A general history and collection of voyages and travels, arranged in systematic order by R. Kerr. Vol.12 (ch.3, sect.5) -vol.17, Випуски 33 – 34

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Сторінка 271 - now expected to be soon in the European seas on her return, should happen to fall into your hands, you would not consider her as- an enemy, nor suffer any plunder to be made of the effects contained in her, nor obstruct her immediate return to England, by detaining her, or sending her into any other part of
Сторінка 376 - excessively rapid, so that we made but little way, though we worked very hard. At night we landed upon its banks, and had a most uncomfortable lodging, it being a perfect swamp; and we had nothing to cover us, though it rained very hard. The Indians were little
Сторінка 271 - his people with all civility and kindness, affording them, as common friends to mankind, all the assistance in your power, which they may happen to stand in need of, .In so doing, you will not only gratify the generosity of your
Сторінка 272 - an anchor, she was hauled off without receiving the smallest damage. The weather continuing calm, we were obliged to warp out into the entrance of the Typa, which we gained by eight o'clock, and lay your own dispositions, but there is no doubt of your obtaining the approbation of the Congress, and your other American owners. I have the honour to
Сторінка 78 - 1 cannot pass over this circumstance in silence, out of gratitude for the many pleasant thoughts, the anxious hopes, and tender remembrances it excited in us. Those who have experienced the effects that long absence and extreme distance from their native country produce on the mind, will readily conceive the pleasure such trifling incidents can give. To the: philosopher and
Сторінка 71 - Paul's. Our dispatches were sent off in a sledge drawn by dogs, on the 29th, about noon. And the answer arrived, as we afterward found, early this morning; so that they were only a little more than three days and a half in performing a journey of two hundred and seventy miles.
Сторінка 337 - 145, was now reduced to 100, and chiefly by famine, which put the rest upon all shifts and devices to support themselves. One day, when I was at home in my hut with my Indian dog, a party came to my door, and told me their necessities were such, that they must eat the creature or starve. £ Though
Сторінка 232 - twenty-four hours; after which, the horizon clearing a little, and the weather growing moderate, we were enabled to set the top-sails; but the wind, still continuing to blow from the NW, baffled all our endeavours to make the land, and obliged us, at last, to give up all further thoughts of discovery to the
Сторінка 158 - parries the thrust, (which, by the extraordinary strength and agility of their paws, they are often enabled to do,) and thereby breaks in upon his adversaries, the conflict becomes very unequal, and it is well if the life of one of the party alone suffice to pay the forfeit. 4
Сторінка 301 - day of October the ships arrived safe at the Nore, after an absence of four years, two months, and twenty^two days. 'On quitting the Discovery at Stromneas, I had the satisfaction of leaving the whole crew in perfect health; and

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