The Life of John Ancrum Winslow: Rear-admiral, United States Navy, who Commanded the U.S. Steamer "Kearsarge" in Her Action with the Confederate Cruiser "Alabama"

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1901 - 281 стор.

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Сторінка 260 - This recommendation is specially made in order to comply with the requirements of the ninth section of the aforesaid act, which is in the following words, viz: That any line officer of the Navy or Marine Corps may be advanced one grade if upon recommendation of the President by name he receives the thanks of Congress for highly distinguished conduct in conflict with the enemy or tor extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession.
Сторінка 224 - ... friends, I have been educated in the belief that an English ship is English territory, and I am therefore unable even now to discover why I was more bound to surrender the people of the Alabama whom I had on board my yacht than the owner of a garden on the south coast of England would have been if they had swum to such a place and landed there, or than the mayor of Southampton was when they were lodging in that city, or than the British government is now that it is known that they are somewhere...
Сторінка 158 - ... in either of which cases the authorities of the port, or of the nearest port, as the case may be, shall require her to put to sea as soon as possible after the expiration of such period of twenty-four hours...
Сторінка 127 - Queenstown immediately. I directed the men to be held at Brest, in apprehension, if they were turned ashore, they would join the Florida, resolving as soon as the Kearsarge left Brest again to put them ashore at Cork.
Сторінка 214 - Kearsarge had only 120 tons in, but as an offset to this, her sheet chains were stowed outside — stopped up and down as an additional preventive and protection to her more empty bunkers.
Сторінка 260 - Referred to the Committee on Naval Affairs and ordered to be printed.
Сторінка 247 - James S. Thornton, the executive officer of the Kearsarge, will be recommended to the Senate for advancement ten numbers in his grade, and...
Сторінка 246 - Government at this victory over a vessel superior in tonnage, superior in number of guns, and superior in the number of her crew. The battle was so brief, the...
Сторінка 212 - ... stern, our fire was reserved. Two minutes had not more than elapsed before she again opened on us with the two guns on the port side. This drew our fire again, and the Kearsarge was immediately steamed ahead and laid across her bows for raking. The white flag was still flying, and our fire was again reserved.
Сторінка 211 - Alabama and rake her, if he did not prevent it by sheering and keeping his broadside to us. He adopted this mode as a preventive, and as a consequence the Alabama was forced, with a full head of steam, into a circular track during the engagement.

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