Зображення сторінки
[blocks in formation]


The following “Specifications" are intended as outlines to aid in the construction of specifications for individual installations. They do not in an way take the place of the rules and regulations adopted by insurance companies and electric light associations, but on the contrary are so drawn as to depend almost entirely on such rules for the details of method; such rules should therefore invariably be incorprated as provided for in the General Specificaton under “Inspection,” Sec. 17, p. 40, and under “Insurance Rules," Sec. 18, p. 40.

For ready reference there is added to these specifications the latest Rules and Regulations governing electrical installations of the National Electric Light Association, the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and the New England Insurance Exchange. These Rules and Regulations being practically standard all over the country and seldom changed by local boards except in detail to cover local conditions it is generally safe to specify that the rules of the local board or of

of the above boards shall be followed. It is not expected that these specifications will be followed in detail or without elaboration for all classes of work, and if so followed

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