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The American-
Scandinavian Review


Containing Issues of

January-February, March-April,
May-June, July-August, September-
October, and November-December

Published by the

American-Scandinavian Foundation

New York


Absent Voting. R. S. Saby 219

Adelborg—A Warm Coat. Painting Cover, January-February

Alving—The Three Cottages 36, 86

Amundsen, Roald. Poster. J. Lie 150

Amundsen's Departure 288

Anthology of Swedish Lyrics; Review of. A. B. Benson 51

Arnljot Gelline; Review of. C. W. Stork 51

Artists, Scandinavian—in America: Charles Haag 28

Art Shop, The Scandinavian. Illustration 149

Asgard and the Gods; Review of. K. G 223

Baltic, The 162

Bergh—Sakari's Story. Tr. H. A. Larsen 327

Bjornson—Arnljot Gelline; Review of. C. W. Stork 51

Bjornstad, General. C. G. 0. Hansen 340

"Bolsheviki," The Scandinavian. K. G. Dernby 277

Borglum—Bust of Lincoln Cover, July-August

Branting—The Forward March of Democracy 135

Brotherhood, In Camp With the. J. A. 0. Stub 209

Chicago Norwegian Club, The 150

Commissioners, Scandinavian—to the United States. Illustration 13

Contributors 6, 69, 132, 182, 248, 313

Current Events 48,113, 165, 289, 350

Current Illustrations 148, 210

Danes in the German Reichstag. K. Larsen 274

Dannevirke and Dybbiil, The Fall of. I. Kirkegaard 17


Denmark's Modest Demands 46

Work for Denmark's Skilled Labor 344

Edelfelt—March of the Men of Bjbrneborg, The. Painting

Cover, November-December

Edstrom—The Charge. Reconstruction. Two Reliefs 212

David Edstrom. C. J. Sbdergren 92

Egan—Freedom, Christianity, America 189

A Picture. Sonnet 85

Dr. Maurice Francis Egan and His Grandson, Master Francis O'Reilly

Illustration 134

Eider Stone, The Cover, September-October

Engstrom—Isaacson's Death. Tr. C. W. Stork 145

Ericsson, John:

John Ericsson Monument 110

The John Ericsson Hearing 348

Eskimo Travels, A. Chapter from My. Chr. Leden 71

Fifty Years Under German Rule. /. Kirkegaard 252


The American Finns 348

The Boundaries of Finland. L. M. Larson 315

Class War in Finland 161

A Nation Without a Flag. F. Schenck 338

Let Scandinavia Help! 347

Pro Finlandia 346

Two Patriotic Songs of Finland. Tr. H. M. Donner 336

Reds and Whites in Finland 108

Forward March of Democracy, The. IIj. Branting 135 The Annual Meeting of the Foundation Ill

Bech Trustee 221

A New Donation Ill

Founder's Memory—Beaker 15

A Memorable Dinner 14

President Schofield. H.G.L 220

Fourth, A New 287

Garborg—Two Fragments from Haugtussa. Tr. Th. Gronvold 152

Gjellerup, Pontoppidan and 109

Gottorp Castle. Illustration .. 250

Haag, Charles. A. von Ende 28

Hammershoi—Old Lady on a Sofa. Painting. Color Supplement, January-February

Historical Material, Conserving 163

Holberg—The English Mind 164

Hoist—Memory Song. Tr. J. Campbell 273

Holy City, The; Review of. L. Ridge 222

The Historic Basis of "The Holy City." V. S. Howard 293

Household Hints 119

Ibsen—The Murder of Abraham Lincoln. Tr. W. H. Schofield 104


Self-Determination for Iceland 345

True Sons of Iceland 47

Interesting People: General Bjornstad. C. G. 0. Hansen 340

Interpreting America 204

Jacobsen—Marie Grubbe; Review of 116

Jens, Jensen. R. B. Eskil 140

Johansson—Autumn in Medelpad. Painting. Color Supplement, January-February

Johnson, Alexander E 283

Karstensen—The Danish Tongue in Slesvig. Tr. J. Campbell 23

Kiel Canal, The. Illustration 282

Knitters, One of the. A. S. S 215

Lagerlcif—The Holy Citv; Review of. L. Ridge 222

The Historic Basis of "The Holy City." V. S. Howard 293

Leden—A Chapter from My Eskimo Travels 71

Lindberg—A New Year's Carol 24

Loyal Swedes 160

Loyalty of Scandinavians 217

Lund, Madame Signe. Portrait 211

Marie Grubbe; Review of 116

Mission of the Small States, The. F. Nansen 9

Nansen—The Mission of the Small States 9

Fridtjof Nansen. Portrait 8

Nation Without a Flag, A. F. Schenck 338

Nelson, Knute; Interview with 197

Neumann—For Liberty and Right 208

Nonsense 163

Norse Legions of Democracy. H. A. Larsen 190


Norway's Plight 161

Food for Norway 217

The Norwegian Nation Roused 45

Ny Kurs i Amerikas Udenrigspolitik, Den; Review of. J. Moritzen 117

Old Folks in Sweden. Photograph Cover, May-June

Olson—The Patriot's Prayer 203

Pontoppidan and Gjellerup 109

Portsmouth Doorways 98

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