Зображення сторінки

shell(s) shall be made of steel having a tensile
strength of not less than --, and shall be
tested to pounds hydrostatic pressure.
Bidders shall state the guaranteed evapora-
tion from feed water at - to dry steam at-
pounds gauge pressure per rated horse-power,
and per hour, and the amount of

shall be inspected and insured by a responsible steam boiler insurance company, this contractor to furnish a certificate of inspection and a policy of insurance for


207. Fittings.

n 1 The necessary lugs, brackets, plates, bolts, stays, anchor and binder rods, man and hand poles, steam and blow-off connections, stop and safety valves, pressure gauge, water column, gauge cocks and drip, set of stoking tools consisting of --, and all other appliances properly coming under this head.

The boiler(s) shall be set in masonry in a first-class manner, according to standard practice. This contractor to do all necessary excavating or filling for the foundation(s) and to remove all débris. The foundation(s) must be firm and substantial. All material shall be such as is especially adapted to the strains, stresses, and variations in temperature to which it will be subjected.

208. Setting.

209. Smoke Connections

(Specify character of soil upon which boil. ers will be placed.) Smoke connections of —-, having an area

are to be made with the stack, and are to be provided with dampers and cleaning doors arranged as follows:

(Note.-Specify material, height, capacity, 210. Stack. etc.)


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automatic stoker(s) of standard manu-211. Automatic facture connected- and operated

(Specify how coal is to be delivered to them.)

212. Feed Pump(8) and Injector(s).

feed pump(s) of standard manufacture (each) having a capacity of together with injector(s) as an auxiliary source of supply. (Specify suction heads.)

feed-water heater(s) [and purifier(s)] 213. Feedof standard manufacture (each) having a Heater(8) (and

Purifier(s)). capacity of -- heated from --- to

(Specify character of water to be used, and whether exhaust steam is to be used for any other purpose than heating feed-water.)

separator(s) of standard manufacture, 214. Separahaving a capacity of --, and a guaranteed efficiency of


(Note.--Specify kind of pipe to be used, 215. Piping. method of suspension, all distances, locations of pumps, separators, etc., headers required,

walls to be pierced, auxiliary connections, etc. It is sometimes very desirable, where a number of engmes and boilers are installed, to place a valve in the main steam pipe both near the boilers and near the engines by either of which steam can be cut off from all engines at once; there should invariably be in addition to these valves a valve in each branch so that steam may be shut off from any boiler or any engine without interfering with the operation of the remainder.)

From boiler(s) to engine(s); from engine(s) to heater(s), and from heater(s) to —-; from boiler(s) to pump(s) and injector(s); from pump(s) and injector(s) to (water supply), and from pump(s) to feed-water heater(s) and exhaust pipe; together with all check, globe, gate, angle, safety and other valves, traps, catch basins, drips, cocks, gauges, by-passes, and other devices necessary for the proper and convenient control and manipulation of the steam and water supply. Bends and elbows are to be avoided when possible.

216. Gauge


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A gauge board of shall be erected in

and the following instruments mounted thereon:

Connection shall be made between these instruments and in the following manner

217. Pipe Covering.

All —— shall be carefully covered with a substantial, non-heat-conducting material, such as

(As required.)

218. Painting.


Such renewal parts as it is advisable to 219. Renewal have on hand shall be furnished, a list of same to be added hereto.

(See note.- p. 47, sec. 27.)

220. Summary. Each bidder shall fill out completely the following summary: Number of boilers Rated horse power Kind Diameter Length Number of tubes Diameter of tubes Heating surface Grate area Tensile strength of shell Testing pressure Guaranteed evaporation (Fuel) per horse-power and per hour . Outside dimensions of setting Number of pumps Capacity of each Number of heaters Capacity of each Number of separators . Capacity of each



Adopted at Montreal, Sept. 10, 1891, and

Amended at Buffalo, Feb. 23, 1892.



These Rules also Apply to Dynamo-Rooms in

Isolated Plants, Connected With or Detached from Buildings Used for Other Purposes. Also to all Varieties of Apparatus, of both High and Low Potential.


1. Located in a dry place.

2. Insulated on floors or base frames, which must be kept filled to prevent absorption of moisture, and also kept clean and dry.

3. Not exposed to flying or combustible materials.

4. Each covered with a waterproof cover when not operating.

In no case must a generator be placed in a room where any hazardous process is carried on, such as the working room of a cotton, jute, flax, woolen or flour mill.

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