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A ruin — yet what ruin! From its mass Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean, Walls, palaces, half-cities have been

roll! reared;

Ten thousand Aeets sweep over thee in Yet oft the enormous skeleton ye pass

vain : · And marvel where the spoil could have Man marks the earth with ruin, his conappeared.

trol Hath it indeed been plundered, or but Stops with the shore. Upon the watery cleared ?

plain Alas! developed, opens the decay,

The wrecks are all thy deed, nor doth When the colossal fabric's form is neared:

remain It will not bear the brightness of the A shadow of man's ravage, save his own, day,

When, for a moment, like a drop of rain, Which streams too much on all years, He sinks into thy depths with bubbling man, have reft away.

groan, Without a grave, unknelled, uncoffined,

and unknown.




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Bringing warm water, wreathing her long Into each other — and, beholding this, tresses,

1455 Their lips drew near, and clung into a And asking now and then for cast-off

kiss: dresses.



It was the cooling hour, just when the

rounded Red sun sinks down behind the 'azure

hill, Which then seems as if the whole earth it

bounded, Circling all nature, hushed, and dim,

and still, With the far mountain-crescent half sur

rounded On one side; and the deep sea, calm and

A long, long kiss, - a kiss of youth and

love And beauty, all concentrating like rays Into one focus, kindled from above;

Such kisses as belong to early days, Where heart and soul and sense in concert

move, And the blood's lava, and the pulse a

blaze, Each kiss a heart-quake — for a kiss's

strength, I think it must be reckoned by its length.






no doubt




Upon the other, and the rosy sky,
With one star sparkling through it like an

By length I mean duration; theirs endured

Heaven knows how long And thus they wandered forth; and hand

they never reckoned; in hand,

And if they had, they could not have se

cured Over the shining pebbles and the shells,

The sum of their sensations to a second: Glided along the smooth and hardened sand;

They had not spoken; but they felt al

lured, And in the worn and wild receptacles Worked by the storms, yet worked as it

As if their souls and lips each other

beckoned, were planned, In hollow halls, with sparry roofs and

Which, being joined, like swarming bees cells,

they clung They turned to rest; and, each clasped by

Their hearts the flowers from whence the

honey sprung. an arm, Yielded to the deep twilight's purple charm.

They were alone, but not alone as they They looked up to the sky, whose floating Who shut in chambers think it loneli

glow Spread like a rosy ocean, vast and The silent ocean and the starlight bay, bright;

The twilight glow, which momently They gazed upon the glittering sea be

grew less, low,

The voiceless sands and dropping caves Whence the broad moon rose circling

that lay into sight;

Around them, made them to each other They heard the waves splash, and the wind

press, so low;

As if there were no life beneath the sky And saw each other's dark eyes darting Save theirs, and that their life could never light







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