The construction of gas-works, re-written and enlarged by W. Richards

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Сторінка 14 - Chemical Analysis. THE COMMERCIAL HANDBOOK of CHEMICAL ANALYSIS ; or Practical Instructions for the determination of the Intrinsic or Commercial Value of Substances used in Manufactures, in Trades, and in the Arts. By A. NORMANDY, Author of " Practical Introduction to Rose's Chemistry," and Editor of Rose's ** Treatise on Chemical Analysis.
Сторінка 19 - Physical Geology ," which sets forth the Leading Principles of the Science; and ' ' Historical Geology, " which treats of the Mineral and Organic Conditions of the Earth at each successive epoch, especial reference being made to the British Series of Rocks. By RALPH TATE. With more than 250 Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo, 5.?.
Сторінка 32 - Scale. 4to. 4s. 6d. ; cloth boards, 6s. 176. METALLURGY OF IRON. Containing History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay, and Analyses of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, &c.
Сторінка 28 - WELLS AND WELL-SINKING. By JOHN GEO. SWINDELL, ARIBA, and GR BURNELL, CE Revised Edition. With a New Appendix on the Qualities of Water. Illustrated. 2s. 35. THE BLASTING AND QUARRYING OF STONE, for Building and other Purposes. With Remarks on the Blowing up of Bridges. By Gen. Sir JOHN BURGOYNE, Bart., KCB Illustrated, is.
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Сторінка 16 - THE MICROSCOPE. Containing Optical Images, Magnifying Glasses, Origin and Description of the Microscope, Microscopic Objects, the Solar Microscope, Microscopic Drawing and Engraving, &c. 147 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2s.
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Сторінка 11 - Many of the methods given are of extreme practical value to the mason, and the observations on the form of arch, the rules for ordering the stone, and the construction of the templates, will be found of considerable use. We commend the book to the engineering profession, and to all who have to build similar shafts.
Сторінка 6 - List of the Plates and Diagrams. Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Main Drainage, Metropolis (4 plates) ; Barrow Docks (5 plates) ; Manquis Viaduct, Santiago and Valparaiso Railway (2 plates) ; Adam's Locomotive, St. Helen's Canal Railway (2 plates) ; Cannon Street Station Roof, Charing Cross Railway (3 plates); Road Bridge over the River Moka (2 plates); Telegraphic Apparatus for Mesopotamia; Viaduct over the River Wye, Midland Railway (3 plates); St.
Сторінка 10 - With Illustrations, and Portrait of George Stephenson. Crown 8vo. 4^. 6d. cloth. " From the technical knowledge of the author it will appeal to the railway man of to-day more forcibly than anything written by Dr. Smiles.

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