Зображення сторінки

ing garb, and she thinks it not unreasonable to request most earnestly, that, as a return for her labour, her young friends will


her work to the end: nay, that they will do more--consider her sentiments, and weigh her arguments upon every subject. Those which are agreeable to Scripture and sound reasoning may they retain ; and if any are contrary to those standards, may they have the penetration to discern, and the prudence to reject them.

To the matured and enlightened Christian, religious truth “needs not the foreign aid of ornament.” To such, she is lovely and attractive in every form; and the author does not presume to teach those from whom she is desirous to learn : but their sanction and approbation are objects of her solicitude. Their anxiety for the spiritual interests of the rising generation is, doubtless, as ardent as her own; and if, in this work, they discover any tendency to promote such a desirable end, she trusts they will consider how much their recommendation will aid her humble endeavours.

The writer is sensible, that on this as well as a former occasion, the weakness of her argumentative powers will be apparent. But she flatters herself, that this circumstance will be of no serious consequence, since her works are designed for that description of

readers, who she suspects would be unwilling to follow her through a chain of deep reasoning, and close arguing, were she able (which is very far from being the case) to try them by the experiment,

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