Electric lighting: a practical exposition of the art, for the use of engineers, students and others interested in the installation or operation of electrical plants

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Сторінка 14 - W, we find that the most economical area of conductor is that for which the annual cost of energy wasted is equal to the annual interest on that portion of the capital outlay which can be considered to be proportional to the weight of metal used. Professor George Forbes, in his Cantor Lecture, on " The Distribution of Electricity...
Сторінка 462 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Сторінка 496 - The temperature should be measured after a run of sufficient duration to reach practical constancy. This is usually from 6 to 18 hours, according to the size and construction of the apparatus. It is permissible, however, to shorten the time of the test by running a lesser time on an overload in current and voltage, then reducing the load to normal, and maintaining it thus until the temperature has become constant. In apparatus intended for intermittent service, as railway motors, starting rheostats,...
Сторінка 462 - Bushings must be long enough to bush the entire length of the hole in one continuous piece, or else the hole must first be bushed by a continuous waterproof tube...
Сторінка 477 - All elbows or bends must be so made that the conduit or lining of same will not be injured. The radius of the curve of the inner edge of any elbow must not be less than three and one-half inches.
Сторінка 487 - ... b. Must be placed at every point where a change is made in the size of wire [unless the cut-out in the larger wire will protect the smaller.
Сторінка 458 - Must each be provided with a name-plate, giving the maker's name, the capacity in volts and amperes, and the normal speed in revolutions per minute.
Сторінка 466 - Packing Houses, Stables, Dye Houses, Paper or Pulp Mills, or buildings specially liable to moisture or acid or other fumes liable to injure the wires or their insulation, except where used for pendants : i.
Сторінка 470 - If the wires are unusually liable to be disturbed, the distance between supports should be shortened. In buildings of mill construction, mains of No.
Сторінка 477 - Moldings — (For wiring rules, see _Yb. 24.) a. Must have, both outside and inside, at least two coats of waterproof paint, or be impregnated with a moisture repellent. b. Must be made of two pieces, a backing and capping, so constructed as to thoroughly incase the wire, and provide a one-half inch tongue between the conductors, and a solid backing, which, under grooves, shall not be less than three-eighths of an inch in thickness, and must afford suitable protection from abrasion.

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