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and Acton: Also an Historical Account of each Church and Parish; with the Seats, Villages, and Names of the most Eminent Inhabitants, &c. dated MDCCVI.” Title-page as before. Dedication to the Right Rev. Father in God Henry, Lord Bi

shop of London, and to the Honourable Sir Stephen Fox,

Kt signed John Bowack.
The Antiquities of Middlesex continued, beginning with Ful-

HAM, (H-Q 2] p. 25–59.
Advertisement and Errata, 1 page.
Errors of paging :-pages 42 and 43 for 46, 47.

Was announced as preparing for the Press, to contain the Pa-

rishes of Ealing, New Brentford, Thistleworth, and Hanwell, but not meeting with Encouragement was never published.


containing a circumstantial Account of its Public
Buildings, Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, Places
of Resort and Entertainment, Curiosities of Nature
and Art, (including those of London and Westmin-
ster,) &c. &c. The Whole forming a complete Guide
to those who may visit the Metropolis, or make a
Tour through the County. Illustrated with Copper-
LONDON : Printed for R. Snagg, No. 129, Fleet-Street.

Title-page as above.
Introduction, p. iii-iv.
The Description of the County, [a 2–Bb 4] p. 5–199.

PLATES AND MAPS. 1. Map of Middlesex, divided into Hundreds, by Tho. Kitchen.

Folded. To front the Title. 2. Map of the Cities of London, Westminster, and Borough of

Southwark, 1775. Printed for Robt Sayer. Folded. p.9. 3. (The Interior of) St. Stephen's Church, Walbrook ; Plan and

Section. p. 38.

4, The Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral. p. 51.
5. Adelphi Buildings. p. 68.
6. The Pantheon. p. 109.


taining a general Description of it, its Rivers, and of the Churches from their Foundations, with the Patrons and Incumbents of each : the ancient Epitaphs and monumental Inscriptions now to be found in the respective Churches, and the Endowments of the several Vicarages : also of St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey; with a History of the Bishops of London, from the original instituting that See, the - Archdeacons, Deans, Prebendaries, &c. And in the course of the Work will be an Account of the Royal Palaces, principal Streets, Royal Chases and Manors.

By LUKE POPE. Vol. I. and not continued. LONDON : Printed by H. K. Galabin, Ingram Court, Fenchurch

Street; and sold by W. Richardson, under the Royal Ex

change. MDccxcv. Quarto. Half Title. Title-page as above. Preface, p. v-viii, ending thus : “ the foregoing is intended as a

Preface to the ensuing History, contained in Six Volumes, and which is offered to the reader, hoping that utility and

amusement may be derived from it.' The Historical Part, giving a brief general Account of Middle

sex; of Old St. Paul's; Westminster Abbey; St. Alban's Church, Wood Street; St. Olave's, Silver Street; St. Paul's School, closing abruptly in the Commencement of the History of the present Cathedral Church of St. Paul, with the following sentence : “ After two years fruitless labour to fit some part of the old fabric for divine worship, it was found to be incapable of any substantial repair, and therefore a resolution was taken to raze the founda-” [A-U 2] 152 pages.

With Plates.




HAM High CROSSE, in Middlesex. Together with
an Historical Narration of such memorable Things as
are there to be seene and observed. Collected, di-
gested, and written by WILHELM BEDWELL, at this
present, Pastour of the Parish. To which is added
« The Tvrnament of Tottenham; or, the wooing,
winning, and wedding of Tibbe, the Reeu's Daughter
there. Written long since in Verse by Mr. Gilbert
Pilkington, at that Time, as some have thought, Par-
son of the Parish. Taken out of an ancient Manu-
script, and published for the delight of others, by
WILHELM BEDWELL, now Pastour there.
LONDON : Printed in the year 1631. Quarto, and since reprinted

with Butcher's “Survey and Antiquity of the Town of Stam-
ford. 1717." Octavo, but dated 1718.

Preface, List of Subscribers, and Contents, p. v-xiv.
History and Antiquities of Tottenham, [B-F 5] 106 pages.

The Tvrnament of Tottenham, (F 6-2] p. 107–123.
Half Title: “The History and Antiquities of the Town and

Church of Tottenham, by Henry, Lord Colerane, &c."
Dedication to Henry Hare Townsend, Esq.
The History of Tottenham, by Lord Viscount Colerane; Epi-

taphs in the Church-yard, and Additions, (B-F4] 85 pages.

Index, Errata, and Directions for placing the Plates, p. 86–90.


Frontispiece, in which is emblematically represented a

Roll or Charter, with a Pair of Spurs, being the Te-

nure of the Manor of Tottenham ; St. Lay's Well, with

the Stone described by Bedwell; the Hermitage, and

ancient Cross, &c.

i. West End of Tottenham Church. H. G. Oldfield del. p. l.
ii. Extract from Domesday. p. 6.
ji. South East View of Tottenham Church.
iv. Arms on the Monuments of John Melton, Ephraim Beau-

champ, and Daniel Chadwick. p. 47.
v. Brass of Thomas Hymingham. p. 54.
vi. Brass of Umfray Povy. p. 54.
vii. Brass of Walter Hunt. p. 59.
viii. Tottenham High Cross and Token. R.R. Dyson del. p. 90.

ix. An ancient Metal Pot, found in 1780. p. 103.
With a folded Pedigree of the Family of Hare, to face p. 31.

P. 40.



the Parish of St. MARY ISLINGTON, in the County

of Middlesex; including Biographical Sketches of

the most eminent and remarkable Persons who have

been born, or have resided there. Illustrated by Se-

venteen Engravings (on Thirteen Plates). By JOHN


“ Old ISELDON, tho' scarce in modern song

Nam'd but in scorn, may boast of honour'd days;
For many a darling child of Science there
Hath trimm'd his lamp, and wove his laurel crown.

And ISELDON, as ancient records tell,
In distant time as now, had much to boast
Of other praise, in Nature's bounty rich.
For thither, then, from London's hectic town
Her fam'd chalybeates oft allur'd the sick:
Her freshi lactariau draughts the babe sustain'd. Fox,

LONDON: Printed for the Author by John Nichols and Son, Red

Lion Passage, Fleet-Street: and sold by C. Russell, at the
Circulating Library, Upper Street, Islington; Messrs. Black,
Parry, and Kingsbury, Leadenhall-street; Vernor, Hood, and
Sharpe, Poultry; Greenland, Finsbury Place; and Setchell

and Son, King Street, Covent Garden. 1811. Quarto.

Title-page as before. Preface, dated May 1, 1811, 2 pages.

Subscribers, 4 pages.

The History of Islington, [B-3G] 409 pages.

Index, and Directions to the Binder, p. 410-416.

p. 92.

p. 192.

p. 201.


i. A Survey of the Roads and Foot-paths in the Parish of

Islington. From a Plan in the Vestry Room, drawn in
the year 1735. Folded. J. Hawksworth sc.

p. 21.
ii. Miscellaneous Plate ; viz. The Old White Conduit, Arms,

&c. F. Hawksworth del. J. Hawksworth sc.
iii. The Crown, Lower Street, and North View of the Pied

Bull. Dedicated to John Bentley, Esq. F.W.L. Stock-

dale del. Francis Hawksworth sc. p. 115.
iv. Kingsland Chapel, and Old House at Newington Green.

Dedicated to Jonathan Eade, Esq. of Stoke Newington,

F.W.L. Stockdale del. F. Hawksworth sc.
v. Miscellaneous Plate; viz. Tradesmen's Tokens.-Ancient

Chimney Piece with Arms, in Ward's Place, &c. &c.

M. Skinner del. J. Hawksworth sc.

vi. Church Spire in wicker case. Sir Thomas Fowler's

Lodge; and an ancient Building formerly in Lower

Street. Dedicated to William White, Esq. of High-

bury Place. F.W.L. Stockdale del. Frances Hawks-

worth sc.

vii. Miscellaneous Plate; viz. Stained Glass, Arms, Font, &c.

M. Skinner del. J. Hawksworth sc.

viii. The ancient Tower at Canonbury. Dedicated to John

Nichols, Esq. F.A.S. F.W.L. Stockdale del. J. Hawks-

p. 239.

ix. An ancient Chimney-piece in the house of Mrs. Hunt of

Canonbury Boarding-School, to whom this plate is in-

scribed. Drawn and engraved by J. Hawksworth.

X. Canonbury House in it's ancient state. Dedicated to

Charles, Earl of Northampton, F.W.L. Stockdale del.

J. Hawksworth sc. p. 244.


4 G

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