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With Introductions, Notes, Historical Sketches, and Biographical

Sketches. Each regular single number, paper, 15 cents. 1. Longfellow's Evangeline.* 11 2. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish ; Elizabeth.* 3. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish. DRAMATIZED, 4. Whittier's Snow-Bound, and Other Poems.* 11 ** 5. Whittier's Mabel Martin, and Other Poems.** 6. Holmes's Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle, etc. ** 7, 8, 9. Hawthorne's Grandfather's Chair. In three parts. 91 10. Ha hoi e's Biographical Stories. With Questions. ** 11. Longfellow's Children's Hour, and Other Selections.** 12. Studies in Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, and Lowell. 13, 14. Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha. In two parts. I 15. Lowell's Under the Old Elm, and Other Poems.** 16. Bayard Taylor's Lars: a Pastoral of Norway, etc. 17, 18. Hawthorne's Wonder-Book. In two parts. I 19, 20. Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. In two parts. I 21. Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, etc. 22, 23. Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales. In two parts. I 24. Washington's Rules of Conduct, Letters, and Addresses.* 25, 26. Longfellow's Golden Legend. In two parts. I 27. Thoreau's Succession of Forest Trees, Wild Apples, and

Sounds. With a Biographical Sketch by R. W. EMERSON. 28. John Burroughs's Birds and Bees.** 29. Hawthorne's Little Daffydowndilly, and Other Stories.** 30. Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, and Other Poems.* 11 ** 31. Holmes's My Hunt after the Captain, and Other Papers. ** 32. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech, and Other Papers. 33, 34, 35. Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn. In three parts. It 36. John Burroughs's Sharp Eyes, and Other Papers.** 37. Charles Dudley Warner's A-Hunting of the Deer, etc.* 38. Longfellow's Building of the Ship, and Other Poems. 39. Lowell's Books and Libraries, and Other Papers.** 40. Hawthorne's Tales of the White Hills, and Sketches.** 41. Whittier's Tent on the Beach, and Associated Poems. 42. Emerson's Fortune of the Republic, American Scholar, etc.** 43. Ulysses among the Phæacians. From BRYANT's Odyssey.* 44. Edgeworth's Waste Not, Want Not; and The Barring Out. 45. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome.* 46. Old Testament Stories in Scripture Language. 47, 48. Fables and Folk Stories. In two parts. I 49, 50. Hans Andersen's Stories. In two parts. 51, 52. Washington Irving : Essays from the Sketch-Book. [51.]

Rip Van Winkle, etc. [52.] The Voyage, etc. In two parts. I 53. Scott's Lady of the Lake. Edited by ROLFE. (Double No., 30

cents.) Also, in Rolfe's Students' Series, cloth, to Teachers, 53 cents. 54. Bryant's Sella, Thanatopsis, and Other Poems.* 55. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. THURBER.*** 56. Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration, and the Oration on

Adams and Jefferson. 57. Dickens's Christmas Carol.** 58. Dickens's Cricket on the Hearth. ** 59. Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading.* 60, 61. The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers. In two parts. I 62. John Fiske's War of Independence.

Also, bound in linen : * 25 cents. ** 4 and 5 in one vol., 40 cents ; likewise 6 and 31, 11 and 63, 28 and 36, 29 and 10, 30 and 15, 39 and 123, 40 and 69, 55 and 67; 57 and 58; 113 and 42. I Also in one vol., 40 cents. II 1, 4, and 30 also in one vol., 50 cents; likewise 7, 8, and 9; 33, 34, and 35. § Double Number, 30 cents ; linen, 40 cents.


No. 405, SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1712.

The type page of the original is of inches high, 64 inches wide; the paper itself is 124 inches high, 8 inches wide.


Οἱ ξ' πανημέριοι μολπᾷ θεὸν ἱλάσκοντό,
Καλὸν ἀδίδοντες παια κῦροι Ἀχαιῶν;
Μέλκοντες Εκάεργον. ὁ ἢ φρένα τέρπετ' ἀἰκέων.

Saturday, June 14.


Am very forry to find, by the Opera Bills for
this Day, that we are likely to lole the great-
elf Performer in Dramatick Musick that is
now living, or that perhaps ever appeared up-
on a Stage. I need not acquaint my Reader, that I
am fpeaking of Signior Nicolini. The Town is
highly obliged to that Excellent Artift, for having
fewn as the Italian Malick in its Perfection, as
well as for that generous Approbation he lately
gave to an Opera of our own Country, in which
the Compofer endeavoured to do Juftice to the Beau-
ay of the Words, by following that Noble Exam-
ple, which has been fet him by the greatest For-
reign Maflers in that A.t.



and Polite Forms of Speech, which are natura? to
our Tongue, when it is not heightened by that So-
lemnity of Phrafe, which may be drawn from the Sa
cred Writings. It has been faid by fome of the
Ancients, that if the Gods were to talk with Men,
they would certainly speak in Plato's Stile; but I
think we may fay, with Jaftice, that when Mor
tals converfe with their Creator, they cannot do it
in fa proper a Stile as la that of the Holy Scrip

I could heartily with there was the fame Appli-
cation and Endeavours to cultivate and improve
our Church-Mufick, as have been lately beftowed
on that of the Stage. Our Compofers have one
very great Incitement to it: they are fure to meet
with Excellent Words, and, at the fame time, a
wonderful Variety of them. There is no Paffion
that is not finely expreffed in those parts of the
Inspired Writing, which are proper for Divine Songs
and Anthems..

There is a certain Coldness and Indifference in
the Phrafes of our European Languages, when they
are compared with the Oriental Forms of Speech;
and it happens very luckily, that the Hebrew idioms
run into the English Tongue with a particular Grace
and Beauty. Our Language has received innuine-
rable Elegancies and Improvements, from that In-
fusion of Hebraisms, which are derived to it out
of the Poetical Paffages in Holy Writ. They give
a Force and Energy to our Expreffions, warm and
animate our Language, and convey our Thoughts
in more ardent and intenfe Phrafes, than any that
are to be inet with in our own Tongue. There is
fonicthing fo pathetick in this kind of Diation, that
it often fets the Mind in a lame, and makes our
Hearts burn within us. How cold and dead docs a.
Prayer appear, that is composed in the most Elegant


If any one would judge of the Beauties of Poetry
that are to be met with in the Divine Writings, and
examine how kindly the Hebrew Minners of Speech
mix and incorporate with the English Language; after
having perufed the Book of Pfalms, let him read a
literal Tranflation of Horace or Pindar. He will
fiod in these two last fuch an Abfurdity and Confu-
fion of Stile with fuch a Comparative Poverty of
Imagination, as will make him very. fenfible of what
I have been here advaucing.

Since we have therefore fuch a Treafury of
Words, fo beautiful in themfelves, and fo proper for
'the Airs of Mutick, I cannot but wonder that Per
fons of Diftin&ion should give fo little Attention
and Encouragement to that kind of Mufick, which
would have its Foundations in Reaton, and which
would improve our Virtue in proportion as it raised
our Delight. The Paffions that are excited by ordi-
nary Compofitions, generally flow from fuch filly
and abfurd Occations, that a Man is alhamed to re-
Ace upon them fcrioufly; but the Fear, the Love,
the Sorrow, the Indignation that are awakened in
the Mind by Hynims and Anthems, make the Heart
better, and procced from fuch Caufes as are sito.
gether reasonable and praife-worthy. Pleafore and
Duty go hand in hand, and the greater our Satif-
faction is, the greater is our Religion.

Mufick arnong thofe who were filed the chosen
People was a Religious Art. The Songs of Sion,
which we have realon to believe were in high re-

pute among the Courts of the Eastern Monarchs,
were nothing elfe bat Palins and Pieces of Poetry
that adored or celebrated the Supreme Being. The
greatest Conqueror in this Holy Nation, after the
manner of the old Grecian Lyricks, did not only
compafe the Words of his Divine Odes, bat gene-
rally fet them to aufick himself: After which,
his Works, tho' they were confecrated to the Ta-
bernacle, became the National Entertainment, as
well as the Devotion of his People,

This Day is Published,

The whole Works of that excellent Practical Phy
sician Dr. Thomas Sydenham, wherein not only the Hiftory of acute
D.frades are treat d'ef after the muft accurate Method; bur alfo the
fafeft way of curing moft Oaron.cl D leafs. The 5th Edition, by

Ermullerus abridg'd, or a compleat oyften, of Phyfick, being a De
fcription of all Difeafes incideni to Man, Women and Childreu, with
the Method of Cure. To which is diet a fhort account of the Ani
mal Funeians, with an exas Claffes of Medicines, price 6 s. Princed

The first Original of the Drama was a Religious 1. Pechey of the Colledge of Phyficiaus, prices. The Works of
Worthip confifting only of a Chorus, which was no-
thing elfe but an Hymn to a Deity. As Luxury and Vo-
luptuoufr fs prevailed over Innocence and Religion,
this form of Worship degenerated into Tragedies;
in which however the Chorus fo far remembered
its first Office, as to brand every thing that was vi-
cious, and recommend every thing that was lauda-
ble, to intercede with Heaven for the Innocent, and
to implore its Vengeance on the Criminal.

for R. Wellington at the Dolphin and Crown in St. Paul's Ceurch-

Homer and Hefiod intimate to us how this Art
fhould be applied, when they reprefent the Mufes as
furrounding Jupiter, and warbling their Hymns 2-
bout his 1hrone. I might fhew, from innumerable
Paffages in Ancient Writers, not only that Vocal
and Infrumental Mufick were made ufe of in their
Religious Worhip, but that their most favourite
Diver@ons were filled with Songs and Hymns to
their refpe&tive Deities. Had we frequent Enter-
tainments of this Nature among us, they wou'd not
4 little purifie and exalt our Paffions, give our
Thoughts a proper Turn, and cherish thofe Divine
Impulfes in the Soul, which every one feels that has
hot filled them by fenfual and immoderate Ples

Mafick, when thus applied, raifes noble Hints in
the Mind of the Fearer, and fills it with great Coa
ceptions. It frengthens Devotion, and advances
Praife into Rapture. it lengthens out every act of
Worfoip, and produces more lafting and permanent
Impreflions in the Mind. than thofe which accompany
any tranfient Form of Words that are uttered in the
ordinary Method of Religious Worship.


For the Benefit of the Box-Keepers.
At the Defire of feveral Ladies of Quality.
By Her Majesty's Company of Comedians,

I the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, on Tuesday
next, being the 17th Day of June. will be Reviv'd, a cm dy
called, The Jovial Crew: Or, the Marry Baggers. With fees at B
terminments of Singing and Comic-Dancing proper to the Play. To
which will he added. A Fares of uge A only, calls. The Stage
Coach.. ByHer Majaky's Command, no Pefons are to be admitted
behind the Scenes.. And on Thursday next will be prefented Play
call'd the Indian Emperor, or the Co quit of Meai by the Spa
niards, for the. Benefit of Mr. Bickerfaff and Mr. Newmin.


T the Queen's Theatre in the Hay-Market, this

This Day is Publish'd,'

The third Vol. of the Iliad of Homer, with Notes
by Madam Dacier, done from the French by Mr. Brome of St.
John's Colledge in Cambridge, and by him compared with the
Greek, Ildfrated with Cut. Note, The 4th and 5th Vo!, with a
complest Tible to the five Vols, tre in the Prefs, and will be Pub-
lih din July next by Bernard Lintou at the Crofs Keys between the
two Temple Gares in Fi edtreet: Of whom my bed the fine Mif
cellany lately Published.

Whereas John Prince, John Sadler, and William
Jodrell. Mercers, at the black Lyon in Kingstreet Cavant Garden
have refoved to leave off the Mercers Trade, Thefe are to give No-
tice, That at the faid Shop are to be fold at very low Prices, all
Soru of the neweft Fashion Gold and Silver Silks, and Acciales
Flowerod and plain Velves. Silk Brocades, f wered and plain Satrine
Damesks, Watered Tabi, Farendines and M hairs, Shigreens, serf
nets, Perfiaus, Silk Night Gowns, Thread Sattins, Puples, Norwich
Crapes, Bilk and other Druggets, Hair and Worfied Cables, Hair
Shags and baloons,

Juft Publish'd, The Second Edition of
Creation. A Philofophical Peem. Demonstrating the
Exiflence and Providence of a Gud. In Seven Books. By Sur Richard
Blackmore, Kor. M. D. and Fellow of the College of Phyficiausia
Loodon. Printed for S. Buckley, at the Dolphin in Little Britains
esd J. Tochin, at Shak. fpear's Head over again Catherine Adver
in the Strand.

Just Published,

A very neat Pocket Edition, in two Vols. 12mo.
of the Workout Mr. Thoms Oway, containing. Alcibiades, Do Car
los, Trus and bereico, Friendship in Fahion, Gouldie's Frtune in wo
Parts, Crphan, Ceins Marine and Venice Preferved. With his Poems md
Lwe Laters, To which is adied fame Accunt of the Lite and
Writings of the Acknor. Primed for J. Tonfon at Shakespear's Head
in the strand; and sold by W. Tayix ac the Shipia Paer nofter row.
The Retir'd Gardner, or, Dialogues between
Gentleman and Gard'ne: Coaning the Me beds of Makings
Odering and Impr vings Fruit and Kitchin Garden, together with
the Marser. Piebring and Cultivating Flowers, Plants, Shrubs,
and Under-Shrubs, neceflary for the timing of Gard ns. &c. In
which is explain'd, the Art of Making and Difpofing Par
terres, Arlours of Greens, Wood-Worki, Archre, Columns, and
other Fects and Compar menis ufually found in the muf Depr
tiful Gardens of Country Seats. The whole corich'd with Variety
of Figures being a Tation from the Sieur Louis Liger. To
which is add d, a Defcription and Plan of Count Tallard's Garden
Nottingham. The whole Revir'd, wish fevral Alterations and
Additio whili recer it proper for our English Culture, By
George London, and Henry Wife. Printed for jacob Toulod
0: Shakspear's Head over again Catherine Street in the Strand.

The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr.
John Vle:ches, in y Vella. Sve. adorn'd With Cars, Plutarch's Lives
ios Volle, rondated by levond de Seneca's Morals treated by
Sir Roger Erang: The Satyrs of Decimur Janius Juvenalis
&c. irandlated in English Verfe by Mr. Dryden and feveral other
eminent Hands. The Works of Mr. Congreve in 3 Volls.confiling
of his Plays and Poems. For oil leferal Occate written by Mr.
Frior. Paradife lod, a Poera, in 12 Bock, by Mr. John Milcoti, The
Choftem Hero, writed by Mr. Sidele, N; B. The three lift are
prisited with a near Elever Letter in mall Pocket Vlanes: All
Printed for Jaa b Tonfon #Shakespear's head over-again Catherine
drge in the Strand.

Letters and Negotiations of the Count D' Eftrades
Ambellador from Lewis the Fourteenth to the States General of the
Uniced Provinces of the Low Countries: From the Year 1663 6
the Year 1569, Conúfling chiefly of Original Letters and Infra
fons trom the French King and his Minifters, to the faid Count:
with his Anfwers. Whe.nete feveral fecret Trafstions between
the Con of England and France during that time. Tranflated by
Several Hands. In Three Volumos. Printed for D. Brown, J. Ton-
on, A. and J Churchil, J. Kompton, R. Kasplock, G. Strahan, B
Banger, and J. Peraberton.

liera Nicolino Grimaldi will take his lease of England, in the Opera
of Agrecus. And by reafin of the Hot Weather, the Wares Fail
will Play all the time. Bxes 81, Pic 5. Firtt Gallery 13.6d. Up-
per Gallery 1.6 d. Boxes upon the Stage halt a Guines. To begin
skaaly at seven,

LONDON: Printed for Sam, Buckley, at the Dolphin in Little-Britain ; and.
Sold by A. Baldwin in Wardick-Lans'; where Advertisements are taken ins
an alfo by Charter Lillie. Perfumer, at the Corner of Beauford-Buildings in
the Strand

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