N. G. van) Geschichte der Niederlande. 2 vols. 8° Ham-
burg, 1833. -
KANT (Immanuel) Werke, sorgfúltig revidirte mit einer Worrede von
G. Hartenstein. 10 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1838.

Philosophie transcendantale, traduite par L. F. Schön. 8° Paris, 1831.

Critick of Pure Reason, translated. 8° London, 1838. KAo (Dion.) A geographical Description of the Empire of China, by Dionisius Kao, a Native.—Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. KAYE (Bishop John) The Ecclesiastical History of the Second and Third Centuries, illustrated from the writings of Tertullian. 8° Cambridge, 1829. Some account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria. 8° London, 1835.

Some account of the Writings and Opinions of Justin Martyr. 8° London, 1836.

KEATE (George) Account of the Pelew Islands, composed from the Journals of Captain Henry Wilson and his Officers. 4° London, 1788.

KEATs (John) Poetical Works. 12° London, 1841.

KEATING (William H.) Narrative of an Expedition to the source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, &c., in 1823, under the command of Major S. H. Long. 2 vols. 8° Philadelphia, 1824.

KEELING (Captain William) Journal of the third Voyage to the East India.-Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1.

Keightley (Thomas) Outlines of History. 12° London, 1830.

KEill (John) Introduction to Astronomy; or, Lectures read in the Astronomical School of the University of Oxford. 8° London, 1769.

Keith (Alexander) Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, derived from the literal fulfilment of Prophecy. 12° Edinburgh, 1834.

(Bishop Robert) History of the affairs of Church and State in Scotland, from the beginning of the Reformation, temp. James v. to the retreat of Mary, anno 1568, taken from the publick records; with Appendix. Folio. Edinburgh, 1734.

An historical Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops, down to 1688; also an account of Religious Houses in Scotland at the Reformation, by John Spottiswoode; corrected and continued to the present time, with a Life of the Author, by Bishop M. Russel. 8° Edinburgh, 1824.

KEMBLE (John M.)—see Beowulf, and Codex Diplomaticus.

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