Зображення сторінки

ing service, rated at — brake h.p. at — re, olutions per minute, with — lbs. initial

steam pressure (above the atmosphere), — lbs. back pressure, and cutting off at -—

stroke. When operating at its full rated load under normal and regular working conditions }o engine shall be guaranteed not to exceed a steam consumption of —lbs. of d ry steam per brake h.p. and per hour. The speed variation between no load and full load shall be guaranteed not to exceed — per cent.

#;"| engine shall be provided with

—— pulleys - - - -- h ba. #oneal — in diameter by — face.

All material and workmanship shall be of the highest grade; all parts accurately made to standard gauge and interchangeable; all moving parts carefully balanced; all valves and packing free from leakage.

| They | shall operate noiselessly and without pounding or vibration when set on suitable foundation.

| Each | engine shall be provided with all 105. Fittings.

The necessary foundation bolts and plates, lubricators, oil cups, cans, drips, guards, collectors, steam and exhaust valves, safety cocks, etc., and a full set of wrenches and spanners.


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Also with the necessary pipes, valves, and
attachments, permanently connected with the
engine, for taking indicator cards from both
ends of the cylinder (at once). Indicators to
be furnished by (the purchaser).

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—, and shall be of sufficient length, width
and depth to safely and firmly sustain

#!" weight and all strains to which
}o * subjected. All necessary exca-

vating or filling and the removal of all débris

shall be done by the | o: | the height

of the floor line above the ground is —. The
foundation(s) shall be surmounted by (a) neat
capstone(s) of — upon which the engine(s)
shall be placed. (If capstones are not specified,
each engine should be provided with an iron
sub-base or bed plate.) The foundations shall
be of such height that the driving pulley(s)

will swing jo" the floor ——.

(Character of the soil should also be specified.)

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(Note.—If this contractor furnishes plant complete, this section can be put before final summary.) engine(s) are When the } plant | | is s ready for operation # ey | shall be run for a period of -- days by competent engineers furnished

by the contractor. All oil, waste, etc., and a

- dry steam sufficient supply of | a suitable fu a! will

be furnished by (the purchaser).
This contractor shall also give all necessary

instructions to the engineer of (the purchaser)

for the proper care, maintenance, and opera

tion of the jo such instructions

to be given during the trial period stipulated above.

s double leather, endless, solid

<< 4. 44 perforated — & link belts, rubber cotton-leather rope, etc., free from defects of any kind, –— in width

by — in length, and capable of transmitting — horse-power at a belt speed of

Such renewal parts as it is advisable to keep on hand, adding hereto an itemized list of Sal Ile,

199. Starting
Plant and In-

200. Belts.

201. Renewal Parts.

* Summary. (See Note.—p. 47, sec. 27.)
- Each bidder shall fill out completely the fol-
lowing summary: , , , , , - - - -
Number of engines . . . . . —
Size of cylinder
Diameter of steam pipe

Diameter of exhaust pipe

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) Floor space e - - -
s Brake horse-power at — revolutions,
— initial steam pressure, —back
- pressure, cutting off at —— stroke
Speed . • e e e - . —.
Variation between no load and full
load - -

Number of pulleys -
Dimensions of pulleys . - e
Steam consumption per brake horse

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in diameter.
floor stands,

; :- __ ] drop hangers,
post hangers,
pedestals, etc. A a -

able, (self-oiling) boxes, base plates, bolts,

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line of shaft ——. dif
- tapped for set screws
Shafting to be }; with key seats !

for the pulleys specified below, and (provided)
with all necessary collars, guard rings, etc.”

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complete with adjust


s plain cast iron, split “ . “ plain wood, pulleys accurately split “ grooved, etc. bored, turned, balanced, and provided with Set ScrewS. } key seats and keys. diameter by — face, and capable of transmitting — horse-power at —— revolutions. ——, — arm, balanced friction-clutch pulleys, – in diameter by — face, and capable of Uransmitting horse-power at —

| Pulleys to be — in

204. Pulleys.

revolutions. Each pulley to be provided with

a — shifter rig, to be operated from —. The clutch must pick up the load without shock or jar, and the shifter rig must be positive in, its action, not liable to get out of order, free from any tendency or liability to be thrown in or out accidentally.

(—— friction-clutch couplings, cut-off couplings, compression couplings, plate couplings, jaw clutches, etc.)

(Note.—Specify character of foundation upon which shafting is to be placed, whether special foundations of brick or stone, floor timbers, wails, ceilings, posts, etc.) ——, –—, — front boiler(s) (each) rated at —— horse-power. The boiler(s) shall contain not less than —— of effective heating surface and —— of grate area per rated horse-power. The

205. Foundations.

206. Boiler(s).

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