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The British Workman. Monthly. S. W. Partridge, Paternoster Row. The February number, which we have received, devotes its front page to a magnificent engraving of a medallion portrait of the late Prince Albert. We are glad to see the high style of art which is diffused by this paper, but we should be better pleased to see the text more manly, and fit to make a man of the British workman.

The Children's Friend is another publication from the same publishers. It is very nicely got up, and does them credit.

King Labour's Song-look. By J. B. Leng. Farrah, Holywell-strcet. Here we have a working man setting himself the task of writing one hundred songs dedicated to the cause of labour; and the effort, judging from the six parts before us, is one which reflects credit upon the author. As of men, so of books, their merits are not indicated by the titles they may bear, and we regret our limited space will not allow us to make quotations from some of these truly ennobling compositions. Their manly sentiment, healthy recognition of labour, and original fulness, recommend them for becoming household chaunts. Mr. Leno's style is generally good, and many of his songs speak very forcibly

Of manners primitive, and that good old time,

Which I have seen, when discipline prevail'd.

The Working Man: What is he f By William Ward, Editor of the " Cardiff

Ma this is a well written pamphlet of sixteen pages, and the working man spoken of " is he who labours at a trade, and thereby contributes much to commercial wealth and greatness." Although this definition may appear to have a limited speciality, the writer's views are taken from an elevated stand-point, and his pleadings to and for the class to whom he addresses himself bespeak a thorough acquaintance with their habits, wants, tastes, and aspirations. The pamphlet deserves a wide circulation, and we hope at some future time to transfer (by permission) a portion of its contents to our columns.

Books received, to which we shall refer in our next.—" Andi Alter Partem; or, Letters to his Constituents." By Lieut.-General Perronet Thompson. "Pictures of Controversy." By J. C. Farn. Two Lectures on Trades' Unions, delivered in the University of Oxford, 1861. By Charles Neate, M.A. "Aborigines'Friend." "Colonial Intelligencer," No. 13.


l,_We are obliged to postpone to our next number, the publication of a very important work by J. R. Taylor, entitled " Usury versus Co-operation."

2. At the request of many of our friends, we are going to re-publish the articles

on the Labour Question, which appeared in the early numbers of the working MAN.

3.—We have secured the co-operation of a Medical Friend and of a Legal Adviser, so that we shall be able to give advice to our readers upon any question they may put to us, and we shall from time to time publish articles from these two talented gentlemen under the headings of "Our Medical Friend " and " Our Legal Adviser."

4.—We have secured the Co-operation of some first-rate correspondents on the other side of the Atlantic, be that we shall be able to report the progress of the Free Labour v. Slavery movement which is going on in the States.


We propose to print on a separate fly-leaf as our tract No. 1 our page on the Annals of Labour. Co-operative Societies can be supplied with these tracts, and have their name, address, etc, printed at the back, for distribution as hand-bills, at a charge of 63, per 1,000. Apply to the Editor of the Working Man.




Capital, £250,000.

Chairman.—Eb^pezer Clarke, Esq., Grove Villa,

Walthamstow. Deputy-Chairman.—J. F. Bontems, Esq., Keswick

House, Canonbury.

Policies issued for large or small amounts, and premiums payable half-yearly or quarterly, if preferred.

A rapidly increasing business; 2,217 Life Policies having been issued during the past year.

Seventy per cent, of the profits given to the Aslured,

Policies made payable during the lifetime of the Assured, without extra premium, in accordance with the recommendation of the Seleot Committee of the House of Commons.

Quarterly payments for a sum payable at death, or, if living, at a given age:—

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fOrieinally founded 1837, by William Leap, Esq.) WEST END BRANCH, 335, STRAND, W.C.

The First Homoeopathic Institution in Great Britain.

Physician—Dr. SUSS-HAHNBMANN, Grandson of the late Dr. S. Hahnemann, Founder of Homoeopathy, Registered M.D. according to Act of Parliament.

Attendance daily, Sundays excepted, from 1 till 2. Fee, 2e. per week, including medicine.

N.B.—Patients may have a week's medicine forwarded by post on receipt of 2s. 2d. in postage stamps. A blank form to fill up, describing case, will be sent on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope and two stamps.

»-Idress—Hoiuixopathic Institution, 335, Strand,


335, STRAND,


Trade Rules, Prospectuses, Pamphlets, Circulars, Hand-bills, Ac, at the lowest cash prices. Every description of work for Friendly, Cooperative, Loan, and other Societies. Rules prepared for Registration. Account and Contribution Books, Cards, Scrips, Debentures, &c Checkbooks for Co-operative Purchasers (consecutively numbered), in lieu of Metallio Checks. Tables and Payments arranged for Sick, Burial, and other Societies, &c. &c Estimates free by return of post.

T)R. HENRY SMITH has just pub

"lished a FbEE edition of 20,000 copies of his valuable work, THE PRIVATE MEDICAL FRIEND (116 pages), on the Self-cure of Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, Dimness of Sight, Lassitude, &c Copies may be had free, by sending a stamped directed envelope to the author's residenoe, 8, Burton-crescent. London, W.C.



J- Journal of Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, Manufactures, and Shipbuilding. Published Weekly, price 4d.; by post, fivepence. 166, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

"The 'Mechanics' Magazine' has conferred lasting advantages on the manufacturers of the country."—Report of Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Art* of Design.

"The * Mechanics' Magazine * has, from its establishment, had an extensive circulation, and it communicates, for fourpence per week, far more valuable information, both, scientific and practical, than was ever before placed within the reach of even those who could afford to pay six times as much for it."—Lord Brougham.


-"*. are desirous of purchasing the Vibrators, Keys, and other materials, in order to construct an Harmonium, or wish to purchase a Flute, Fife, Drum, Cornopean, Violin, or any Instrument or article in the music business, should by all means send for Thomas Croger's price list and testimonials. Manufactory, 483, Oxford-street, four doors east of Museum-street, London, W.C.

*,* Inventor of the New Educational and Rural Instruments. Illustrations and Price Lists post free.

HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT AND PILLS.—Comfort and Consolation, — The weak-chested and all susceptible of colds will feel comforted by the knowledge that the lungs may be relieved of all congestion, irritation, and inflammation, by having Holloway's Ointment well rubbed twice a day upon the back and breast. After the first rubbing with the unguent, it is startling to see how easy the respiration becomes, and how the circulation is calmed. The Ointment thus used, aided by the Pills, cures all chest complaints, no matter whether they be recent or chronie. Nor are Holloway's Ointment and Pills less useful in diphtheria, scarlatina, measles, chicken-pox, and other diseases ever present in our nurseries, and raging everywhere during this changeable wintry weather.

ADVERTISEMENTS for the Wokk.**. Ikg Man to be sent to ABBOTT, BARTON and Co., 35, Wellington-street, Strand,

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Will appear on the 12th of April, No. 1 of
(The) (L')

A Weekly Political, Commercial, and Literary
Journal, and International Advertiser.
Contents in English:—General News of the
Week. Doings at the Great Exhibition. The
Theatres of Paris, Brussels, &c. Review of French
Literature. Guide of the English in Paris, Brus-
sels, &c. Paris Courier. Brussels Courier.
Fashions. The Courts of France and Belgium.
Commercial Report. Finances. International

Price Threehalfpence.
All Booksellers and Newsvendors.

Job Caudwell, 335, Strand, London

Journal Hebdomadaire, Political, Commercial et
Litteraire. Annonces Internationales.

Contient en Fransais:—Los Nouvelles de la Semaine. Nouvelles de 1'Ex position. Les Theatres de Londres. Revue de la Litterature Anglaise. Guide dc l'Etranger a Londres. Courrier de Londres. Les Modes. La Cour d'Angleterre. Bulletin Commercial. Finances. Annonces Internationales.

Prix Threehalfpence (15 Centimes.)
Tous les Libraires et Marchands de Journaux.
Bureaux, 335, Strand, Londres.




A Price-list post free.


See Price Current.


A (New Series, Demy 4to.) A Monthly
Periodical, being the official organ of the
Peace Society; containing Original Essays,
Foreign Intelligence, Reviews, Reports of
Meetings, «fcc, connected with the Peace
Movement at Home and Abroad. Price 2d.;
stamped for post, 3d. Sold at the Office and
Depository, 19, New Broad-street, London.


DIES and METALLIC TICKETS for CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES, manufactured in Tin, Brass, and Copper;' also Seals and Presses for Documents, Koteheadings, Ao., &c—HENRY SMITH, 17,1 HAMPTON-STREET, BIRMINGHAM. N.B.—Samples and Prices post free.


(Limited).—Established by the Building
Operatives. Capital, £10,000, in shares of
£1 each. Shares payable at once, or by in-
stalments of not less than 3d. per share per
week. Entrance fee, Is. 3d. per share de-
posit on allotment. Not less than two
shares, or more than thirty, will be allotted
to any individual shareholder. Liability of
shareholders limited to the amount of their

Office, for the time being, 36, Windmillstreet, opposite the Theatre Royal.

Communications to be addressed to the Secretary, William Campbell, 12, Mackworth-street, Hulme.


The WORKING MAN is Bold in London byMr. Ferguson, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Road. W. Stacey, 34, Olipstone Street, Fitzroy Square. R. Chapman, 29, Foley Street, Portland Road. J. Shaw, 256, Oxford Street. B. Gardener, 45, Paddington Street, Marylebone. G. Harris, 60, Bell Street, Edgeware Road. J. Akroyde, 36, Upper Seymour Street, Portman

Square. Mr. Hammond, 5G, Seymour Place, Crawford Street. Mr. Nye, 75, Theobald's Road. Mr. Jones, 12, Leather Lane. Messrs Holyoake & Co. 147, Fleet Street. Dunbar & Farrat 47, Holywell Street.

Eecles & Patricroft.—Mrs. M. A. Farn.
Huntingdon.—W. Hornsby, Brampton,
Leeds.—Mr. Green, Boar Lane.

„ Mr. Thorp, Kirkgate.
Nailsworth.—R. Washbourn.
Oldham.—S. Taylor, 24, Yorkshire Street.
Pendlebury.—Mr. Barker,
Preston.—J. Harkness.
Swinton.—Mr. Shepherd.
Yorkshire.—Mr. Tipping, South Eston.
Brighton.—Mr. Smart.
Manchester.—Abel Heywood, Oldham Street.

„ John Heywood, Deansgate.

„ J. R. Cooper, Bridge Street.

„ W. Campbell, 12, Mackworth Street,

Mansfield.—Joseph Barber, Brown Street.

*,* Agents willing to sell the WOBKINO MAN are requested to send their names and addresses forthwith.

Every Saturday, readably printed, price Id.,

THE ELECTOR. A Paper for Advanced Political Reformers. The Advocate of Co-operation as the solution of the problem, How best to elevate the industrial classes. Correspondence to be addressed to the Editor, 46, Aldermanbury, London, E.C.

Published by W. Tweedie, 337, Strand, W.C.; Heywood, Manchester; Smart, Paternoster-row; and at the Office, 46, Aldermanbury, E.C.

T C. FAKN, Oxford-street, Eecles, Man"' Chester, is open to Engagements for Lectures on Co-operation.

FOB Good, Cheap, and Fashionable CLOTHING, order from WM. TURNBULL, 39, Maddox-street, Regent-street, W.C.

TURKISH BATHS, 335, STRAND (opposite Somerset House). These baths are constructed on an improved principle, so as to restore health and prevent disease. Mornings, 2s.; Evenings, Is. JOSEPH WALTON,

Designer and Manager.

Will appear shortly,

THE WEEKLY SENTINEL: a Political, Social, and Literary Newspaper. Price Threehalfpen.ee. To be obtained through all News Agents. London: Job Caudwell, 835, Strand, W-C.


J- 10 pp., royal Bvo.Edited by Henry PITMAN.

Published by F. Pitman, 20, Paternoster-row,

London, E.C. |_


-*- Weekly Freethought Journal, edited by " Iconoclast," price Twopence, contains an Epitome of the important News of the Week—Reports of Theological Discussions—Articles on Christianity, Political and Social Economy—Reports of Co-operative Societies, &c.

Order of your Booksellers, or of Messrs. Holyoake, 147, Fleet Street, London.

DE COURCT'S ENAMEL.—No mixing! White, elegant, and durable. PREVENTS TOOTHACHE, arrests decay, averts impaired beauty and digestion, and the agony of extraction, and leaves the tooth as serviceable as in its original development. Is. Sold by all Chemists.

The Royal Nursery Aperient.— In elegant Boxes.


-L' NO OPIUM! Are immediately efficacious and safe in Dentition and every known disorder of Childhood, See testimonial of Dr. Blundell, Senior Physician of the Royal Maternity Lying in Charity. Price Is. Hd. Sold by all Medicine Vendors.



-1- ADULTERATION. — Whites, for pastry, 10s. 4d. per bushel. Fine households, 9s. 8d. per bushel. Quantities not less than oue peck sent carriage free to any part of London. Address, Martin & Son, Great William-street, Caledonianroad. Central Depot, 37, Leather-lane. Terms, cash.


\ NT Book sent post free on receipt of ■^*- the published price in stamps, or Post-office Order on the Strand Office, by

335, Strand, London, W.C.

BARKER'S REVIEW.— The object of this paper is to promote the spread of enlightened and liberal views on religion and government; to urge all needful reforms in our laws and institutions; and Sq to better the condition, and aid the intellectual and moral improvement of the people. It is published weekly, byBarker and Co., 4, Thanet-place, Temple-bar, Strand, London, W.C, and maybe had through all newsagents, price 2d., or in monthly parts, price 8d,, post free. Those who may find it difficult to obtain the " Review " through the booksellers, can have it direct through the post from the publishers:—For One Number, Quarterly, 3s. 3d.; Two Numbers, ditto, 4s. Cd.; Three Numbers, ditto, 6s. 6d. Among the contents of the "Review" are American Reminiscences, Articles on Revolutionary Politics, Gradual Reform, "Reviews of New Books, Tempera; ce, Co-'.-peration, Emigration, Items of News, Poetry, &c, &c. . , ; * L

TOHN LEVIN GSTON, 73, Paradise

fcl Street, Macclesfield, will forward (post free) to any address a good Silk Pocket Handkerchief, on receipt (m stamps) of 2s. 3d. for Singe Shot, or 3s. Double Shot. Five per cent, will be devoted for the gratuitous distribution of the " Working Man,"




Co-operation in London..................... 85,

Social Science. No. 3. The Rental Sys-
tem 80 i

Radical Reform—What is it? By
Henry H. Wiltshire 87

Review 90!

The doctrines against usury, and in

favour of Co-operation. By John I
Robert Taylor 91 |

Rochdale Co-operators in seeming Re-
treat 94

Notice to Co-operative Societies 95

PAQB The Lever of Life: a Tale of Modern

Times. By Edmund Fry 96

Facta to reflect upon 98

"Rule Britannia" 98

To the Honourable the Commons of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, in Parliament Assem-
bled M 9?

Co-operative News 100

Correspondence 107

Opinions of the Press,,, , , 117



HE Delegates representing the various branches of the Co-operative Movement in and about London, acting in conjunction with the Committee of the Working Man, have held their regular weekly sittings at our office during the past month; during which they have received Messrs. Hooson and Greenwood, the Delegates from Eochdale, and discussed the modus operandi best calculated to promote the passing of Mr. Stanley's Bill, and various other matters, which, if adopted, and we sincerely trust they will be, will most materially affect the wellbeing of Co-operation in the metropolis. A permanent committee has been formed, with Mr. B. Blitten, of the "West-end Pioneers," as its Secretary, pro term; and already "a new life unto righteousness " seems to be infused amongst London Co-operators. Our efforts, we feel confident, will not have been made in vain, nor our aims misapprehended, when we next report progress, we shall have to announce that the Co-operative mind of London has been welded together and become a solidarity. A month ago, and Co-operation for good, was fragmentary —isolated—straggling—unknown to itself. Croydon, Bow, Camden Town, Ealing, Hanwell, Twickenham, Richmond' s, St. James's, Notting-hill, The British, The West-end Pioneers, The West London Trading Company, the Great Northern, Spitalfields, and various other societies, have been drawn together into one focus, and by

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