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Сторінка 21 - When one would aim an arrow fair, But send it slackly from the string ; And one would pierce an outer ring, And one an inner, here and there ; And last the master-bowman, he Would cleave the mark.
Сторінка 253 - THREE years she grew in sun and shower, Then Nature said, 'A lovelier flower On earth was never sown ! This child I to myself will take ; She shall be mine, and I will make A lady of my own. 'Myself will to my darling be Both law and impulse ; and with me The girl, in rock and plain, In earth and heaven, in glade and bower, Shall feel an overseeing power To kindle or restrain.
Сторінка 84 - There is no wealth but life — -life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and of admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings...
Сторінка 262 - Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.
Сторінка 280 - The man's power is active, progressive, defensive. He is eminently the doer, the creator, the discoverer, the defender. His intellect is for speculation and invention ; his energy for adventure, for war, and for conquest, wherever war is just, wherever conquest necessary.
Сторінка 31 - MODERN PAINTERS : their superiority in the Art of Landscape Painting to all the Ancient Masters proved by examples of the true, the beautiful, and the intellectual, from the Works of Modern Artists, especially from those of JMW Turner, Esq., RA By a Graduate of Oxford.
Сторінка 112 - Social progress means a checking of the cosmic process at every step and the substitution for it of another, which may be called the ethical process; the end of which is not the survival of those who may happen to be the fittest, in respect of the whole of the conditions which obtain, but of those who are ethically the best.
Сторінка 280 - And, in like manner, what the woman is to be within her gates, as the centre of order, the balm of distress, and the mirror of beauty ; that she is also to be without her gates, where order is more difficult distress more imminent, loveliness more rare.
Сторінка 103 - Where the intrinsic value and acceptant capacity come together there is Effectual value, or wealth ; where there is either no intrinsic value, or no acceptant capacity, there is no effectual value ; that is to say, no wealth.
Сторінка 298 - God; and when they are not, or seem in any wise to need change, I will oppose them loyally and deliberately, not with malicious, concealed, or disorderly violence.

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